Reviews for Hope
Beaglicious chapter 1 . 12/17/2006
Just wanted to add my review here as well, b/c this was a great story, and you deserve tons of reviews for it!

Great fic - very different from what we usually see, but a nice go on a new idea. I must say, I was shocked enough to think about Cal and Jake splitting up, but even more so to think about Tim and Calleigh being exes as well. It broke my heart multiple times, but I loved it. I liked the twist on the line from "Going Under" (This isn't about us, is it? - Jake), where Calleigh says, "You're going to talk about us now, aren't you?" I loved it. I also loved the line about Calleigh's accent "slipping" when she said she was "fine". This is so in line with Cal's character on Miami. I love how thick her accent gets when she's ticked off, or when she's talking to her "Daddy." I can always tell when my own mom is mad b/c her accent just gets thicker and thicker... I loved the theme of the story, b/c I think it's also very true to Cal's character that she can always manage to keep her chin up no matter how bad the situation. Nice job with Tim as well, in a very different relationship with Cal than what we usually see.

A lovely Christmas fic, Anni!
randomwriting chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
Bittersweet... and very nicely done. We got to see a slightly different Calleigh, one with her guard down, until the end, then we were treated to the Calleigh we've come to expect, one who was ready to face her uncertain future with a dose of optimism and a quiet strength. I loved being surprised that the phone call was from Tim and that they were close friends with a romantic history. Nice twist there. What a wonderful supportive friendship you created for was also nice to see Tim happy!

This was a lovely sentence, "During the past few weeks, she had watched with reminiscent eyes as the families bonded together in the sacred time honored tradition of adorning the house with the all too familiar greetings of the seasons."

As was this one, "She had been so used to Christmas with him, she never would fathom one without him, but here she was , journeying into uncharted territory, with nothing but a broken heart to steer her."

Great job!
speedmonkey chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
First of all ANNI *points, hugs* So good to see you writing again. This was a very sad little ficlet but it was all very good just the same. I wasn't expecting it to be Jake and then when I found out it was I was like "aw" for about five minutes and then to find out that Calleigh and Tim had had something in the past to. How cute. And to see that Tim is a daddy *sighs* Girl you just know how to make me 'aw' a million times don't you? lol. Great work sweetie. Can't wait to see more from you.
SincerelyInDenial chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
Anni, you've done such a wonderful job here. It was such an emotional ridden piece and I truly felt for Calleigh. Breakups are never easy, especially when they come under the premise of divorce.

My favorite line was: “I’m in New York, Calleigh, but that doesn’t hinder me from still being able to read you like a book. That will never change.”

You've described friendship between Calleigh and Tim beautifully. I loved how Tim was a solid rock for her to lean on. He knew exactly what to say because he knew her so well from their previous relationship.

The story ended on quite a poignant note: from dark comes light. Again, great job (as if I could expect anything less)!