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Ghost140 chapter 8 . 3/9/2007
So Sess-mom's name is good name

That small taste you left already has me likeing what your doing with her

Thats all for now.
foscari chapter 8 . 3/9/2007
I'm going to do a double review.

Ch 07:

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha actually got along civilly. Must be something in the smoke. It's really refreshing to see them converse like that without all the profanity (Inuyasha's behalf) and cursing (Inuyasha again). Inuyasha sounded just... mature, is the word I'd used until he opened his mouth and offended his aunt. *facepalm*

That's a lot that Rin got off her chest. I'm glad that she's purged of that but she'll probably have to go through some more stuff sooner or later.

I will say it again: I love the relationship between Sesshoumaru and Rin in your fics. You are nothing short of amazing and I think that you've spoilt me as I don't bother reading any other Sess/Rin fics but yours. *sheepish*

Ch 8:

Aww, Yaye-kun is adorable. I love that small scene of him and Sesali. It makes me smile to see a tender (unintentionally) and amusing moment between them.

Inutaisho-sama, love of all women! *giddy* How I adore him. Seiya has caught his eye so presumably he won't be eyeing any other women for a while. At least, we know where he got that habit of his. Like father, like son.

I enjoy reading about their sister, Shinya. Sesali, I already know from WS. And their father, however brief. It's really brilliant how you managed a backstory for the Inu-family.

The fight is very well detailed and you left no details behind. I can almost picture it in my head. Eido and Eizan came to play and brought Ryuujin with them. I hope Eido gets his in the next chapter.
Aurora83 chapter 7 . 3/8/2007
Also, I agree with Midnight Lady... if you ever publish an original piece, I'd be the first to buy your book. I don't even need to know what it will be about, just let me know the title and the release date and I'll be there D
Aurora83 chapter 8 . 3/8/2007
Both chapters this week were absolutely wonderful. The first... the exchange between Rin and Sesshomaru was heart wrenching. I read it twice, just because I thought it was so superbly written and so honest. Have I ever told you that I think of all the writers I read, I think you capture Sesshomaru's personailty and internal musings the best? Really! You capture his charcater perfectly from the manga... and then you have injected a little bit more compassion in him, that I believe would come with 12 or so years more.

And then of course Inuyasha came. I was so glad he was there, and the way Lien handled him actually made me laugh.

Then of course the flashback... What can I say? It really changes my view of Kanaye. Originally, I thought he was amusing, sick and twisted, and a little sad all at the same time. After this though... so much of this backstory made my heart break for him, and I was just astounded at how this gives him so much depth now. And the connection between his sister and his daughter... you can see now why the poor guy is losing it again!

I also thought the younger versions of everyone were wonderful. InuPapa seemed to be the sort of prince you would expect (I agree with the ego flaw and all). And SessMom... I think she still fits with the canon version if you view this version as younger form of that. She's still ambiguous, intimidating, and proud like the canon version was, and just as unwilling to reveal her true intentions. Really you weren't given much more than that to match, so the rest is up to you anyway. I like how you've written her character as well.

Overall I should say alot of the details are coming together in my mind now. A lot of questions answered and things becoming clearer. And of course, so much great character development for us all to chew on. I'll be looking forward to the third part!
Midnight Lady chapter 8 . 3/8/2007
Oh holy crap!

Two mind-numbingly fantastic chapters in such as short time. My head doesn't know how to comprehend it all.

I lurvve your orignal characters, I really do. You write everyone so meticulously with personalities and quirks and flaws galore.

And oh! Shinya! To kill the beloved older sister and then do the same to the namesake daughter. You, are truly an evil/wonderful writer.

I love your Inutaisho and Seiya. If you chose to write a side story about those two and then how Inutaisho met Izayo, that would be an epic story I would love to read.

I am utterly agog and amazed at the amount of detail and heart you are weaving into this story. When you publish an original piece, let me know. I'll be there for the author signing.

Fabulous, just fabulous.
Midnight Lady chapter 7 . 3/8/2007
Oh happiness! A lovely, wonderful update.

