Reviews for Shattered Mind: Issues
BlackFang5461 chapter 25 . 7/3/2012
Damn this is an instant Favorite!
kenegi chapter 25 . 5/8/2012
Wa, so great I hope the other storys is as good or better.
NobodiesHiiro chapter 25 . 8/13/2009
DOD! i just finished book one goin to book two now!
NobodiesHiiro chapter 11 . 8/13/2009
NobodiesHiiro chapter 7 . 8/13/2009
Good work on the fight scene it flowed well.
Hari-chan15 chapter 19 . 5/26/2009
Haha- the giant ice cream sculpture of the grand dragon! That was really funny. Does he mind sharing it? :P

Anyway, awesome story!
The Duelist of Dawn chapter 25 . 5/3/2009
Gotta say nice Cliffhanger to the next chapter, now it's going to get interesting!
The Duelist of Dawn chapter 1 . 5/2/2009
Nice intro, you fell asleep instead of being sucked into the game! Original from what I read so far. I'm reading this story and since you broke this up into I'm guessing 4 stories four FF9 discs, I'll be reading and reviewing them too.
Commander Kitsune chapter 25 . 11/5/2008
WOOT! What a friggin awsome story! I love it! Yeah Baby! MOre! I want MORE!

I guess I'll read the next book...
Inferno232 chapter 13 . 6/21/2008
Like the gun idea. Great writing so far, by the way.

Keep it up!

Tabansi232 chapter 25 . 1/21/2008
If this review doesn't work, I'm not going to be accountable for my actions.

“I thought it might help,” he explained.

“You’re getting a cookie for this.” -that was just awesome. XD

Poor Trevor. You just know everyone is questioning his sanity now, if they haven't already been.

Beatrix! OMG! I love you! You and your evil-ness! Marry me! *fangirl scream*

*ahem* uh, yeah. I hope Trevor/Kaiten will be able to defeat her. And Vivi better not be dead. That'd just crush me.

Awesome first book! I can't wait for updates on the second one!

rumelia chapter 25 . 12/29/2007
Ooh! This is tense! It was a great place to end! A good cliffhanger means something to look forward to! I hope my writing can become as good as yours!

Happy New Years!
Puck of Cleyra chapter 25 . 12/28/2007
Great ending. Now I know that Kaiten will put some whoop on her behind. I can't wait for the next book. I just started reading so hopefully I will keep up with everything throught the year!
TailedCharmer chapter 25 . 12/27/2007
Oh no, the last chapter...*goes into morning* You must update! Though I don't really have to tell you that because you definetely update more than me. That's even a fact.

Gosh, there was so much violence. :) Talk about complete genocide. Black Mages cut into two and on top of that dead Burmecians...ick, not a good mix! lol. And gosh, I didn't know that Beatrix was THAT experianced! I remember when I played the game I would always tried to level my guys up and give them the most greatest weapons just to finish off Beatrix. ...But after 4 tries, I noticed that Beatrix wiping the floor with everyone was just part of the plot.

No! Zidane! :( *sobs* I hope that Kaiten does something to make Beatrix regret doing what she did to Zidane. And everyone else of course. :(

Update soon!
TailedCharmer chapter 24 . 12/27/2007
Yes, finally there in Burmecia! (This is one of my favorite parts in the game.) I thought that the beginning of this chapter was really good. I think the beginning of this chapter could have pulled anyone into the story. The chapter was completely brilliant. This story is one of the best Self Inserts ever! :D
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