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elisiumqueen chapter 1 . 4/4
hi! i know its been eight years since youve written this, but i just want you to know that this is the best fanfiction i have ever read, of any topic. the way you write brought Shizuku and Seiji to life and the way they grew old together. you have touched me with this fanfic and made me look at the world didferently. thanks!
Guest chapter 10 . 5/17/2014
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Aki no Ryu chapter 41 . 10/1/2012
This was a good chapter. The first half made me so sad that a couple so in love with each other had drifted apart and I already dreaded going on to the next chapters lest something drastic needed to happen for them to become as they were. Then you "fixed" it in the same chapter with that beautiful story about Number One. Thank you.
sweetstrawberrysmiles chapter 60 . 11/8/2011

You are amazing

The story itself was written so well, with detail in places needed, and subtle transitions from scene to scene. I fel my emotions go up and down with the characters, like when kinu died and all that-I would have NEVER though of giving any of Shizukus friends anymore depth,except for yuko, since she's pretty important in the original, but you gave kinu a

whole new LIFE! Im amazed at this story, it drew me in,reminded me why I started to write in the first place;it inspired me again.

Thank you for that-your a sensational writer, I have no damn idea why you don't have 10000 reviews to this story.

Well done-please finish short stories, I'm looking forward to how it turns out :)
RufusLilium chapter 17 . 11/17/2008
This is such a GREAT story it should have more then 17 reviews! So mucn more!
Andy Pennell chapter 10 . 9/20/2008
I love it so far. Definetly your best work. 10/10
Biminigirl15 chapter 2 . 6/19/2008
this is the first i'm reading your work and all i can say is wow. if you have any orianal work i would read it you have a way with words. Really!
Joe R chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
I have to say that I'm impressed with the sheer size of the story, normally the most chapters you see is about 20. other than that The writing is good and it keeps to the original characters.
Hampus Lager chapter 2 . 5/4/2007
Very good! Just like Shizuku's and Seiji's life there is ups and downs. Good story, good dialouge and simply great details. Keep it up.
moviefan-92 chapter 60 . 2/20/2007
Wow, that was... wow. Excellent story. I was hooked. Everything that happened, all the details, it was so good, I couldn't stop reading. Well done. I just have one question though, whatever happened with Shizuku's 'visions'? You kind of just let that part go after she fainted. The story was really good though. You're a great writer. I loved how at the end you made Shizuku the writer of Porco Rosso, that was great.
Dr. Vorlon chapter 60 . 2/17/2007

There was a time, not long ago, when three months would have seemed very short to me. But since I began reading your work, time has slowed down significantly. Waiting for each new chapter, even though you updated on an almost daily basis, really seemed to stretch things out somehow. It was great feeling though. Sometimes I feel like the years are going by too quickly, and it was nice to have things slow down for a while.

Just one more reason for me to be sad over this story ending... though you ended it beautifully.

Between this story, 'The Attic Room', 'The End of Summer', and the original 'Whisper of the Heart' film, I do feel as though the story of Shizuku and Seiji's relationship has been thoroughly chronicled. There is, perhaps, more that could be said, but I think that you did indeed pick just the right place to leave off. I half-expected that you would have ended with the birth of their child, but this works too.

It's amazing how a chance encounter can affect your life-both in fiction and reality. This was certainly the case in WotH: who could imagine that following the trail of a vagabond fatcat would bring you face-to-face with someone who would ultimately become the love of your life? And to think that Shizuku started off not liking him that much! If Shizuku had not got on the train that very day-that very hour-who knows what direction her life might have taken?

This actually parallels my own experience with the film in some ways. The fact of the matter is, I would never have even learned of WotH were it not for an article I read in one magazine. While flipping through several magazines in a 7-11 store (I find it's a lot cheaper than actually buying them, though it angers the employees), I came across a film review in one anime magazine that told of the DVD release of WotH and described it as perhaps the most realistic depiction of teen romance in a motion picture.

This statement intrigued me enough that I made the decision to rent this flic when it came out. Well, I did. And a week later, I rented 'The Cat Returns'. And before long, both of these movies found a place on my shelf.

Which now brings us to this fic. I was quite thrilled when finally decided to add a WotH section. However, elation turned to disappointment when I found that few people were adding fics there, that most of the fics did not live up to my expectations, and that they were only updated once in a blue moon.

And then, you came along.

And again, it was almost on a whim that I decided to give 'The End of Summer Screenplay' the benefit of the doubt, as that particular format of storytelling can be hard to follow. Nevertheless, what followed was a journey I could never have predicted. And now, a certain 'Saddletank' has his delightful moniker forever listed within my favourite authors section. Amazing.

There is so much praise I could shower upon you Saddletank (if that is your real name!), so many glowing complements I could offer one whom I've grown to respect. Yet it is because I respect you that I will honour your request to provide an honest review, and point out any weak parts in your narrative style.

You took a number of risks while writing this saga. You certainly didn't endear yourself to the Kinu fans (all two of them)! Seriously though, I sure you remember how I once pointed out your contraversial usage of spoilers that hinted at the direction things were heading. Sometimes these can work, if it's only a few chapters in advance. But you began dropping your hints as far back as chapter 13! As a result, a sense of forboding began creeping into the tale far sooner than was perhaps acceptable. I mean, they're not even married yet, and already you're suggesting that something bad is on its way!

