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Ghost140 chapter 10 . 1/20/2012
I'll have to keep this brief since I'm on my phone and hate typing with my thumbs.

Great chapter, kanaye is a dick(I still Like him), and inuto is about to open a can.
LustChantay chapter 10 . 1/16/2012
Did not expect an update so quickly, but glad for it! Kanaye is my favorite OC character in FF. Odly enough i love his vulgarity and morbid sense of humor, and I'm glad to have a better look into how his character became who he is. In the previous stories I believe it is mentioned how the brothers end up with the wrong girls, or something like that, so I'm guessing that Kayane did covet Seiya but ended up with Lien, I suppose more of that will be in the next chapter. I also like the way you have made their mother beyond paranoid of her own son, like he is possessed or something, it gives us a good look into how far Kanaye has gone off the deep end. Looking foward to the next chapter, and especially going back to the present! Thanks!
Lifestyle chapter 10 . 1/16/2012
You are spoiling us with these quick updates! Not that I'm complaining... ;)

It's interesting seeing these insights into Inutaisho and Kanayes' past lives. I particularly enjoyed Kanaye and Liens' interaction :D. He grows on me the more and more I read him.

It's too bad the links didn't work though... let me try one more time:



I can't wait to see what happens next!
Lifestyle chapter 9 . 1/11/2012
I'm so glad you've started this story up again! I didn't recognize the story when I first got the alert in my e-mail, but the name did spark something in the back of my mind- somehow I knew it was a good one.

Anyway, this was definitely one of my favorite stories on this site! You define your characters so well and create such interesting plots, it's hard not to be captivated by your work :) I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapters! I'll be watching my inbox...
scerise chapter 9 . 1/11/2012
for over seven years, I have read your stories. though I no longer keep track of fanfiction, yours is one of they few I will come back to and reread (maybe every year or so). your storytelling is so fluid, your dialogue so natural, and your characterization-I lovelovelove your characters-so multi-faceted. so thank you for updating; the chapter was lovely.
Midnight Lady chapter 9 . 1/10/2012
You updated! Oh, joy! I think about this story every now and then and it's a true testament to your writing skill and creativity that you work draws me (and all your other fans) back again and again. Lots of stories are read and forgotten but the truly great ones stick with the reader for years and yours have definitely stuck with me.

I'm so happy to see an update from you.
Ghost140 chapter 9 . 1/10/2012
Ill be honest after a long 8-5 the last thing I expected was story alert for a 5 year old fic I thought for sure would never be finished.

I had to skim over the previous chapters a bit to remember what was going on and one thing I can say for certain is that I am just as angry as I was almost five years when I read that chapter where Shinya died. If I remember correctly you soothed my anger by hinting that her death may not be permanent.

OK as for this chap its obvious to me you have not lost your creative writing abilities. I have not followed Inuyasha(manga or anime) at all not even that new second(third?fourth?) season which finished the Nuraku ARK. But I can say that you write about this universe better than maybe even the creator of the show(Seiya is win!).

Glad to hear you graduated and have a job, same here got my AAS back then and just finished getting my BAT this past summer(work and BAT studies suck!). Now I work a standard, but well paying, 8-5 like every other responsible adult in this world.

LOL I haven't written a review or read a fic on this site in years. I don't know if it will take you another 5 years to finish this fic but I will happily read each chapter whenever they come.
miayoroshiku chapter 9 . 1/10/2012
I am so very glad that you are back and look forward to many wonderful future chapters. Here's to a happy ending that brings everything to a full rich circle.
LustChantay chapter 9 . 1/10/2012
You can not even begin to understand how pleased I was this morning when I received a story alert from you. I really did not expect this trilogy to be updated, but this is beyond a pleasant surprise. Not to sound to much of a groupie but your three stories for Inuyasha are the best I have ever read (and oh have I read alot). I do not know exactly when I first started reading Reflected Past, but I do know it was awhile ago, but I still am able to quote many lines out of all three stories easily. I can not even tell how many times I have read each story, it probably is to many to even keep count of anymore. So thank you for such captivating work, you have a talent for writing that I envy, and you made me fall back in love with Sesshomaru all over again. Thanks! Will be awaiting more.
Like Stars in Twilight chapter 8 . 1/4/2012
You know, there was a point in time when I believed that the Serpent's Curse would never be finished. And I thought that was the ultimate shame, for I have always believed Reflected Past, War's Shadow, and The Serpent's Curse were the greatest of all stories on ffnet. I suppose that sounds strange; there are, after all, thousands, millions, of fanfictions, but these three, in my opinion, stand head and shoulders above them all. And I also believe that this chapter of The Serpent's Curse is the strongest of all the chapters you've yet written (on ffnet, at least), which is quite a feat. How do you out-do yourself? And yet you've done it here.

