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htbthomas chapter 1 . 12/11/2006
Because I've already told you a lot of what I loved during the beta, I think I'll give my favorite lines here:

But worse than that…it was sexually frustrating. To see him nearly every day… to hear his voice… to stand so close to him on the elevator and know the only thing keeping us apart right now was five inches of space and a few layers of clothing… - This image has been haunting me since I first read it a few versions ago. Rawr!

I had come to realize that if anyone was going to attempt to get the ball rolling, it would have to be me. I wasn’t getting any younger. If I waited much longer, I would be old and decrepit and way past my prime to actually enjoy the experience. - LOL! I can just see it: Lois and Clark, middle aged and still at it!

I love the moment when she speaks to the ceiling, feeling very silly. And then Clark comes in and says the bit with the pillow. At first, so goofy and then so romantic: "I’d have to rescue you."

“Yes, us,” I stressed. “You and me and this sad sort of dance we’ve been doing around each other for all these years.” - It's incredibly sad, really. It's bad enough they were apart for 5 years. But 20? A tragedy.

“That’s not why I feel guilty.” I leaned forward, wanting to be closer to him. “I lie here night after night feeling so alone. And when I wake up in the morning, I reach out in the hope that I’ll find someone there to comfort me. But it isn’t Richard that I’m wanting.” For emphasis, I stretched my hand forward and gently placed it in his. - Oh, my. I can just see the dawning realization on his face. Lois isn't the only one getting what she wants for Christmas!

You broke my heart,” I said in a near whisper. “But I also know that you’re the only one who can mend it and make me feel whole again.” - GUH. Wonderful!

I also adore the repetition of the words in Superman II "Just say that you love me."

Woohoo for Part 1!
heartnut chapter 1 . 12/11/2006
Nice "one shot" that I hope has the rest posted very soon! :) I like that you added in the dialogue from SII. Very nice.
LostSchizophrenic chapter 1 . 12/11/2006
*gasps* I didn't breath for most of this chapter...*takes deep breath* You realize you have to post more soon, now right? Good. *grin* Poor Richard. I really do love the guy, but Lois and Clark are meant for each other...Please update soon!
Kala Lane-Kent chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
Thank you, Alphie, for this wonderful piece. As much as I loved 'In the Shadow of My Father', this gives me such a wonderful sense of closure on it. In spite of my love for Clark, I spent all of 'ITSOMF' knowing that she had made the right choice in your world, but I wondered if maybe she didn't feel something for our boy still. This was a beautiful way of addressing it. I mourn for Richard, especially since I know that he was such an excellent man. And I have best wishes for Lois and her Superman now that it seems it's finally time for them.

And let me say that I'm honored to be posting on 12 Days with you. I've never forgot the help you gave me back at the beginning of LS. Because of you and your help, the twins came into the world realistically. Thank you. :)
Eviefan chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
You done good, to be a bit slang on it, though actually Zoe said that to Wash but thats another thing entirely. I really really like this verse you have created for them. It's not perfect and maybe thats why I like this whole thing, all three stories.

I'm glad Clark came to her, and I loved that he told her she wouldn't kill herself by using the pillow, and that he wanted to rescue her. He's there now and I'm glad.

I like that you are doing this with Lois's thoughts and I really liked the reference to the second movie. 'Just say that you love me.'

Great so far, ready for more...

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