Reviews for Strained Harmony
bearsage chapter 2 . 9/1/2016
not a fan of sm so don't often find ranma/sm covers Appealing but this is good
god of all chapter 6 . 8/30/2016
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
BlackoutSampler chapter 1 . 8/29/2016
I've read this fic a while back and this newest update just reminded me why I dropped it so hard.

Automatically I'm rather rough on love stories as they just don't feel real to me all that often. however the writing is generally good, excellent even for the first three chapters. You have a solid grasp of girls talking, although Hotaru sounds about four years younger than she should sometimes. so I gave it a larger chance than I usually would.

However, It feels to me like you never wanted to make a Ranma fic in the first place here. But were just interested in bits and pieces of the Ranma verse and wanted them in the Sailor Moon verse. with how quickly the elements of the Ranma story are dropped or "fixed", It ends up feeling like just the set up for your OC Bunny-chan to date Setsuna... something that really doesn't need you rewriting pretty much all of Ranma's character in order to do so. Especially with how quickly Ranma drops and picks up character traits in this, it feels less like development and more like brainwashing... which puts the Broach shenanigans in a different light in my eyes.

I do not mind fics where Ranma accepts his feminine side, or goes full girl even, but it went further than that. Having her drop her passion for Martial Arts, pride, and wild nature just was too much for me. That level of destruction of self just feels cruel. And having everyone say how they like the "new" Ranma makes me cringe.
Tristan Ludlam chapter 6 . 8/24/2016
...and that's it I'm done.

This was a excellent concept when Trimatter was involved.
But unfortunately since Chapter Three when this became a solo fic it has become utter rubbish.

I think this needs to be set on fire and the ashes pissed on.
BlackRoseFire chapter 6 . 8/23/2016
Awesome chapter. I really love this story, I can't wait to see what happens next.
deanron chapter 6 . 8/23/2016
I've this story,please update more offten.
KyoudaiDoushi chapter 6 . 8/22/2016
Sooo... something that's been on my mind the past couple chapters, what exactly made you decide to make Ranma zaftig? I'm enjoying the story, but somehow I just can't see it. But I'm getting the mother of all giggles trying to imagine male-Ranma with those curls. Her braid was fairly unisex; the bunny-curls most definitely are NOT.
hagancameron chapter 6 . 8/21/2016
interesting update
Reykan chapter 6 . 8/20/2016
It's nice to see this story update, as I remember reading it a while ago. Not sure I like Ranma's total abandonment of self and his extreme passive nature around his fiancé, but I'll live
Guest chapter 6 . 8/19/2016
ok, having read up to the last chapter, i am having difficulties believing that the ranma in this story is, well, ranma. the change is far to drastic for me to recognize him anymore. actually at about the third chapter is when i have difficulties seeing ranma as ranma. now it is impossible for me.
Kordesha chapter 5 . 8/18/2016
Shame on you! Made me all misty eyed and sniffling at the end! Fantasic work!
Guest chapter 6 . 8/18/2016
I really like the growth of Ranma since Chapter 3.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/18/2016
People are writing about this fic having too little plot.
But isn't this fic primarily about the mental state of it's main character?
And thus the acceptance and change in Ranma is actual plot.
I like it.
Ranma's ego is fertile ground and skilled manipulators can always get him/her to do what they want.
He never stood a chance.

Thank you for writing this.
Elceleth chapter 6 . 8/18/2016
Thank you for still working on this :-)
Anniria chapter 6 . 8/17/2016
I am perfectly OK with these separate romances becoming a foursome family of the outers raising their daughter Hotaru.
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