Reviews for Harry Potter and the Story by Dad
aemilyl24 chapter 148 . 3/7
First, I found this story about 2 months ago. It took me a while to get through - but it is INCREDIBLE, so so so so good! I love it so much.

Second, I am so sorry about your wife, my condolences. Even if it's a long battle, the end is always rough.

Third, I do sincerely hope you plan on finishing this from your A/N at the end - there's another 40-50 chapters - YAY! And so I hope you will continue writing as soon as you're able to. October 2022 until March 2024 is a long time with no update :( I will be putting this fanfic on my favorites/follow as I just need to know what comes next!
habba chapter 1 . 2/2
why would you stay as close to the canon as possible? Kinda defeats the point of fanfiction if you are jos copy pasting the original with some minor editions
perotej chapter 52 . 10/20/2023
i dont understand why j ts ok to kiss the other . ike Hermione kissing ron. and honey kissing harry ans they same ok with it.
i mean is it kiss on the check or lips?

i just want to clarify cause if its in the lips its kinda weird to have kiss each others partner .

thank you and i really like your story.
JuliaLestrange chapter 2 . 8/18/2023
I liking it A LOT!
edc.harrypotterfan chapter 113 . 7/14/2023
Well, I first started reading this story right when it was being published. I ended up losing my Bookmarks of all the online stories that I had either read or planned to read. I couldn't remember the name of this story. I finally found it a week or so ago and have finally read up to Mad-Eye's funeral again. I kept having flashbacks of parts of this story as I was reading and I only get those when I'm rereading a story I really enjoyed. For example, this story falls in to the same class as my collection of "Little Fuzzy" novels by E. Beam Piper as well as the sequels written by William Tuning and Ardath Mayhar as well as the eBooks written by Wolfgang Diehr & John F. Carr.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30/2023
As I reread through the absolute best work of modern fiction I’ve seen, I look forward to reliving the magic that flows through this story.

This will be greater than my 10th reread of this story. From the first paragraph, I feel this story embrace me like a friend. It is truly a work of art.
khatre chapter 1 . 3/23/2023
it is rare to find a fic that does NOT bash Ron nowadays .. will read more.
Guest chapter 148 . 3/17/2023
I am so sorry for you loss, I literally have tears in my eyes. I hope that you find comfort and peace.

I have been reading this story since around the time Chapter 10 was new. I have spend most of my adult life following it. I want to thank you for giving this gift to us. I have said it many times before, this is the best story I’ve ever read. It breaks my heart that you have to go through the pain of losing your soulmate. I know you don’t know me, but I feel as if you are one of my best friends. Someone that tells amazing stories and occasionally shares parts of their life. I know that is strange, but I truly feel that.

Thank you so much for what you have given us, and I am so sorry.

With respect and condolences,
kittiekind chapter 148 . 3/11/2023
I'm so sorry for your loss
it's a relief for the person suffering, but the ones left behind...
kittiekind chapter 112 . 3/5/2023
I'm really sorry for your mother. It really is a release. Only those who have lived with that dreadful disease know how bad it is. When the person yhat brought you into this world and raised you to be the best you can be, don't recognize you or think you are a school friend. Every day, my Gran wanted to know when her Daddy was coming home. We eventually had to say soon and leave it at that.
Angie chapter 30 . 2/15/2023
Voy por el capitulo 30. Es una historia muy buena. Quiero especular sobre el traidor y pienso que puede ser la profesora honey. Espero averiguarlo pronto
Guest chapter 148 . 2/6/2023
Looking forward to hear how everyone is doing with Rufus’ death.
J.K Holdenwood chapter 147 . 1/5/2023
Glad to see you well and still writing. Starting up again is a very hard thing todo i have to reread the whole story to contine if i drop it for more then a month.
Alias the Jester chapter 148 . 11/28/2022
I sure got a surprise when I saw the new chapter update pop up in my inbox. I mostly stopped reading fanfic around 2015, and tuned out author alerts so the last chapter I actually read was 141, over 7 years ago. Needless to say I had absolutely no idea what was going on when I read the first paragraphs of the new chapter. I had to go back and read all the other 147 chapters before finishing this one so I could comment. That took me a while to get through.

After reading the author's note at the end of the new chapter first off all I have to express my sympathies for your loss and wish you the best.

In terms of the fic, it's definitely solid. I like that Voldie manages to outmaneuver the good guys a couple of times with some pretty viable plans.
A lot of the times I really didn't see events coming at all, which is generally a good thing.

I like redemption arcs and three dimensional characters. In terms of this, I like what you're doing with Vernon in particular. Showing his aptitude and skill as a machinist, and explaining that a major source of his anger is due to frustration at not fitting in as a middle manager. Good stuff.

I like your work with Wormtail, showing why he was friends with the other Marauders and that he was a good kid. At the same time you add a much deeper dimension when despite his affability he tells Martha that he would have no hesitation killing her if Voldie ordered him to.

In some cases I have to say that despite my love of redemption arcs, one in particular is a bit hard for me to swallow. While I'm interested to hear about Fenrir's past trauma and appreciate making him slightly more sympathetic, getting him up to play the trumpet at the Yule Ball is a bit much. This is still the guy who in canon embraced his lycanthropy and has a preference for attacking children, right?

I'm also a bit curious about the start of the potential redemption arc for Voldemort. While I appreciate it can be done, I'm not sure he's sufficiently developed enough that I can buy him caring what a random blind muggle woman has to say. Still, we'll see how that goes.

On a final note about re-reading this entire fic, I felt like everything was drawing to a close, with the almost complete wipeout of inner circle Death Eaters and Voldie himself decommissioning the rest while he runs away.
I was blown away to read there's another 40-50 chapters to go.

Welcome back, Dad. To think your dedication to this story has spanned 16 years and counting is incredible. I can only hope I have the stamina as a reader to keep up. Thanks for writing.
DerLaCroix chapter 148 . 11/7/2022
I'm sorry for your loss.
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