Reviews for Taking a Break From it All
ivywatcher chapter 1 . 3/14/2007
Drunk Giles is hard to get right, but this is about as close as I've ever seen it. This had a nice mix of angst, Giles silliness and well-deserved bitterness that made it a fun thing to read. It was nice to see Buffy mostly back to herself, too. All in all, a very good post-show fic with good characterization and a really cut ending.
banduraqueen chapter 1 . 12/31/2006
That was very nice, and I like the funny little twist it ended on. I like how you take time to really set the scene. And you write the characters well, and keep them in-voice.

Personally, I think B/G stories work best when a bit more time is spent developing their relationship in the romatic direction (ie. it takes a few days instead of a few hours) and also if they both have conflicted feelings and issues regarding such a development. But your story still works well despite the short time-frame. Partly because you have Giles get drunk. I really don't like B/G fic in which Giles makes the first move when he's stone-cold sober, because I don't think he'd ever, ever do that. So drunk-Giles is good for B/G fic.

B/G is my favourite BtVS ship, but I think it's probably the hardest het ship to write and keep both parties in character, there's not many authors who bother to keep them in character. But you do. Yay.