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Ginger Ninja chapter 10 . 3/22/2007
Awesome. You're right, it did deal with so much heavy stuff that was really hard to read but you pulled it off with amazingly skill. And the end did have some hope :)

Fantastic writing as always mate.

Have fun at Niagara!

irismay42 chapter 10 . 3/22/2007
*Virtual standing ovation*

Unlovable? Well I loved every freakin' second of it! That last chapter was incredible - the tension in the gym was absolutely suffocating, and the way Billy pulled out all of Dean's most painful memories and laid them in front of Sam was heartstopping. I hereby dub you the undisputed Queen of Angstville... And I loved the way Dean turned his own thoughts back against Billy - showing him what it truly meant to be a brother.

Thanks for not killing Elise, too. I was convinced she had 'Dead Meat' tattooed on her forehead throughout!

Absolutely fantastic stuff - can't wait for your next tour de force (fluffy or otherwise)!
chrissie0707 chapter 9 . 3/19/2007
Hey, girl. I know I'm late. Sorry, I've been out of town all week. And you know those hundred thousand people stranded in New England because of the storms and computer glitches? I was one of them. Hence my even later lateness. So I will try to give you a nice, long review. :)

*If the cops got him with this load, he’d be in the State pen for life. Hell, if the cops picked him up for jaywalking, he’d never be bending down for dropped soap again.*

Oh, Lord, I loved this line.

And OH let me count the ways that I love the imagery of Dean sneaking up to the school.

I have really loved the flashbacks in this story. Because the whole Sam leaving has been done, but not like this. Not like so incredibly awesome. I totally buy it, and it really works for me.

*The door slammed and Sam was back, a single cup of coffee in his hand, just one more of his many ways of saying ‘fuck you’ loud and clear.*

Loved that.

I HEART that you made Sam's first word "no". Because it so would have been.

Just...that whole scene. I know that it must have taken forever and sweat and blood and tears, but there's not a word that I would want to be different. I really admire the way that you write.
adara13 chapter 9 . 3/19/2007
And I didn't think it could better than last chapter. Silly me.

So there's so much I seriously love about this chapter, but first I have to admit to being highly entertained by Dean's eloquence in his texts...especially the second one. Also, I liked that the directions to the gym are impossible to get to, much more realistic than stories usually show it. After all, what high school isn't a mess of add ons and new wings that can't even number doors in order? Ok, maybe I'm still a little bitter about getting lost my first day freshman year of high school...

The description of John and Dean sharing "a moment of complicit misery" is one of my favorite phrases. It's perfect. The fight between John and Sam, with them both calculatingly fencing about the topic seemed just right to me. All the fighting throughout the story just piled up until that HAD to happen.

The way Sam broke the news to Dean broke my heart. Not that I guess it really mattered in the end, I guess, since Dean would always have seen it as a betrayal. But still, as much as I liked it because it fit exactly, of course, it was of much sadness. The imagery when Dean finally confronts Sam, though, is nothing short of beautiful. I can just see Sam sprawled on his bag talking to Sam, all long legs.

I don't know, something about this chapter, this story, your writing in general I guess, was nothing short of mesmerizing. I feel like when I read a chapter of this story that I just can't fall out of it.

In short? You kill me DEAD!
sams1ra chapter 9 . 3/18/2007
That shooter? Cool. The fight between John and Sam… I hate that they don’t see Dean, but it was really well written. I liked the little reference to Red. LOVE that story! Another wonderful chapter. Can't wait for more.
Windyfontaine chapter 9 . 3/16/2007
Just had to review at both places :) Awesome, amazing, fantastic job. Readable to the point of not hearing a bomb alarm go off. (Not that one did, but if it had I wouldn't have known) You write the characters as though they are telling you what they feel and you're just putting it out there for them. And Billy? Dean can feel free to release his anger :) And Sam, for a moment I wondered if he might try to just stop Billy somehow before going to the gym, but then we wouldn't have the exiting last chapter to look forward to. This was simply great, and oh! I liked the girl that managed to hold it together when Dean talked to her. Just one of the little characters that are so in character that makes your story so complete. Hmm. Okay, blame the incoherence on the cough medicine, lol. But I'm still here, still loving this, and next time will try to just stop everything and read. Have a good (or at least decent) day :)
rodevo chapter 9 . 3/13/2007
Yes! So much to like about this chapter, and I have to say that what's going on here is indeed a big enough pay off for all the building and building of tension in preceding chapters. Yes, to Dean's grief both now and in the past. And yes, to the fact that he masks it with fury because... oh yeah, that's what he does.

I really like that Dean is rendered physically mute in the Sam leaving scene-doesn't know what to say and can't say it anyway. I like that no one notices because everything else that's going on is way too big to notice something like silence. I like both John and Sam's reaction. John is a difficult man, difficult to have for a father, but he doesn't intend the pain he causes his sons and that makes it heartbreaking for all of them.

