Reviews for Aftermath
Cappsy chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
"And what I feel for you pales in comparison to what I ever felt for Aiden"

wrong wording there. The way you have it implies that she loved Aiden more than she loves Spencer. pale in comparison (with something) also pale by comparison (with something):
to seem lacking in importance or quality than something else. Spencer would need to be at the end of the sentence no the beginning.
Emma James chapter 1 . 2/22/2008
Spencer is Still with Ashley Wo
f00f00 chapter 1 . 8/19/2007
This beats the catastrophe that is season 3. *sigh* I really liked it. :)
Halfreck3929 chapter 1 . 12/23/2006
that was like the sweetest thing ever!
sonluver7 chapter 1 . 12/23/2006
aww that was god
SpashleyForever53 chapter 1 . 12/23/2006

I like it!

Tanguay18 chapter 1 . 12/23/2006
Not bad. I think there probably should've been more of a reaction from Spencer after she was told she was in a coma for a month. Hopefully Ashley really will choose her and not Aiden, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.