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Lioriel chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
I must say I fear what the world really would be like if someone like Tamaki and someone like Renge got ahold of Love Notes. Gah.

Please continue writing this- it's been too funny. My favorite part so far had to be: "It’s like…the world is becoming a figment of Tamaki-senpai’s imagination.” Because it made me laugh for several minutes straight.
Gnaike De Foxy chapter 5 . 1/7/2008
xD I lol'd.

It surprises me there weren't that intense reactions to the Kyouya/Haruhi pairup. And the Kaoru adding. Surely, they must've also been scarred afterwards.

I loved Kyouya's reaction when he snapped out of his lovey-dovey thing with Tamaki. That was pure win. xD

Heck, Kyouya/AnyHostMemberCrack is made of win! He seems to get so angry, which is hilarious.

Please continue!
sami1010220 chapter 2 . 11/18/2007
lol, just thought i should mention that i liked the little side section at the bottom...anyway, continuing...
Super Spazz Attack chapter 5 . 11/17/2007

My poor belly. I haven't laughed that much since...I can't even remember.

You must update. I'm not giving you a choice :) This story is far, far too good to end there, classes be damned! I know how much of a drain school can be on fanfic writing time, but...I mean...come ON...

Plus, I absolutely ADORE your writing style. Hence why I've gone and added you to every alert list I can.

So please write more? Pretty please? With yaoi on top? And whipped cream?
Kirah Ruth chapter 5 . 10/17/2007
Kirah: We had a fair number of things to say-

Ruth: All of which went rather spectacularly out the window at the mental image of Tamaki lounging on Kyouya's lap.

Kirah: Along with all other rational thought, actually.

Ruth: We're not /strictly/ yaoi fans-

Kirah: And, as I've started involving my own twin in reviews, I can't really endorse Hikaru and Kaoru anymore-

(Hikaru & Kaoru: Not that that stops us from showing up on occasion!)

Ruth: But we have a weakness for Tamaki/Kyouya.

Kirah: And I just realized that, should Tamaki choose to reply to our message again (an action that amused Ocean and I to no end), we will likely have a riteously indignant king on our hands.

Ruth: But! In any case... I feel I should mention that this entire story makes a great deal more sense now that we have actually /read/ Death Note.

Kirah: It does make parts of it funnier. I must say, though, that you did a spectacular job of making sense back when I had never even heard of Death Note, a feat in and of itself.

Ruth: In any case, we should probably go before Ocean- our cousin, by the way, if you were wondering who she was- comes looking for us.

Ocean: Too late. What are you two doing?

Kirah & Ruth: NOTHING.

Ocean: *Raises eyebrow, goes back and skims story* Oh, I remember this! You are the person who actually bothered to /reply/ to Kirah's insanity. You only encourage her, honestly. *To Kirah* What happened to the other pair of identical twins that show up incessantly, anyways?

Hitachiin: You forgot our /names/?

Hitachiin: We're insulted, honestly.

Kirah: They're using their last names... why didn't I ever think of that?

Ruth: ... Technically... seeing as you're /writing/ this...


Everyone else: That's the point!

Ocean: THERE ARE ENTIRELY TOO MANY IDENTICAL TWINS PRESENT. All we need is for Kayla and Kristi to show up-

*Kayla and Kristi (also twins, though not quite identical) pop out of thin air*

Kayla: WHOA.

Kristi: Um... where am I?

Kirah: Way to go, Ocean. Who's pulling random people into reviews NOW?


Kristi: Kirah? Ruth?

Hikaru and Kaoru: We feel forgotten over here...

Ruth: Since I don't see this review ending in the forseeable future, I'm just going to cut it off NOW. EVERYONE GO HOME.

Kirah & Ocean: We ARE home.

Kayla and Kristi: Where is here, anyways?

Hikaru and Kaoru: But this isn't boring!

Ruth: ARGH! *Everyone disapears with a rather dramatic *le-poof!* FINALLY!

*Deep breath* Sorry 'bout that, Sciathan. You're written a great story. We're still writing insane and irrelevant reviews. Please update! And with that said, I have about five seconds before my furious twin tries to kill me, so bye!

Kirah: RUTH!