I think Sam crying in those year 20 scenes is very, very well done and believable and crying scenes so often *don't* work for me and toss me right out of the story. And despite all the emotion coming out-I mean the emotion they're actually *expressing*-they're all also repressing so goddamned much it's just killing them.

And I've said this before but I totally-so much I can hardly express-love the ways that you've given us Sam and Dean in character *and* believable in both 20 and 2006. They seem themselves and different in both those time frames. Awesomely done!

Thank you!
irismay42 chapter 9 . 3/13/2007
Oh. My. God. Both sections of this story were simply amazing. In 2006, Dean's fear for Sam and Sam's fear for Elise and the complete horror of the scene at the high school kept the tension racking up throughout. I especially liked Dean's reaction to the dead children - if someone who has seen the things he has can been appalled, then it just shows how terrible the scene must have been.

As for the 2001 section. Well I've read a few different versions of the 'Sam having the Big Argument with John and leaving for college' scene, but this one was truly gut-wrenching. I loved the parallel between Dean not being able to speak because Sam had hurt him physically with the fact that he probably wouldn't have been able to speak anyway due to Sam hurting him emotionally. This line was particularly well-observed:

Dean backed up against the wall, understanding that they didn’t see him anymore. It was like being a ghost in his own family.

Superb. I can't face the fact that there's only one chapter left!
Winter1066 chapter 9 . 3/13/2007
You always hurt Dean. I love you for that ;-) But the poor boy can' hardly talk and there's so much for him to say to Sam, but he'll never say it AW

Sever Us1 chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
Wow. This is really great! Excellent characterisations and a good use of "then and now" to tell the whole story. Added to favs so I can follow future chapters - hope there's more soon!
IheartPadalecki chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
My god I fricking love this story! I was waiting for the part where Sam tells them he's leaving, and you did it so much better than I could've ever imagined!
Monti chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
Coming to Grief.

Fits so well with Dean sitting by Billy's dead sister and finally allowing himself to feel.

The goodbye scene so excellent, Dean's voice gone, leaving him mute as he watches his family disintegrate. "Like a ghost in his own family."

Again, hard, hard, hard to read. Your restrained descriptions of the violence just making it harder, better.

Excellent. And I just know you're gonna kill us all with the ending.
historylover chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
I'm always so glad to see this alert in my inbox. And, this chapter didn't disappoint!

Can't wait for chapter 10!

Antigone11 chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
“The damage was deeper and it didn’t show.”


That happens so much with Dean, doesn’t it?

I understand Dean feeling guilty, because, well, Dean feels guilty about anything and everything that makes Sam upset (unless it’s his teasing), but I don’t think it’s justified. I really can’t think of anything Dean did wrong. That would make Toad’s fault in anyway his responsibility. But Sam’s comment from way back in chapter one kind of intimates that SAM thinks somehow Dean bears some responsibility. How does he figure?


"Dean backed up against the wall, understanding that they didn’t see him anymore. It was like being a ghost in his own family."


This made me so very sad. I get mad at the world for not seeing Dean, but my true babbling to the point of incoherency RAGE is reserved for Sam and John. To have someone so strong and true backing you up and seem to give them only the briefest of consideration? For shame.


"Sam turned slowly, not knowing if Dean would even care about killing a kid, not in the shape he was in, and not a kid that had a gun trained on Sam."


And this? Moved my incoherency to a whole f**king other level. How DARE Sam wonder if Dean would care about killing a kid? Argh! Yes, Dean would do it if he believed the kid was going to kill Sam. He might not even do a good job of expressing what he felt. But does Sam really believe Dean is some kind of heartless killing machine? Dean just tried to save five kids, and two died while they were following his instructions. Does Sam think that wouldn’t affect Dean, just because Dean was temporarily able to focus on trying to stop the carnage? And I’m sure you know, but just to reiterate, I’m not ranting about your characterization of Sam, because I think it’s pretty true to canon; it’s just that canon Sam drives me absolutely nuts sometimes. Like now. Because I am absolutely sure that Sam is going to have sympathy for Billy. And maybe I’m a heartless b**ch but I don’t have ANY. Not one drop. I don’t care what kind of hand he was dealt. I have lots of sympathy for the innocent dead kids strewn all over the school. But none for methodical sociopathic Billy.

And it might not sound like it, but I’m really looking forward to your next chapter! Good job!
daisymaygirl1 chapter 9 . 3/12/2007
Loved the violence and the bloodshed personally.:-)And maybe that should be worrying me..:-)

Oh Dean, why didn't you go with Sammy to California? He so badly wanted you to. You didn't have to be apart. Poor Sammy, Toad's death was just the very final straw for the lad. Have to say I loved the image of Sammy coming in with just one coffee...being just so gloriously angry and defiant and oh so hurting.
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