Reviews for Token
Rob Loughrey chapter 1 . 5/30/2013
Nice synopsis, I'd love to hear a more expanded version. I like how the narrative tone is similar to the movies. You have two typo's I noted, Crucial in paragraph 3 and board, in the second to last paragraph.
Doomthatimpends chapter 1 . 1/14/2007
okay so I rented the movie for the sole purpose of reading this fic because you rule...I was NOT disappointed. Movie ruled, and you caught Yuri's voice perfectly...wish you'd make it a series though. all your one-shots should be a perfect world
Rabbitzan chapter 1 . 12/14/2006
So good, so far, I think you did great on this one few writeing errors but easy to understand, great fic, I'll be looking for more when I have more time.
DreamWriterColabs chapter 1 . 12/13/2006
Very intense. Very good job. I really like this. You are a talented writer. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Just don't forget to check your e-mail please!