Reviews for Somersault
The Same Roxette Fan chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
...I apologize for that. I accidentally hit the Send Review button. I was not finished ranting.

Shut up.

It's all part of my master plan.

Anyway, as I was saying, implied slash endings that don't stick teh gei in your face and scream, "Worship me for I am the only true way and all other pairings are losers!"

Also, your fic Temptation blew my mind, you made me love AxelRoxasOlette triangles, this Roxas is heartrending, your Akuroku is astounding and you write like a mortal god.

I believe that is all. Apologies for any inconviences.
Just Another Roxette Fan chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
You're awesome. Your stories are awesome. Even your reviews are awesome, and that just reflects your awesomeness.

Other than the general endearing-ness (stfu if it isn't a word I will MAKE it a word) of this fanfiction (Olette was likable, Roxas was struggling, Axel was a jerk who loved goading him, you've heard it all before) one thing that really struck me was how hard you tried/succeeded in subverting the Roxas-Uke stereotypes. He doesn't cry because Axel pulled his hair, or he tripped, or someone said something that hurt his tender feelings. He is, contrary to some's beliefs, not a blonde haired six year old girl. If someone hurts him, he will punch them gosh-darn-it! And he won't put up with Axel's crap.

Also, college Axel and highschool Roxas. *sick grin*

So, long live Roxette, Akuroku, preferably in-character, and implied slash endings that don't stick the gei
numb-butt chapter 1 . 10/26/2010
I loved the way you made this work out amazingly. And even if you don't like yaoi and such, it's impressive that you could push aside that dislike and write this beautiful piece of literature (ha, i'm starting to sound smart again! xD). And not to mention that this was a perfect love triangle - I actually thought it was going to be some threesome thing when I clicked on it, but was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't.

The only problem I had was when you'd switch to the next scene, I wouldn't know and then all of a sudden, i'm like, "Whoa! Who're we with now?" Other than that, it was perfect. The detail, the in character-ness, all of it.

xoRaining Diamondsox chapter 1 . 4/2/2007
This one was superfantastical!

Because it was an almost AkuRoku... something so bittersweet. I loved it ever so much, and thought that the interaction between the two was so... teasing, heh. It could just take such a more dramatic, intense shift - but no. Axel would smirk his cocky smirk and that was that - and the readers were begging for "more!". :P

The triangle was so perfect - they fit together all so nicely... though I didn't like Olette much - that's just my bias, though. Axel and Roxas are *meant* for each other, dammit! :D But either way, you made her a strong person... so I'll forgive you. Axel was a bit of an ass, that gave him all the more character I guess.:)

All in all, I really liked it... in fact, I love your AkuRoku one shots. There aren't nearly enough well-written, *proper* emotional ones... and as a newbie to this pairing, you're owning a helluva lot of people - and I've read a lot of AkuRokus, so trust me.

Another one to fav... I heart you ever so much.

me chapter 1 . 2/18/2007
Lovely, I was hpoing for some more romance, but I guess not. Anyway, I loved it. So descriptive. Mabey you can write a sequal?
love's x mortality chapter 1 . 2/11/2007
omg, you're brilliant. xDD I'm an AkuRoku fan myself, and the author of Anti from xrustedsilhouette's contest. I'm really happy you won, when I finally completed Anti I hoped that if I lost, you would win. Once again, awesome fic, and keep it up!
checkerboxed chapter 1 . 2/2/2007
impressive. very impressive. i'm definately going to read some more of your stuff. :D
larkey116 chapter 1 . 1/3/2007
THANK YOU. I've been waiting for a decent AkuRoku fic, and you wrote a great one. It was IC! Axel was a jerk! Roxas wasn't a crybaby! Olette was Olette! -rejoices-


Er...yes. Anywho, this whole one-shot was just so freaking beautiful. You have a nack for truly sticking to everyone's characterization, and I love it. This is so going to my favs list.
twilighttries chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
It was great. I think you did an excellent job. I really, really liked it. Ooh, favorite. :) Great portrayal. Is taht how you spell that? Ah, oh well. Excellent. I loved it.
sea kelp chapter 1 . 12/22/2006



haha, i love you. olette is cool and all, but i do prefer axel/roxas. their relationship is more interesting in my view. like how you can make axel all this and that, like how you wrote him and just the way the two perfectly CONTRAST with each other.

just so AWESOME.

i like how you potrayed olette though. the responsible, strong female in this fict. because if i had someone like axel, i'd be just, ugh. with how roxas is always aggravated by him because of his possesive/clingy-ness and olette there's to make it better. BUT NOT ANYMORE. which is just sad, because who does roxas have now? because if there were to be more, then i don't think roxas would end up with axel. which makes it sad squared. _

and this was the most meaningful review i had written in a long time. it just got the thoughts moving around in my mind, you know?

Constance Greene chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
OMGOMG Gray-Rain Skies wrote yaoi! :3

Yes, I'm afraid I do fall under the category of being a simple-minded yaoi fangirl when it comes to some things. -slaps self.- But, that was indeed the first thing I thought upon seeing this fic. So, even if it was shameful, I had to express my excitement. At least you can get that much out of me, eh?

