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Runecutter chapter 60 . 5/4
Chapters like this make me feel like an absolute cod for reviewing so seldom, but as this is one heck of a LOOOOOOONG narration i prefer to read it on the move from my smartphone, where i basically NEVER review. But now and then something like you slipping and making Vernon almost seem like a human being with surprising and pleasant sides to his usual self. That was a brilliant twist. Him being so versed in history and castles, came completely unexpected :D Bravo.

Then the last few chapters already were full of highlights, amongst them Winky's unhinging and the "H3E" Hogwarts free Elves incident at Gringotts. Dougal turning into somebody nice too :D but you topped it off with the Neville/Ginny thing and ultimately the "they're gone" line. Whow.

But for the last thing... has Harry already forgotten? He KNOWS there still are his parents souls,. spirits or magical cores around somewhere, he watched them coming out of Voldemort's wand after the duel on the Graveyard!

I'm of course only about 30% into your story-behemoth and i can't possibly predict where you want to go with it, but personally i feel that "it's only good for killing" is unforgivable enough. It should be the only curse with a 100% guarantee of shattering your soul to pieces if you succeed in casting it (and to be honest "it destroys souls" does not explain why there are two other unforgivables, so it does not ring true just because of Imperius and Cruciatus can't have similar backgrounds, although there might be slight indications for "it destroys the victim's mind" as seen with Mr Crouch after dozens if not hundreds of re-applications and "it destroys the body and will to live") it can't really be cast by accident or without wanting to kill, while there are thousands of ways imaginable for piercing, cutting and exploding curses to go wrong and kill collaterally not by intent... none are there for the Avada Kedavra.
And it has horrible connotations... the treacherous peaceful look of the unmarred corpses, it's untraceable if you don't know about magic and even if you know you'd need some tangible evidence like Priori incantatem or eye witnesses to be sure what has been cast... the assassins best friend, isn't it? (Just like the other two curses are the helper for the Spy and the Torturer)
And all three seem (again different to spells like incendio, cutting charms, piercing charms or Reducto) to be unblockable through magical means or armor. Only solid objects that can take quite a pummeling will stop them... Sounds horrid enough to be seen as unforgivable in distinction to all other spells without needing the soul to be destroyed.

As for Riddle... he was not yet finished with making his Horcruxes, was he? So he could not possibly have undergone a ritual to anchor his own soul fragment to his body or this plane of existence as then no future splinters should have been able to separate and hide away as Hocruxes... without the ritual though what should keep the original soul from passing over? It's not that it is kept in some magical vessel like the splinters for soul anchoring. By now and thinking he was up to seven Horcruxes he might have tried to prevent it from happening again.

Still, while i may not be happy about every storyline you come up with, the story itself is simply epic. Long, elaborate, very detail oriented and just full of cute moments, nice character development and brilliant ideas. I feel like i've been thrown into the land of milk and honey, just the part of it dedicated to HP Fanfiction :D
RavenAmeraDreams chapter 9 . 4/28
I know this was written ages ago, but why drain Harry's quickly dwindling funds further? The girls would have received some kind of inheritance, or it'd be waiting for them to claim it at Gringotts, as they would be the last living heirs in their families.

And having them stay at Grimmauld Place just seems to make it more vulnerable. ;;

Otherwise, I'm enjoying this. Poor Hermione, though. :(

My favourite part of the story may just be the title, however. Brilliant choice! XP
Worldmaker chapter 1 . 4/21
This is, of course, your story, but I wanted to point out the most basic reason why any relationship between Harry and Hermione is destined for disaster. Specifically, she would drive him to violence.

Remember, Harry Potter is an emotionally volatile young man. The volatility, and the measure of his temper (of which Hermione once said that it "scares her") is caused by his abusive childhood experience. He is stubborn, willful, resists being manipulated, and is generally uncooperative of people who tell him what to do when he believes there is no reason for him to be given instructions.

Hermione on the other hand is self-absorbed, just narcissistic enough to think she knows better than everyone around her regardless of circumstance, has to be right, insists other people match her unreasonable ideals and opinions, does not put up with being refused or with being disagreed with, and is not hesitant to make outrageous demands on other people based on her whims.

