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Lunacom chapter 62 . 1/18
Wonderful story. I really enjoyed this. I don't think that there should be a sequel. This open ended ending is just right.
Lunacom chapter 55 . 1/18
I really belive that a homeless man in a gutter wiukd have taken better care of Harry. Even if he didn't want a babay he would have at least gave him to people he thought would take care of him.
Lunacom chapter 31 . 1/16
I wonder if Harry can be a hit wizard or a bodyguard or maybe he can be a detective.
MinxyKatt chapter 62 . 10/26/2013
This is the first story I've read that's taken me over 2weeks to finish. Well to be honest its the first 200k story I've ever read! Normally I go for shorter stories mainly because I believe the longer stories won't grip my interest...but this had me hook on Every. Sing. Word.

To come up with such a plot takes sheer talent and a lot of thought so for that I commend you on a job very well done! What I like the most about this was the unpredictability of it all and how irregular the characters were in terms of normal hurt/comfort & romance stories go. the pace never rushes or slows done for some kind of effect, it plays on like a normal life, as if this has happened and you're simply retelling the story - that's what made it very believable and realistic; mouth-watering and encapsulating; and high addictive.

As aforementioned, I'm not a huge fan of regular love stories with simple trials, easily remedied hurts, obvious forgivings and too fast paced. This story was anything but! Draco was aiming to heal the impossible and achieve something that seemed completely unattainable in the beginning and with the means he used I was almost 98% sure it would fail or backfire somehow. This was really due to Harry's stubbornness and reluctance, even when shown the evidence that made him buckle in the first place, he still had walls and minor traits that made me believe that he would never be healed into the man Draco truly wanted - and I suppose in the end he actually wasn't because Draco sort of wanted to still be able to control Harry but that fight they had over the Dursley's torture and whether or not it was justified or not made me (and Draco) aware that Harry had regained not only his life and functionality as a human being back, but he also gained more spirit and defiance and he would not be controlled just after he was given his freedom back - I really, really liked that!

The characterisation was BRILLIANT! I'm not sure I define how perfect this Harry and Draco felt to me, but they really worked - as did other supporting characters like Narcissa and Theresa, or even my all time favourite, though only seen in small doses and for a short time, Gardenia Parkinson (I pray I spelled that right...I had trouble saying her name while reading this; very unusual but quite fitting.) I truly felt that once you decided that this was how you wanted your characters to be, you stuck with that. Sometime I come across stories where the authors sort of introduce new character traits midway through the story, so the characters seem OOC all of a sudden. You stick to each trait right to the very end! Even if Harry was changing and growing and learning life over, he still kept his same persona. And though Draco wasn't used to this sort of relationship and was falling in love and at times becoming soppy, he still had a hardness and cautiousness of a Slytherin to the end - the blackmail he hold over Gloriana Zabinni and the "treacherous" move of giving his mother's ring to a "Mudblood" - which I thoroughly appreciated.

I will admit though this ran somewhat smoothly, in terms of very difficult basis to start a relationship and yet succeeding, I really do think it was an atypical story. And what made it all the more interesting and delicious to read, was your use of language and grammar. I fancy, good writing quite a lot and often times drop stories (regardless of how original and unique the plot is) if the language and the deployment of it isn't good. This story didn't just hold my attention because of the plot and characters, but because of the way it was written. If a story drags on too long for me, I sometimes skip words or even paragraphs and just read the speech. Now there were times when I did this in this story due to my heightened curiosity to find out how someone would react to what had been said BUT I ALWAYS went back to read the rest! That has never happened before. I was so compelled to read what else you'd written in between, that I would scroll back up and read every word written, regardless if I knew what had happened already and I could sort of guess the though process that lead to the reactions.

Another thing I have to comment on before I leave, is your sex scene...dear lord! When Draco was teasing Harry, I honestly was on the edge of my bed in eager anticipation, waiting to be satisfied myself in some way - as if I was the one being tempted and teased and tortured! I love ever sexual experience these two endured because I always felt like they were discovering each other and themselves all over again, which made it more tantalising and very, very delicious to read.

Thank you for compelling me to read your story, for writing so beautifully and coming up with such an amazing plot, it made me MORE eager to read other 200k stories - maybe even 300k!

(Please ignore any and all spelling errors in this review, my phone sometimes corrects incorrectly and I get too lazy to go correct it *insert blushing face here*)

MaisaG chapter 1 . 10/7/2013
My first drarry story!

One of the first fic I remember reading...

I glad I found this again. Soon I hope to have time to read it all again.
CleopatraIsMyName chapter 62 . 5/18/2013
Thank you for an absolutely stunning, intricate and well-crafted story. I was gutted to see you haven't written any more though.
C xx
DameDitta chapter 47 . 1/23/2013
D.A.D.A professor perhaps?
DameDitta chapter 32 . 1/22/2013
i don't think Malfoy should really go after the dursleys, potter isnt a revenge kind of guy... he droped his grudge against malfoy and snape years ago, so he probably did the same with the dursleys.
LunaLooney chapter 45 . 1/20/2013
LunaLooney chapter 40 . 1/20/2013
LunaLooney chapter 38 . 1/20/2013
Oh Merlin, I'm not ready for the angst to come.
LunaLooney chapter 36 . 1/20/2013
LunaLooney chapter 35 . 1/20/2013
Or maybe I'm just here crying because omfg.
LunaLooney chapter 32 . 1/20/2013
For you Harry, anything :((( omg
Auni chapter 62 . 1/9/2013
I Absolutely loved this fan fiction!
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