Reviews for Anathema's Abode
Guest chapter 23 . 18h
Well, crap!
Guest chapter 19 . 19h
Another beautiful chapter. I quite like our regal Danny
Guest chapter 18 . 19h
I love all the political intrigue in this story! It is quite excellent! I also think you'very done a good job of capturing the anxiety that accompanies Danny and Sam''s deceptions
Guest chapter 17 . 19h
Guest chapter 15 . 20h
Dude. You straight-up copied paragraphs from a previous chapter as the start of this one. I know you wanted to reiterate some points, but maybe you could have changed things up a little? That was a little disappointing, especially since the rest of the story has been so good! I haven't read the rest if the chapter yet, but I'm sure it's good too :)
Guest chapter 13 . 20h
Well hot diggity damn! That was unexpected, on all accounts! What us the brotherhood''s relationship with Ember? DUn dun dunnnmn!
Guest chapter 12 . 20h
Guest chapter 11 . 20h
Damm, that was EPIC! (THE footage of Danny as the general). I hope he gets Sam to talk to him, because this could take a very sour turn. I think you've written Sam very well. I found her breakdown to be quite believable in this chapter :)
Guest chapter 9 . 21h
Well hot diggity! That was unexpected!
Guest chapter 7 . 22h
Oh, Sam.
Guest chapter 5 . 22h
Love your incorporation of the side characters!
Guest chapter 6 . 22h
Buddy, you are so, so wrong about Phantom's identity. *facepalm*. I hope that doesn't cause any problems later.
Guest chapter 5 . 22h
Me gusta!
Guest chapter 4 . 4/22
Oh, I LOVE this! Great chapter! Lots of intrigue and mystery! And poor Sam has no idea how much she's being played...
guest chapter 21 . 1/4's just soooo good...what are pity it's discontinued...
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