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alix33 chapter 147 . 10/14/2018
AW! At Hermione and Winky missing Greta so much, though is it really such a bad thing that they do? Isn’t it part of the grieving process?
“assorted Weasleys”, not “assorted Weasley’s”.
“would have taken her”, not “would have took her”.
Yummy! For those deserts Winky conjured.
I’m scared on Fiona’s behalf.
CPO Backstreet chapter 147 . 10/14/2018
Updates are always welcome! Harry's in danger of hardening too much and treating this as just another problem to solve. I'm slightly confused as to how Voldemort's visitor managed to avoid the charms: Is she not a muggle, or does her blindness mean they don't affect her? It was an interesting character moment anyway.
TheGoldenSpeedster chapter 1 . 10/13/2018
Jesus! 1 million words? Wow.
dianaanne chapter 19 . 9/23/2018
Crack is a Gryff. Hahahaha!
Guest chapter 97 . 9/1/2018
Parry shouldn't be able to successfully cast Avada Kedavra at her husband. Remember Fake Moody's lesson on the unforgivables.
Guest chapter 86 . 9/1/2018
I would expect they would have stopped the poor guy sharpish.
Guest chapter 76 . 8/31/2018
Voldemort would just Imperio the muggle crew of the submarine he stole. Probably also some high up in the navy to make the trip official with a bogus "secret" objective. WWII was going on while he studied at Hogwarts, and he still had to go back to the Muggle orphanage during the summers. He would know about u-boats.

I find it disappointing that you routinely compromise the believability of the story, that is otherwise more serious, for humor.

I love crack fics, that do that sort of thing as an stated objective, but it detracts from stories that are meant to be more realistic.
Guest chapter 71 . 8/31/2018
That is not how weddings work. There is actually rehearsals and somebody with a speech impediment would hardly be put on the spot by having to say more than "Yes".
fridelain chapter 46 . 8/29/2018
Putting Umbridge and Greyback together would make more sense from the punishment/entertainment perspective. Of course greyback would have to be restrained. Which brings me to the way I devised to deal with werewolves (other than killing them, which should be done ASAP with any non-friendly anyways).

Amputate both arms and legs, take out all teeth. They can be feed puree. I asume any mutilations carry on to the wolf form, as they do with animagi. With mobility thus impaired and depriving them of both teeth/fangs and nails/claws, they would be much more unlikely to pass it on. Only way I can think of is to cut themselves and hold the blood smeared sharp/pointy thing on the mouth to stab with. Friendlies could be provided with prosthetic arms and legs (that do not work while transformed) and dentures (same thing). Yes, I would suggest this to Lupin for him to undergo voluntarily, along with my reasoning for it. He knows accidents and outside intervention can happen. He only has to slip or have bad luck once and he will pass it on.
fridelain chapter 45 . 8/29/2018
Filch and Umbridge got along stupendously in canon. I expect they would find their companionship comforting if anything.

From extended canon, there are beauty potions which Severus would no doubt be aware of. They even work on hags.

"Queen Malodora Grymm was a hag who lived in medieval Europe. She used a Beautification Potion to transform herself into a beautiful woman, and married a king. She used a charmed mirror to compliment her looks and reinforce her self-image. However, she became jealous of the most beautiful girl in the kingdom and plotted to get rid of her by using a poisoned apple."

"The beautification potion enhances the attractiveness of the drinker's physical appearance. The potion removes all physical imperfections (i.e. warts, moles, scars, blemish, freckles, unwanted hair, etc). The drinker's teeth whiten and become perfect, muscle mass is enhanced and perfected, their voice becomes more alluring, melodic, and seductive, and their bodily scent becomes extremely pleasant and compelling. The potion grants the drinker a perfect body, with smooth, flawless skin, silky hair, golden-proportioned figure, and "well-endowments" (varies depending upon sex). The drinker ends up possessing a level of grace, sense of style, and social poise above that commonly found. This is the level of beauty of a storybook princess, or handsomeness of fairy-tale Prince Charming. The drinker radiates an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing pleasure and desire in others while subtly lifting inhibitions. Others feel a pull towards the drinker, even if they can't justify it, and feel immediately bonded. The affected targets remain fully themselves, but they long for the user's favour and affection, and can't bring themselves to cause them harm except as a last resort, like an irreplaceable treasure too precious to be lost. The drinker also ends up with unnaturally high charisma, or charm, enabling them to gain the trust and loyalty of others and win them over, making it no longer a matter of popularity or skill, but a blessing (or a curse, depending on how you look at it)."

Since he is so great at potions he should be quite able to brew a more permanent version without the more fantastical elements.
fridelain chapter 38 . 8/29/2018
The way you handled Filch is totally wrong IMHO.
In CoS he is loudly screaming he is going to murder Harry in front of witnesses for supposedly killing Mrs Norris. This would undoubtably land him on Azkaban or worse (kissed by a Dementor).

As for what Voldemort could offer him, money would not cut it. He has room and board on Hogwarts, whatever money he earns on top of that he can spend on frivolities. What he deeply desires, and he may let himself believe Voldemort could provide, would be to become a wizard, to stop being a squib.
fundoogal chapter 144 . 8/13/2018
I have never given any harsh review on this site. But this time I have to say that I hate you for killing Greta.
plumbknot57 chapter 146 . 8/8/2018
Great story , wish you hadn't taken out Rufus and Greta but I understand one couldn't go on without the other. Please continue and finish the story it's one of my favorites.
GBTtown chapter 146 . 7/30/2018
This a very very good story. It has so many new plot twists your muse must be part pretzel!
I don't always appreciate your sense of humor and the main characters tend to be a bit snarky and hurtful with their jibes at each other for my taste but, the story is well written and the plot is original and well thought out.
I look forward to future updates.
GBTtown chapter 99 . 7/26/2018
This is just getting confusing. Everyone is either in a foul mood or jibing hurtful insults and sarcasm between couples. I have been waiting for someone to deck Harry because he is such an asshat at times!
Now Vernon is acting human! Don't get me wrong, a stereotypical Vernon character is boring! I like the change up with his and Petunia's characters. It is everyone else that is driving me to distraction.
Otherwise, it is a wonderful story so far.
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