Had I been writing this, I wouldn't have done that. I think it would have been better to have held off on that for a while longer. At that point, our two main characters still seem to have a somewhat idealised image of what married life is like. It might have worked dramatically to let the readers believe that that's how things are going to be as well, then you could suprise us all later with a cold dose of reality.

But that's just my opinion...

The only other problem I had with this story-and, indeed, all of your stories-was your penchant for using large paragraphs. Although this had no bearing on the plot whatsoever, large paragraphs can be hard on the eyes and hard to follow, at least for me. Seeing such huge clumps of words can be a bit overwhelming and discouraging. It is only because the quality of the content was so good that I made the effort to keep on reading. But in the future, you may want to consider breaking up your paragraphs into smaller, easier to digest, increments.

Aside from that, it was fantastic. This is by far the best WotH fic I've ever read. True, it's not like the competion was fierce, but I honestly can't imagine anyone else ever topping such a detailed, realistic, and truly emotional telling of Shizuku and Seiji's journey together into adulthood.

Which is why I will probably never attempt my own WotH fic.

For now, I will stick to my other works: the story I am currently writing on and my own personal pet project (which I have shamefully been neglecting for far too long now).

Though I am sad to see this come to an end, I understand that it must be so. As a fellow scribe, I can relate to the feeling of needing to recharge one's creative batteries after a long project, and I don't even write as often as you clearly have. So kick up your feet and congradulate yourself for a job well done! I'll be putting your name in my Author's Alert list so that, when and if you finally resurface, I will know. And I will be there.

Till then, I sure we'll find some other way of staying in touch. I'm sure you know what I'm referring to, but that's something to be discussed over private e-mail.

Your biggest fan,

Dr. Vorlon

p.s. In response to a question of yours, my name was inspired by a TV show called 'Babylon 5'. Vorlon was the name of an alien race. As for the 'Dr.' part... well, I'm not really sure where that came from. Maybe I was just trying to make it sound like I'm smart.
Vook chapter 60 . 2/17/2007
Oh man, it's over already?

Seriously, that's what I said to myself. I don't know...I thought the ending was nice and happy, but at the same time, I think it was almost a little too fast and all-at-once. With such a huge project that this was (not just this fic, the others too), I think you could've taken a little more time to wind it down, and the final chapters could've been a bit longer.

I don't mind that it ends there though, there's still plenty of room for imagination. But of've already seen into my mind and wrote out just about everything that I could think of that could happen afterwards. And then you also wrote a timeline to make sure nothing's escaped me with regards to what happened from 1919 all the way to 2007 and beyond. I'm absolutely serious when I say that I don't think anybody's ever loved an anime film as much as you.

You may have noticed that I updated my profile to adjust to my possible future plans. Well, IF (and that's a BIG if) I ever write anything here, it's certainly not going to be a deep, symbolic read. Not even novella length, that's for sure. I'm nowhere near as mature a writer as you. In fact, I'm a little scared since I know you're probably going to want to read it...
Dr. Vorlon chapter 54 . 2/12/2007
I never really noticed it before, but yeah, the left path always does seem to represent danger. And that kind of bothers me, seeing as how I'm left-handed and have been accused of evil intentions more than once in my life (and from some of the most unlikely of people).

This is by no means intended as an insult to you. You're not the one who invented that particular symbolism, you're just using it. And, as usual, this was a fantastically written chapter.

I knew there was a purpose behind the less happier parts of this tale and now we're starting to get it: Shizuku and Seiji have passed a very difficult test in their marriage and are stronger for it. I'm beginning to think that there's nothing that can split those two up... and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Dr. Vorlon chapter 51 . 2/10/2007
Yes, some of your finest work-quite interesting, in light of the fact that you condemned the previous chapter as the weakest in the whole story. Talk about a contrast, huh?

Who would've guessed that slapping your wife in the face can be theraputic for her? Not I, that's for sure. And who would've guessed that such an act can be depicted in such a beautiful fashion? You, apparantely.

So all and all, I'm quite pleased with this chapter. I imagine that few couples ever manage to rebuild their relationships after infidelity. But then, few have ever resorted to... unorthodox methods. (I wonder if that would actually work in real life?)
Vook chapter 51 . 2/9/2007
I was going to praise you for this chapter BEFORE I read your own notes on it at your forum. Yeah...this is probably the best thing I've seen you write so far. Even though I couldn't imagine this happening to the Shizuku and Seiji I know (then again, I only know them from the movie), it just felt so real and so believable to me. Shizuku, always one to admit her failures, and Seiji, always the reserved type, just totally came out in ways that were both so innovative and so oddly recognizable at the same time.

I do have a few ideas for fanfiction but there's no way I could create characters as rich and complex as yours. Every character you create is a palette of moods and personality traits that come and go in such convincing ways. I guess like most other people here, the first thing I think of is a storyline and THEN I decide what goes on in between. But it seems like you let your own creations do all the talking. I couldn't do that.

Somehow I have a feeling this is NOT going to be your last WOTH work, you just love these characters too much.
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