Kudos to you on a good chapter and a happy-dance boyah! to me for guessing correctly about the contract.


I have to say I totally agree with Rin on how she feels about being neither this nor that. She's never lived with either culture exclusively, so she can't truly identify with them. I feel bad for the poor girl, especially knowing what she'll have to go through to have the world make sense again. And Sesshoumaru, bless his beautiful-silvery-gorgeous-just-want-to-have-my-way-with-him self, will probably not help her in that matter.

I have to say I was disappointed that Kanaye and Inuyasha didn't have at it, but I suppose you'll have that later. I hope?

Man! You gotta love damned if you do, damned if you don't situations...when they're given to wonderful fictitious characters who attract trouble and angst like moths to a flame. Let the anguish begin!

I'm not feeling particularly insightful tonight, so I'm going to just leave it as a job well done and I'm anxiously awaiting more.
Ghost140 chapter 7 . 3/8/2007
I'll say it again "freakin sweet"

Now here's a question for you where are you getting the insperation for Sess's mom? Is it your it from your own mind or the manga or perhaps a bit of both? I never have read the manga and I only know about what little iv been told about Sess's mom being there.

Samething with his father is he completely from your own crazy mind or is he fleshed out in the manga also?

Till laterer
Teela chapter 7 . 3/8/2007
You are gonna kill me! Geez why did you split it? T_T I know I know I'm unbelievable (and pushy heheh) but although it was great as usual I wanted more (and more and more and MORE) :D I'm so hooked. Poor Rin she can't believe that she is able to hate somebody LOL And it's good that things are getting complicated there is no room for boredom ;)

I am looking forward for another chapter (you can't imagine my glee everytime I discover that you updated :))

Btw I finished Kanaye picture :D For now it's only his face because I wanted to become familiar with his features before I try some scene from War's Shadow. Also they would be propably some scraps of him following and of Zadi too (it's unexpectedly hard to draw them - Kanaye because I don't want him to look exactly like Sess but keeping him on the same level of sexiness and Zadi because I realized that I have no exact vision of her T_T) So the sexy doggie picie will be posted on devart propably on weekend since I have no scanner in college :(. I hope you will like him and that he will be at least little similar to your own vision.
New Fan chapter 7 . 3/7/2007
I am surprise Kanaye did not wake up and try to kill Inuyasha. I wonder if Kanaye can return to the man he once was or is he truely lost. Will Shinya ever return? Will the wedding of Shinya's sister will commence? Will Inuyasha accept Lien as is Obasan? How will Sess bring back his Rin and how will he fix this enomorous problem. Update really soon.
New Fan chapter 6 . 3/4/2007
I really enjoyed reading your story. I did not know that you updated a while ago. I was wondering what the story that Kanaye told Zadi about the people she dealt with in Hokido were true or was he being spiteful and full of greif that he lost his girl? I was surprise that Zadi did not run out on him, I guess she know how Kanaye can get when he want to express his self. Is Rin really upset with Sess or has she forgave him for doing what he did in Hokido? I also wonder what Inuyasha and Kagome part in that creapy place? I must have miss it but how did Kuroshi win by breaking the contract? What immediate danger did he put the people of Japan by breaking the contract. Why was Sess was suppose to take his place? Please update really soon.
bb chapter 6 . 2/15/2007
Great chapter, as always. When reading this it seemed the tone changed a bit... it just made me feel sad (for a lack of a better word to describe it) because you know that things aren't going to get any better for anyone. Especially the last scene with Kuroshi and Sesshoumaru... a total lose-lose situation. You sure know how to write dramas (which I am looking forward to reading more of in the next chapter). Oh, and humor! I'm sure we'll get to see a bit of that in the Inuyasha-Sesshoumaru-confrontation. P

Oh man, I feel so sorry for Kanaye... I'm practically brooding with him. He needs some chocolate. :)
Midnight Lady chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
Oh holy crap.

