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thedarkangel22 chapter 1 . 7/10
I love this story so, so much. It's very rare for me to get really into a story because I'm picky about so many things. But you've got it all, amazing writing and grammar and plot and just, lawd, my heart can't take it. Like, literally. When Sakura walked in on Sasuke and Karin I very nearly died. I really enjoyed seeing Sasuke falter when he realized that Sakura wasn't going to have a mental breakdown over it. I loved how it proved that he really did feel something for her. He wanted her to be jealous and broken. But she handled it so well, all things considering, and just aodhvfaojosidcwaoeuhfaeoirhveoifjaesocijaoeighreg. Bless your heart and soul, even though I can't wait for more SasuSaku moments. Perhaps of Sasuke giving up his mind games and just accepting that he adores that pink-now blonde-haired girl. Please update! I beseech you!
KageSakura chapter 12 . 7/8
Very interesting story well written. I see that everything you write has a purpose that comes up later on. Despite the lack of any romantic moments save for that peaches and books scene...I feel the entire story is pretty much SasuSaku. As for Karin I think you wrote her fairly well. She is not just a one dimensional bitch. She too has her reasons and I kind of feel bad Sasuke and her are in such a situation where they are sort of prisoners of the darkness inflicted by their choices. I also see that was is between them isn't romantic but empty and full of manipulation, I don't think I was exactly surprised with how Kabuto screwed over Sasuke that he in his trauma is taking his urges out on whoever is willing. Unfortunately the parallels to people I've known in RL are disconcerting. But it goes to show that you aren't afraid to write realistically. It's a no nonsense approach to writing that doesn't come out forced which is mind of refreshing go see.
Sakura is well written as well as Orochimaru's, and it was an interesting twist that I didn't exactly mind. Now that the manga is finished I find the searching for biological parents plot extremely ironic but fitting.
I myself am guilty of not updating. I understand the demands of real life the impossibly busy schedule and the dreaded writers block all too I feel like a hypocrite even bringing it up. But if and whenever you return to this story I look forward to seeing how it all ties together.
little miss saigon chapter 1 . 7/6
Yes dracomioneeee is like zutara. The dang uncannon ship almost everyone ships. Fact o lyfe
Guest chapter 12 . 3/17
I see you've made some minor alterations and additions to the latest chapter. I think you made the right choice by doing so, seeing as Sasuke's true attitude and intentions are revealed more than ever towards Sakura. Hopefully, you will update the next chapter soon. I know it's going to be difficult writing a very much anticipated SakuraxSasuke moment( I'm assuming there is one and yes that is a very horrible delusion) however I eagerly wait patiently for your prolonged update. As do the rest of us all.
- Clear Relic
Guest chapter 12 . 3/14
Have you abandoned this story? I hope not because I think now would be a really great time to update. I know you're busy so no pressure however, I think everyone is dying to know what happens between our perplexing couple.( and mostly for Sasuke to admit his one weakness)
TimberRidge chapter 12 . 2/14
hi so not to be rude but I'm pretty sure that it's been a little long of time since you last updated
um could you please PLEASE UPDATE SOON
I mean I know you probably have a ton on your plate with all of your other stories but please
you are an amazing writer and I wish that you would continue in the near future
heavens-pen chapter 12 . 1/16
Idk what pushes me on reading this chapter dude. Idk if im just a masochist or I just want to kill time. But what I do know is you're a terribly exceptional writer. For messing up my emotions like the great asshole you are. I don't even have to reread the whole story, just this chapter alone brought me at great lenghts with my feels. The angst in this one is irresistably deliciously on point. Idk dude I keep on coming back to this fic and checking if it's updated or (uggh heaven forbid it) not.

PS. Im giving you the priviledge of fcking with my emotions (HOPEFULLYCROSSFINGERSPLEASEHUHU) via your next update. But please don't shatter it so much.
bj chapter 12 . 11/28/2014
epic chapter unlike some people I'm perfectly happy with sakura being orochimaru's daughter its kind of a fresh plot unlike what I'm used to reading.
bj chapter 12 . 11/28/2014
oh please update soon this story is definetly worth reading I love this new sakura when she was like you asshole i mean like seriously sasuke is really an asshole if I was sakura I would have left him a long time ago but luckily I ain't Anyway this is the first time i 'm reading a story where sakura is suspiciously orochimaru and even if through out the story I wasn't hooked up then I must say right I'm interested to see what happens this story I believe has a destination.
Star.Splattered.Sky chapter 12 . 9/6/2014
I realize that I am...unsure whether or not I've ever posted a review to this story. Which is a shame, because this is my favourite one of all time. I can't put my finger on it, but it's creepy and disturbing and altogether unsettling, and I have a thing for that kind of stuff. I'm kidding. No, really.

Sasuke is...sort of a psychopath. Or a sociopath. I admit to not knowing the difference, and I'm not about to google it just to figure out which a fictional character is in a fan's interpretation. I deeply, deeply enjoy Sasuke the psychopath, and the way that Sakura seems to make him almost squirm, even though that he is obviously going through a lot more unsettling things than having her around. Then again, maybe not for him.

For writing this I will say...congratulations.
Kurai Ummei chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
This story looks really well written and deep, but I don't think I will read it... Too intense. _
sarita.kumari.906 chapter 12 . 7/25/2014
I really liked your story.. m sasusaku follower..n i like everything related to them.. u brought sasuke's character very well... stubborn,cold hearted..and a big jerk..n sakura..I like how u showed her that. she does love sasuke but doesn't want to force him to anything:)..Its good slow realisation of love...
dolce-bebe chapter 12 . 7/25/2014
I was waiting to review this since I was so inspired by the last chapter to do some lIne art. it's finished! I hope you like it!
Btw, amazing work on this chapter. I loved how you played with sasukes emotions. Sakura was amazing though! Gotta give her a lot of credit and honestly, I'd rather have her go back to Konoha, since our emo hero ain't doing much for her. I wish that the real sakura was exactly how she is In your story. It clearly shows her character development grow from chapter one.
Great job again, and here's the link :)
KayNKSal chapter 1 . 7/14/2014
Love it
Guest chapter 12 . 7/7/2014
Holy fucking shit. Not even lying, I've been crying rivers since chapter one, your are literally my SasuSaku god - just saying
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