In short, if these two got together, one of them would end up murdering the other out of frustration.

Ron, on the other hand, is easy-going, stubborn but willing to change his mind, and grows into an acceptance of Hermione's foibles, something that Harry never, ever does. So Rowling is wrong. Harry shouldn't be with Hermione.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/18
It nice to see a harry and hermonie story that does not bash to Ron. But harry complain about spending time with hermonie. She did turn her back on harry two times. And Harry is not alway there for her
Benji-C chapter 1 . 4/16
Just found your story and I have to admit I am a bit leery to start reading it.
I will most likely read it any way but in an attempt to save myself some grief I ask the following questions. Who was raped? Does the rapist suffer for it?
Please understand that your answers to these questions,if you choose to answer them, are unlikely to prevent me from reading your work I would just like to know so I can prepare myself.
Ragav chapter 141 . 4/6
Thanks for the update. It was very nice to see a new chapter alert from your story this week. I was very excited on seeing it. The chapter is well written too. The ending is one of your classics. It has been a while since we have seen some action. The introduction of new characters and the interactions are so interesting to read that I am thoroughly enjoying the entire journey of the story rather than thinking about the destination. You have achieved what every writer would ideally like to when writing a plot.
SirKaid chapter 141 . 4/3
I was on pins and needles as the reunion of Jerry and the Potters approached. Would he have been equipped with the magical version of a suicide vest? Would he either pass one of them a portkey or act as the focus for one? Would he murder the girlfriend while shouting about how it was all their fault for forcing him to prove his devotion to the cause?

Seeing what the Imperious implant actually is (some variant of the phrase "if you are alone with either of the Potters, attempt to murder them" I imagine) is something of a disappointment. Not because it's a bad order by any means - it's a lovely way to make fire-and-forget weapons while also ratcheting up the paranoia - but because not knowing was so much scarier and more dreadful. There was a certain amount of horror movie unease that grew from the question which has now dissipated somewhat.

Well, there's my .02 worth. Thanks for the chapter and here's hoping your life stops being interesting in the Chinese sense soon.
Fibinaci chapter 141 . 4/1
Nice, especially how you worked Suzie in so seamlessly. Every thing she did made sense. I'm sure its usually cut for time, but really it's weird how few stories have Harry getting that sort of attention. I also liked the honest look at how he was raised would affect how Harry treats the kids in his life, especially with him not truly valuing money.

The 'nice guy DEs' plot still sort of falls flat for me, and their "I'm not a rapist/murderer I just enable their villiany" thing falls as flat as saying "What? NO! How was I supposed to know what that nice Mr Hitler was going to do with those people sized ovens I sold him?" That being said, their outing to the Hard Rock looked amazingly like every time my friends and I go to such a restaurant, down to I could rename who goes after what snack on the tray first. I'm sure you're going somewhere with this, but it doesn't read liek it now.
misssocrates chapter 1 . 4/1
You sound like the best dad ever :) Definetely going to follow this
alix33 chapter 141 . 4/1
Paisley luggage (magical or muggle) all of a sudden sounds like an extremely covetable must have.
I would not have figured Minerva for a magazine reader, and least of all Witch Weekly.
Not a romance novel reader either, but I'm overjoyed to have that in common with her.
Yum! for those outer robes in the cashmere and the leather.
Muggle blouses are different from magical ones? In which way?
The mental pic of that fore claw bumping was cute.
You'll note "fore claw" being two words, in the sentence above?
AW! at Sorcha giving Harry a dragon hug, however brief.
I'm now pissed-off and poor, obviously, as it seems even the lowliest girlfriends in this fic, like Julie, own things made of cashmere, which is pricy in South Africa.
EW! at Mundungus Fletcher's bag also being paisley.
Yay! for the painted scales (and the honouring of the dragons with it) on the Hogwarts Express.
"glass of Bordeux" - "glass of Bordeaux".
bgrimes40 chapter 141 . 4/1
You're killing me, Dad. Your're killing me.
Goose chapter 5 . 4/1
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 141 . 3/31
Thanks for the update.
witowsmp chapter 141 . 3/31
I'm glad to see you haven't abandoned this story.
Not-A-Spy chapter 141 . 3/31
Oh, you're still writing this!
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