Ruth: Eep!

*Review stop abruptly*
justplainrii chapter 5 . 10/14/2007
Good lord, LUVR. I have the worst feeling that it's Renge, but I'm vaguely confused. It probably is, but I'll have to wait.

Delightful! I only wish there were another chapter to read after this.

No worries, though. These five chapters were awesome anyways. :D
justplainrii chapter 4 . 10/14/2007
Ooh, Freyja! That absolutely made my day. One can only wonder what will come of her actions. *snort*

The beautiful writing is utterly hilarious. xD As was the comment about Kyoya writing fanfiction worse than Renge. Beautiful, I tell you.

I also forgot to mention that I love the nicknames Eros has for everyone.

'tis a shame that the next chapter is the last one updated.
justplainrii chapter 3 . 10/14/2007
Your little mini-stories at the end of the chapter are ever so amusing. xD It was lovely seeing Psyche!

Mori killed me dead. Honestly, I could just imagine it. Sparkling, good lord and heaven above...
justplainrii chapter 2 . 10/14/2007
Not much to say here, other than this chapter was utterly adorable, and as good as the last one.

Masculine scrumpet indeed. xD;
justplainrii chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
xD Not to worry, Tamaki is splendidly IC, I believe.

This fic honestly made me snort through my teeth, especially with Hunny's little declaration of love. I really can't wait to see where this is going. No doubt it's going to be absolutely splendid. :D
heka chapter 5 . 9/22/2007

this is CRACKTASTIC. it's BRILLIANT. my friend told me about this and it's BRILLIANT. wonderfully done!

yes, it's me again, after reading your other fics - i had no idea you wrote THIS! BLOODY BRILLIANT.

the love note! classic. and the towels reference could be a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy reference, if i may say so myself, in my most humble opinion.

XD i won't ask for pairings. kyouya x hunny was surprising enough for me and the mass shounen-ai was freaky, but understandable. NOW renge's gotten a love note. what next? where's the loveable, sweet-loving genius who will save the day?

keep writing, love. it's bloody brilliant. :D

cookies for the lovely author.

(and i'm tempted to do the drabble on the squid scene. looks... random.)
CBDemyx chapter 5 . 8/11/2007
I absolutely adore this fanfiction _ I anxiously await your next update...BTW: let me make mention on how much my head hurts. The vastly enormous words are filling my brain at an alarming rate and I seem to have a specch impediment unless I use one of those vocabulary enhancing words in every other sentance. I do hope oyu continue with this and I really really hope that if I read all of your other Ouran Fic that it will have no effect what-so-ever on the small confined space of my mind...okay WTH, this little voice in my head is really elegant and is speaking with an accent...MAKE IT STOP! update soon please.
taxiphobia chapter 5 . 8/1/2007
I loved it! Words can't describe how much I AH-DORE this fic. It's written so well (compared to today's standards) AND it's a crossover!

Here's a small (ridiculous) request:

Maybe when Tamaki gives up his ownership of the Love Note (if you plan to do that), there'd be some TamakixHaruhi? He deserves some love...I think.

Anyway, keep up the good work and PLEASE UPDATE SOON (because I've read you haven't been updating so frequently).
Sambucivox can't log in now chapter 5 . 7/21/2007
Wow. Just, wow. I loved it. Giggling all alone at my lonely museum desk. Which is good, because it's Saturday.

So, Kyouya's going to be L? Poor tortured Haruhi; she should start an investigation of her own -to prevent further attacks from any of the Love Note bearers.- The part when the Ootori Group asks to L for help was very amusing. "Death" is more interesting than "Love", anyway. What would Light think about that?

Tehe, I hope that you update soon.
Nekoyoukaiaila chapter 5 . 7/3/2007
... Wow... I've read some pretty crackish crack in my long history of fangirlism, but this'n takes the cake. Matt, Brad n' George, huh? oh dear. I'll never be able to watch the ocean's movies with other people anymore! Else I'll finally get carted off to ye olde funni farme. And though I could assume my friends would join me soon enough, I wouldn't have a computer to keep me entertained! And the food there is nas-ty. I once spent the night as punishment for eating my aunt's pet lemur... But that's another story.


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