I like the pairing idea, too. I haven't seen much of AxelRoxasOlette around. It's either just Roxette or Akuroku ( or maybe AxelRoxasNaminé, but I tend to stay away from that, since it does have Namixas in it and all ). This should prove to be interesting, since Axel and Olette seem to hate each other, and Roxas is the poor boy stuck in betwixt it. That's understandable: I can't see Axel and Olette together as a pairing, or even meeting each other / liking each other.

"For good measure, he gave the locker another good slam of his foot." That made me smile. Locker-abuse is sometimes the best way to vent one's anger and frustration. That and beating computers up on video games.

First of all, I like how you write fluff. I can't hardly ever even bring myself to write romance in a non-perverse way. It's the subtle touching that just makes it so much better, and with the realistic thoughts and feelings that come from it, like when Olette unexpectedly clung to Roxas. And it doesn't make my eyes melt. That's definitely a plus.

:]] Oh my gosh. You've never written as Axel? Well, you certainly reverse that statement by how craftily you weave Axel's partially joking, partially jerky, and partially adorable personality into this fic. I may just be a helpless Axel lover, but even my devotion won't let me write him as well as you do. "'How am I possibly supposed to express my undying love for you if I can’t talk, then?'" Ee. Like that. It's so Axel. His possessiveness of Roxas is quaint. Now, I can make an entire essay about how much I love Axel and how you aid me in the process by writing with him quite perfectly, but I don't think you'd want to read it.

I appreciate how you give Roxas an 'attitude,' too. Despite his frequent stereotypes of either being brainlessly cute, emotionlessly boring, or an emokid, in the game he DOES get angry rather easily. All those outbursts with Axel and DiZ and all that. I like how you reflect that in character trait in an AU fic.

"I’ve got you memorized, kid." AHH. Okay, but, that's probably one of the best manipulations of Axel's catch-phrase I've read in fanfiction. And might I comment that you write yaoi very well? It isn't the same as the fluttery, provokingly sweet and potentially fluffy Roxette, and thank God it isn't the typical 'OHMAIGOD I'M GAY AND HAWT AND LIKE WHOA HORNY AND MY HORMONES ARE LIKE WILD AND I'M GONNA MOLEST YOU NOW ROXAS!' Akuroku I find in most AxelRoxas fics. His affection for Roxas is almost brotherly, yet ardent all the same. And sensual in some parts, unlike the semi-annoying Roxette. Okay, wtf. I'm being sort of hypocritical.

"'You’re mine,' he hissed sharply, head bowed so that their faces were dangerously close. Roxas squirmed slightly. 'Got it memorized?'" AHH okay that to. It made me squeal. -guilty smile.- As did Axel molesting Roxas. Okay. I am such a hypocrite; whatever.

Eek, you almost made me cry in the end. I don't really know why - maybe because Roxas was crying so much. xD I usually don't like it when people make guys cry in their fics - or even girls - because it's just so overdone or too dramatic. But how you wrote it was completely, flawlessly and utterly natural. Wow. I didn't mind it one bit. It was just... there, and a nice touch.

OKAY CONSTANCE. ARE YOU GOING TO ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT THE STORY NOW. Why, yes. Perhaps I shall. Well, it was good, but I think that it would have been better if it were a chaptered fic. You ARE going to continue it, right? I mean, you can't just leave it off there. You did a wonderful display of the relationship conflict, but that was about... it? There wasn't really a plot. Or maybe there was. Or a point. Jeeze, I sound stupid saying that. I'm dense, so... yeah. Anyway. You should continue it or something; or at least make a sequel. I'd be interested in reading it. Pwease? -puppy-dog eyes.- Naw, I think you have too much on your hands as it is, maybe. You've done a lot of chapter fics and other projects. Then again, I think I'm the only one in existence who finds it very difficult to write chaptered stories following an actual plotline.

Yeah. And that's about the extent of my criticism, because you're really too good to criticize any, even constructively.

Hum, I like to enjoy reading your fics. ( The ones I've read, anyway. I tried to read that other one you posted today, the Sokai, but... that pairing just shut my brain off. It sucks, too, because I love your writing and I feel like a conceited bish not reading your most likely excellent work just because of the pairing. Bah! Someday I will. Someday. ) It's like actual, professional writing. Gripping, relaxing, interesting, eloquent in description. Jeeze; I envy you, girl. You may only be 16 but you seem like you have decades more of wisdom and experience.

I thought I wasn't going to ramble on this one! I'm so tired. I mean, holy cray, where did all that COME from? How did my brain force that out? We may never know. Probably from my own obsession. Pah.

Let's hear a round of applause for Rain. Who.

I'm adding this to my favourite stories regardless. It love.

.x. Constance.
dirigible plums chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
That was great, ) It really was. I loved it. *faved*
ahnminh chapter 1 . 12/22/2006

Dumb Axel.

Olette's just THAT much cooler.


Mm. I'm not too fond

of Axel x Roxas eitherr.

Teehee. But you roxas my socks.

Haha. Get it?

...Okay. I'll leave now. :]