Now, *IF* I understand this correctly, Sesshoumaru has two (apparent) options: 1) let all the humans die and Kuroshi will retrieve Shinya once he is no longer bound to the gate, or 2) tell Kanaye he can retrieve his daughter by killing Kuroshi but in doing so Kanaye will take Kuroshi's place as gate guardian.

Well damn. Sesshoumaru doesn't like humans (excluding one) and wouldn't really mind if all the others died, but Rin wouldn't be happy with that. And I'm sure Sesshoumaru would feel *something* if Kanaye took the guardian's place. Sesshoumaru wouldn't let Kanaye do that without telling him of the consequences and since Kanaye's a little distraught, he's not thinking clearly and the man would go ahead and do it anyway.

Sesshoumaru is the sort to fulfill his promises and live up to his responsibility, even (especially) if it was a deal made by his father. If I'm on the right track, Sesshoumaru's known for a long time that he would eventually have to take Kuroshi's place and having someone else take up that mantle (or manacles) would...discomfit him? I don't know. I think it would rankle his sense of duty and honor. He has too much pride to trick someone into taking that position and anyone who chose it knowing full well the consequences is suspicious.

I don't know. I'm sure I'm way off in left-field somewhere. We don't even know what the contract specifically is. But I'm sure you'll alleviate that problem all in good time.

Question. I've been meaning to ask this for a while. Whatever happened to the Shikon no Tama that Sesshoumaru left with Kagome? I assume she still has it, her daughter visiting the future and all, but we never hear about it. Does it not have the demon-drawing power it used to? I could be wrong, but I don't think it was really ever mentioned in War's Shadow when Kagome was around all those different demons.

And also, what's going on with Kisho and Kameko? We haven't heard from/about them in a while and as they were such a large part of Rin's life, I can't believe that she would just drop them, even if Sesshoumaru doesn't really like them. I'm not saying bring them back into the story or anything, but having Rin mention them in some way would help dispel the feeling that they were props used to get her from point A to B in life. They were of course, but without that occasional acknowledgment, it's like that period in her life never happened.

Ok. I'm done now. I'm not sure if I even made much sense, I know I've been rambling, so I'm going to just leave it there.

Fantastic job. Kanaye's anguish is so beautifully described and the jerk-thing he did to Zadi's people was totally the last thing I expected, therefore making it a wonderfully tragic surprise.

You're building a supurb plot and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Brilliant work.
Lennex chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
Great chap as always. I am really digging the furu's part in all this, and i love your take on inutashio. I like seeing the past, because you do a wonderful job of it. See ya next chapter
SusanneTJ chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
What an amazing story! It has taken a rather dark turn, so I'm kind of dreading what you will come up with in the next chapters, but nothing could stop me from reading!

I was happy to finally have some answers to what is going on in this last chapter - the mysterious disease, part of the contract with Kuroshi, the fight between Kanaye and Zadi and Hokido's involvement.

I love the long chapters; no rushing the story but plenty of space for character development and interaction as well as drama, angst and plain, good story.

I am dedicated Sess/Rin, so of course I hope to see more of them, but I'm also getting rather attached to your OCs. It pained me when you had Shinya die. And I really hope you will reserve some measure of happiness for Kanaye in the end. The poor guy has been through a lot and really is messed up even though he is a bastard.
Sandpit chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
Doh, my bad! I might've inadvertently crossed the line from actually reviewing your fic to whining about Zadi 24/7. Honestly, if Zadi really bothered me that much I would've just stopped reading circa WS. )

Kid-Shinya makes me miss her already. She wasn't in the fics much, but she definitely made an impression.

Kuroshi is drawn so vividly. You can just about hear his voice and see how he moves as he speaks.

And I'm 100% in support of the coming Rin-development. A lot happened to her over these few months or years, and I'm interested in seeing how she's changed. So far we often saw her filtered through the eyes of others so that's going to be fun. )

For now, I'm deliriously happy at the thought of Inu-dad, Sess-mom, Kanaye, and Kuroshi hanging out together (!) in the next chapter.
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