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Guest chapter 22 . 9/15
Your plot device is still a bit foggy. If Harry can be heir to Black and Potter it would seem he could be head of both lines. So if 1 person can do that it doesn't make much sense to me that siblings couldn't be heir, then head, of each line. Ih well, artistic license. Great story, thanks
Guest chapter 5 . 9/13
Sooo Harry's amazing trunk has a kitchenette, a supply room, and a book room. Hermione's has 1 bedroom with bath, 1 practice room and a book room. Hmmmm I see Hermione's sneaky plan. No bedroom for Harry.
Perhaps if would be handier if the books could all be in the same trunk. That trunk could have practice room and supply room.
Having kitchen, living room and bedroom with bath together would make sense. 1 trunk for study and practice. 1 trunk for living space. But then again Hermione is the smartest witch...and Harry is clueless so her irrational trunks just may work. Haha
lambean chapter 21 . 9/3
I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m not going to finish this story. I have loved it. But you absolutely ruined their relationship when you had him considering having a second wife in 10 years. How is it possible that they can be engaged and have him even thinkin about that possibility. It crushed Hermiome and you didn’t have him reassure her enough. How can she feel secure in their relationship if he’s even thinking bringing in a second wife. I’m so disappointing
Chobug23 chapter 22 . 9/1
I really enjoyed this story by the 2nd wife talk definitely threw me out of it.
NulledVoid chapter 32 . 8/22
DarkPhoenix101 chapter 8 . 8/8
I've been reading some of our stories again and I've noticed one commonality. In every one of them Hermione turned out to have never kissed Krum. I've noticed this with many other Harmony writers too. No one seems too bothered by Harry's first kiss with Cho but Hermione just has to be purer than the driven snow before she gets together with Harry. I can't help feeling this is actually misogynistic.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/22
wiebenor chapter 32 . 5/20
I seem to remember the introduction to the story saying that that this is Canon compatible or as the Google Assistant told me Canon compliant which basically means happening the same way as it does in Canon, which this story does not by any means... That said, if you go by Canon compliance up to the end of the sixth book then I guess you could say that it mostly is, although some of the horcruxes prove to be totally different than what people thought they were going to be considering that in your last author's note you have specified that deathly hollows is not out yet as of the writing of this story. As I mentioned before, the reason that this is only mostly Canon compliant is because of the fact that the horcruxes hinted at in the 6th book we're not all the same as the horcruxes in this story so while it's somewhat compliant, there never was a gryffindor's brooch or whatever, in the Canon events, much less one that was turned into a horcrux...

ALL THAT SAID, this was a fairly interesting story written by a pretty darn good writer, who if I remember correctly, I've read at least one or two stories by, and they've been pretty good quality, as far as Harry Potter stories go... Chem Prof seems to me, to be a proficient writer with few to no mistakes in either grammar or spelling, in any of the books I've read, and that counts for a lot when considering that a lot of authors who's books I read have telltale sentences in most cases very chapter where words get repeated almost as if they're having trouble with the trackpad on their laptops(those who have them anyway) in those books in question, the author's seem to have a lot of sentences similar to this "Harry went Harry to hogsmeade" it's not just names repeated though, it's the actions before and after the names that also seem to be repeated with similar words, and this author, thankfully, has none of that issue that I can see here. Really a good writer, keep up the good work (and writing)
wiebenor chapter 15 . 5/18
I've read a few stories that have reused the "Connie Hammer" OC originally from Old Crow (if I remember correctly), and if I remember correctly as well, the one I just got done rereading today, called "knowledge is power", was one of them I seem to remember the best, although it's probably because it's one of the first stories I've read with that particular original character in it, and now reread... But oh well, if this Connie Hammer is like the one from that story, she'll be a sharp as a tack younger version of mad-eye who is hesitant to go outside chain of command even when it's needed, yet also understands that sometimes whatever is done, and is truly done "for the greater good" should take precedent over kiss-assing the politicians and making their careers seem better than they are. Not Albus'greater good mind you, but Harry potter's, as he doesn't seem to have the blinders on that the rest of the wizarding world used to have , and the government still seems to in certain cases...

Honestly, any time I think of scrimgeour, I think of muggles trying to figure out where to check their blinker fluid level on their cars. Seriously though, anyone reading this who wonders where to find their blinker fluid reservoir, should probably stop looking before they hurt themselves, and know that I'm not going to waste time with that talk. I'm just saying... I mean, I hope everyone here isn't that type but you never know... Jokes aside though, most wizards, or at least, most PUREBLOOD wizards, and witches as well, seem to be complete idiots in the Harry Potter universe, with very few exceptions...(Harry doesn't count for obvious reasons)

Overall, so far, this is a good story and I can't wait to finish it... Thank you and keep up the good work...
Guest chapter 17 . 4/27
Guest chapter 16 . 4/27
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Guest chapter 2 . 4/27
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