Reviews for The Demon Prince of Konoha
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 22 . 6/6
This is a very good story.. and have the potential to be one of the best with this couple like principal. But the en was not an really end.. look like you have this words writed in your book of ideas and you just all the words in the last moment.. i enjoy every chapter until this.. but thankyou for making this.. a sweet fan from Venezuela..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 21 . 6/6
What a dummy.. sasuke think Temari is the enemy of his enemy.. how idiot.. Gaara don't listen to 'mother' this time? Mm interesting..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 20 . 6/6
Kankuro and Temari's interaction was so funny.. Sakura is so weak.. Come on Naruto, kick sasuke's ass now!
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 19 . 6/6
That was a good idea t kill Orochimaru that day. But at least he did good things in the original plot of Naruto like helping Tsunade, stoping Edo Tensei and giving birth to Mizuki. How crazy don't you think?
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 18 . 6/6
Kankuro vs Konoha rockies... what a hell of a battle.. i like shikamaru and his smart brain but sometimes he is a little silly.. Sakura's big mouth just is good to say stupid words.. she is a big dumbass..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 17 . 6/6
Moegi and Udon don't have so much scenes in fics like they have here.. good point. Kankuro can kick Sasuke's big ass so hard.. im sorry for his fans but i really hate Sasuke Uchiha..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 16 . 6/6
Naruto save his brother in law.. what a good new.. this chapter have lots of information.. that kiss from Naruto can help finding Temari.. its a little creepy..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 15 . 6/6
Great.. the battle scenes are very odd to me.. but i like every scene of this fic.. you did a very good job here..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 13 . 6/6
The sand siblings are the only relatives so close in Naruto's world who i really like. The three of them are so powerful and good looking.. simply good..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 12 . 6/6
This two are melting my heart.. how sweet and perfect they are..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 11 . 6/6
Thats the answer Naruto need.. 'Who broke your heart gaara?' And the answer come alone.. Yashamaru did..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 10 . 6/6
If i am bored about naruto' s quote "Precious people to save" i was bored about Gaara's 'Feel alive' too.. but i have not other idea then continue reading..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 8 . 6/6
His first fight.. i think he like her since he see her for first time.. how romantic..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 7 . 6/6
Temari has secrets.. and she is part of a crazy secret group of persons who hate the kazekage? This is something new.. i like original plot in originals stories..
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 6 . 6/6
Naruto.. how good is this story? I think much! Because all Naruto/Temari storiea are good.. once i read a story named 'Lost Soul' and was amazing.. very long but amazing.. i like your story..
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