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tanpopo no hana chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
Yikes. But pissing off Dean like that I'm not surprised at what happened.
tanpopo no hana chapter 4 . 1/15/2008
Ahh! No! Who is that woman anyway? Well, she's gonna be sorry when Dean gets to her...
tanpopo no hana chapter 3 . 1/15/2008
You really know how to get me hovering on the edge of my seat. Poor li'l Sammy... And what happened to Dean?
tanpopo no hana chapter 2 . 1/15/2008
The scene in front of the TV was hilarious! Poor Dean *g*
tanpopo no hana chapter 1 . 1/15/2008
I really like this so far! A little weird, but 'big brother Dean' is just too cute . and I can't wait to read more and find out what'll happen.

And once again I really love your style!
6219834 chapter 3 . 1/13/2008
Oh the little bit, run Sam (can you see I'm getting into this?) Dean's a great dad, John's needs some lessions!
6219834 chapter 2 . 1/13/2008
I started a wee Sam and big Dean fic which never got off the ground, however it in no way shape or form would have been as funny, dramatic and fuled with tiny Sam tears as this to be as brilliant.
sammygirl1963 chapter 1 . 11/26/2007
WOW, I love GROWING PAINS so much that I just had to check this one out also! What an awesome concept-Sam having gotten younger with Dean a grown man-love it! Can't wait to see what Dean does to take care of a young Sammy-which out to come natural to him! I can't wait to read the rest of this story to see how things turn out-however, I have league bowling and then a football game to watch tonite, but I will definitely be reading more and hopefully finishing this story tomorrow!
Lilyblue chapter 8 . 6/29/2007
I love it! Wee sam was adorable and very believable! I literally, felt my heart ripping for poor little Sammy, espeically with Miss Jones, Buzz and Wes hurting him. haha, I got a little homicidal satisfaction at what Dean did to Buzz as well as what happened to Wes. Sick bastards all of them.

Oh I think there might have been a typo here:

“I rang you [to] tell [you] I felt something hinkey in town and you put the damn phone down on me, didn’t you.” [brackets are the corrections].

Great fic overall!
jenilee chapter 8 . 4/22/2007
I loved this story! Not everyone can write kids and you did a top-notch job! You also managed to keep little Sammy just what I'd picture him being! All I can say is, Sequel? Lol... or if not, how about a young Winchester story?
elanurel chapter 8 . 2/20/2007
He couldn’t let go, his fingers were laced so tightly onto his brother’s shirt that he pinched skin, but he couldn’t let go. This was his safety. Holding on to his brother. Not letting go.

THAT is a lovely image, evocative and lyrical. What a wonderful opening to the chapter!

“You were bravest little brother ever. The best.”

OK, now I'm crying. At work! On my break! My co-workers think I am a lunatic. (OK, they already think I'm a lunatic but, but...)

The section where Dean is confessing his guilt, his culpability in the situation, is really nice. I like how he questions his abilities and needs to be reminded of his strengths. All Dean ever sees are his weaknesses, really.

And I love the interaction between Dean and wee!Sammy so much. I mean, I love how they act as adults but there's something about seeing Dean with a little kid. (It's why I wrote Ellie.) Yeah, I know. Dean!Girl, betray thyself.

“With hair this long every one thinks you look like a girl anyways.”

Hi, Samantha. ;-P

“Its not the money”, admonished Sam softly “Its magic silly.”

And there's our innocent little boy. The whole scene with Santa was just wonderful, and Sam's recognition of it has me all giggly again. Now the people I work with really think I'm a lunatic!

The chick in red might be OK, but I am sending the girls after Miss Jones. Penny is deadly with her umbrella...

“What the hell is going on? asked Sam, a blush of pink on his cheeks at being scrutinised by two pairs of eyes as he stood butt naked with only a hastily grabbed pillow for modesty. “I wake up in some strange room to have her,“ he jabbed a suspicious finger in Marjorie’s direction, “scream like some freaking banshee.”

Is now in happiest place of all. Hastily grabbed pillow... Sending the girls in to steal the pillow! ;O

And I love the ending. That means we get more!
elanurel chapter 7 . 2/20/2007
Real life has sucked what spare time I had for fic into writing, sad to say. But I'm hoping to catch up today. ;-P

What does he possess that other men do not?

Because he's Dean freaking Winchester, you stupid woman. * smacks her with my trusty umbrella *

I love Sammy's comeback. The trust you've given him the opportunity to show when he's little just seems to heartbreaking to me now.

Looking at the girl in the red dress he suddenly made the connection that had been driving his brother to anger all day.

Because Sammy is clever. I do like how you've made "the chick in red" a lot more likable, however. I was originally getting ready to get the girls together and take her out. ;-P I am still intrigued to know what she was, and why she's out carousing, so to speak. A muse maybe?

“You loved a demon! Against all the natural laws you laid down with one of the dark spirits and you did not expect punishment?”

OK, you're writing this backstory, right. Right?

Stunned, she could only watch as the girl stepper forwards, cold fury on her face...

I'm now a "chick in the red dress" fangirl. And I googled Mestra. * is big geek * Very cool touch with the mythology there! Very cool.

acknowledged Dean and watched her nod mutely her thanks before turning his attention back to the burning house and kept in check his own tears, remembering a similar fire a few years ago in Farnborough that had tried to take his brother.

OOh, and a lovely nod to your 'verse. I was wondering if this was set in the same one as your other stories and, well, am now grinning like an idiot because you did.

Marjorie Hyacinth Brown if you can go through the trauma of giving birth to 3 of the biggest fattest babies ever born in the State you can take a little incy wincy bit more pain right now.

I so do not want your Missouri mad at me. Brilliant characterization in one sentence. Killed me dead, it did. So now you have a ghost reviewing your story.

I’ve got you now kiddo and nothing else bad will touch you. Ever. I promise.

And I'm in my happy place. On to the next chapter!
geminigrl11 chapter 8 . 1/31/2007
I love your full-blown chapter epilogues. They are so wonderful!

What a cool, sweet story. I can't get enough of teeny Sam curled on his brother's lap, hands fisted in his shirt because he can't get close enough. And Dean cuddling him all night, soothing his injuries and his fears. Doesn't get much better than that. (Freckle fic! Freckle fic! :D)

Santa was a nice touch - and see? No bah humbug from you. There are good Christmas moments to be had, after all.

Love Sam waking up - unclothed - and Marjorie's reaction. Love the fact, too, that Sam doesn't hold anything against Dean. After all, Dean had no way of knowing what was going to happen (although I think next time, he will listen to his bro).

And then - dun, dun, dun . . . room for a sequel if you so desire! Perfection!

Thanks for sharing this, Rozzy!
CatBeist chapter 8 . 1/31/2007
Again took me some time, but never forgot... an wow.. now that is a LONG epilogue :)

I like it... and as said before... I adore wee Sam... he's just the cutest and most innocent little thing there is... :) And like seeing Dean as a father figure... it's not something we'll probably see real well in the show... so it's good we got fics and ton's of people going different ways that leave us with nice picure of our beloved boys no matter what's going on really...

Hm, I am ranting again, sorry... but I really did enjoy this fic and glad someone tipped me about it and that I stuck with it. You did a good job with it all! Well done!

:) Beist
Nvrmore chapter 8 . 1/30/2007
Great job. You very nicely wrapped up the story. I laughed when Sammy became big again.

I felt bad for Dean that his brother is not nearly so simple and trusting and unconditionally loving as his younger self. Glad though that Sam seemed to get over thing.

I do hope you're going to continue the story at some point. But I'm looking forward to whatever you write next.

Thanks for writing and updating.
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