Superb writing. Utterly lovely. I will say that, though I reviewed War's Shadow long ago, I don't think that I had the best appreciation of it, but the years have put things into perspective. With The Serpent's Curse, you have completely outdone the original Inuyasha. Again, I know I probably sound kind of strange - but the original Inuyasha, while excellent in its own way, pales before your own interpretation. Never, in all the long years that I've been on ffnet, have I encountered a fanfiction that so outshines the original.

Well, I have little else to say, except to ask for forgiveness that I did not review this story earlier. It has all too many few reviews; but then, reviews aren't really a mark of quality. Truthfully, if it were possible legally, I would love to see all three of your stories (I do not mention the Naruto fanfiction you wrote, not because it isn't wonderful, but because I think its better that I don't go too overboard with the praise. Don't want to seem stranger than I already am, you know.)in anime form. No offense to Yumiko Takahashi, that most wonderful of mangaka, but I just find your "trilogy" to be...beyond fantastic.

I suppose I should stop with the praise heaping now. I don't review often; now, after years of reading, I rarely find anything that is worth my time. But you certainly do deserve a significant amount of praise. You have set a standard for Inuyasha (both the original, and the fanfictions) that I doubt will ever be surpassed. Your original characters are so...real, so excellently constructed, that I must stand in awe of them. Very few authors there are that have come close to creating such impact with their characters. Again, what a shame. If more people could craft a world such as this, I would no longer mourn the loss of talent that seems to be infecting fiction writing these days...

Well. If you do read this, I would like to say both thank you for what you've already written, and good luck with whatever you plan to write henceforth. I am very, very excited that you've decided to continue The Serpent's Curse. I hope things are coming along well.


- Stars
Anon chapter 8 . 12/20/2011
So happy to see you back!
Guest chapter 8 . 10/10/2011
I really hope you continue writing this sometime.
Obsesshun chapter 6 . 8/23/2011
Actually I've read all 8 chapters. Checking in in 2011 to see if you have an update? At least maybe post an updated profile status? You still have readers here, so I encourage you to keep writing these imaginative and exciting stories.
Trunksonly chapter 8 . 6/28/2011

I absolutely adore all your stories. You truly have captured the Inuyasha world in your words. These stories are truly spectacular. I hope you keep writing and that you finish the Serpent's Curse. It's been a while since you updated-so maybe that is not going to be the case-but if you ever can I hope that you will allow us to finish reading this wonderful story.

Take care.
lychee loving chapter 8 . 9/24/2010
Before I start on multi-chaptered fics, I usually take a look at reviews. Not to see if it's got glowing praise or flames (since fics get those regardless of quality) but to see if they're finished or abandoned. I did the same for Reflected Past and War's Shadow and was ensured that I'd get spectacular fics, both times. I kind of neglected to do the same for this one, because I was drawn in by the plot, the characters that you've created that spill into this one and your impeccable writing.

And then I come to this last chapter, find that the story isn't over and the handy "next chapter" button is not where it should be, and I just want to shed a tear or two. :(

This is really engaging. Somehow, you take a plot and run away with it. In a good way! I'm not sure how you manage to come up with twists like you do, or even how you create characters as endearing as your OC's (Yes, Kanaye is endearing. My heart broke for Shinya, and I feel so bad for Lien, of all people!)

I'm going to sit here and mourn a little, and hope that you might one day update this, if you don't mind. The chapter with Sesshoumaru and Kuroshi was really good and now I have to wonder forever how this whole guardian thing will be resolved. The fact that you gave the use of Tensaiga a little backstory impresses me on so many levels, you can't even begin to imagine. And I love the conflict you've given Rin - she's got such a big heart and has more kindness in her soul than the Inu relatives have all together, and it's being put to the test! And the way she's confronting the issue about being labeled as a demon's whore. Aaaah. You write her (and everyone else, goddamn) so well.

I hope you consider continuing this! And if not, well, thank you anyway for sharing what you've created so far - it has been an immense pleasure to read! I think I'll be content with filling in the blanks between where this has ended and the epilogue to Reflected Past. ;)
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