Reviews for Voices of Light
Konoha's White Fang chapter 4 . 1/25/2010
This is a really beautiufl story you've got there. To tell you the first, at first I was a bit hesitant to read it because of the OC you've added but I gave your fic its rightful chance and it actually won my interest. Really good work.

Please update soon.

chocolatemud chapter 4 . 6/9/2009
i love the story..

please continue.. what will happen next?

please.. please continue..
lalala chapter 4 . 5/28/2009
i like your story, actually..

please update soon..
The Long Fall of Prose chapter 1 . 4/22/2009
Your superfluity with words makes your sentences unintelligible to the point of hilarity. Don't pretend to be opulent with wordplay if you're not; constant Alt-F7 is not like consulting (or learning from) decent literature.
Kaiser Bluesummers chapter 1 . 4/19/2009
Let me guess. She's the most perfect girl in the world, and it's impossible for anyone to not fall in love with her. She has an extremely tragic past but she hides it like some trunk in the basement. Mitsui's the only one who'll be able to reach her heart. How romantic. NOT! This idea is so cliched. About 248345802398402 miserable Mary Sue writers like you have already used it in their miserable fics. Who needs another Mary Sue/self-insert? Go press the 'delete' button to save intelligent people the torture of reading the title and summary of your fic on the archive page.
LittleSnowDancer chapter 4 . 4/10/2009
I admire the detail you put into this chapter. I could actually vividly see the events playing in my head.

The descriptiveness and your witty humour made this chapter a much more enjoyable read. Kudos!

I hope to see the next chapter posted soon! Although I may not be able to read it straight away since my holiday will soon be over. But I promise to leave a review once I get to it. :)
LittleSnowDancer chapter 3 . 4/8/2009
It's been a while since someone came up with a MistuiOC fic, and quite an interesting one too! I rarely find anything worth reading beyond the first chapter in this fandom, so I'm quite happy I stumbled upon this story!

Applause for your masterful command over the language! And the mystery at the end of the third chapter left me craving for more! Very nicely done!

I'll hold you to the "not lagging" bit! I'll be very bored during the Easter holidays so please do update soon! (selfish, i know!)


OrangeSky99 chapter 3 . 4/5/2009
Ooh! interesting!

It's on my fav list from now on!

Continue plz!
E. G. Rondo chapter 2 . 9/17/2007
woho! chapter 2! i was waiting for that:D looking forward to the next chapter:D
Yumi Akimoto chapter 2 . 9/8/2007
Aha, you're true to your word! My herro. You made my day brighter with this new chapter! Btw, this is gonna be a long review, as promised. So be prepare! :D

I like how you researched on the specific location the manga is hinted to be in. Due to the fact that many fanfics are written based on an imaginary place, writing a story based on a real background is really something many fanfics lack. Like Slam Dunk - everyone only knows about Kanagawa, but not a specific city. (TBH, at first I thought Kanagawa was a city, not a prefecture/state, as I think of it. Sh.). Choosing Fujisawa is really a good choice. That's a good element in the development and realness of this story.

Now, onto more detailed analysing :D.

I definitely caught the obvious hint of how Kiyomi and Hisa-kun are gonna meet up _ Lots of unanswered questions are there, mostly related to the mysterious Kiyomi and her past. Then again, I don't think you're the type to put in accidental clues xD. OBVIOUSLY Hana-chaan becomes the new captain - but that's an unhealthy boost to his already-enormous ego! Poor Rukawa. xD. And it's cute that Ryota and Ayako-chaan are together, and Ryota's jealousy lololol. Any hints of a HanaHaru pairing in here? *hinthint*

As usual, near-perfect flow of writing. Noticed very few grammatical errors ('sat IN a bench at one of the court’s corners'), but nothing serious _. Putting an image into words, and filling them with such beautiful descriptions are well-written. It's just fun to read the easy flow of sentences and your playing at the words.

On the other hand, the length of this chapter is still shorter than I expected _ It'd be more satisfying if you could continue the last sentence! There's not much portrayal of the side characters. I was expecting Hana-chaan to light things up with his egoistic manner, or seeing how the relationship between him and Rukawa has progressed (PLATONIC.). Though you did introduce the changes after 3 years, so you're forgiven! Muahaha.

And about Asayake Kiyomi - I'm a little confused about the arrangement of her name. Her family name's 'Asayake' right? It'd be a little odd, since the arrangement of the other characters' names follow the Western tradition (Ryota Miyagi, Kaede Rukawa etc). And at the beginning, Hisa-kun's name was written as 'Mitsui Hisashi' before it changed to 'Hisashi Mitsui'. Thought I'd point that out!

So, that concludes my longest-ever review I've written! I hope, HOPE that you'll start working on chapter 3, or I shall bug you every night! xD Use that as a motivation! :P

Yumi Akimoto chapter 1 . 9/5/2007
Darn, I actually wrote a very length review, but for some reason the review didn't turn up, so I'm writing a second, shorter review!

Firstly, THANK YOU FOR THIS NON-SLASH FANFIC. You've saved me from abandoning this fandom. I've had enough to weird pairings that I'd self-ban myself from this section xD.

Now, onto the story. I think you did well creating a background to this story (3 years after the manga, Mitsui as a radio DJ), which is (IMO) essential in bringing reality to the story. Also, relating Mitsui's years of gangsterism (no better word to put it lol.) to Asayake's suicidal attempt is definitely ingenious, and well-thought of. It definitely is a good introduction, portraying certain elements of the characters and the plot.

Character portrayal has my praise. You portrayed a suicidal person's mind to words as how it should be - her emotions, her actions (better than the loads I've read). Also, your portrayal of Mitsui as a funny, opinionated character hosting a radio station is definitely fresh. Definitely love the hilarity of Mitsui's concept of 'stress management', and the exchange between him and the music director tickled me ("Sex, is always a better option for stress management."). Humour is just what I needed xD.

Well written chapter - beautiful descriptions and a smooth flow of writing. You capture actions and emotion portayal and putting into words so perfectly. It's so intriguing that it leads me to read more.

However, I think that this chapter is a little short, to me. Worth reading, but I was hoping it'd be more lengthy. But you're forgiven since it's the first chapter xD

I hope you update soon, because I wanna read more about Hisa-kun! To encourage you, this is going into my Favourite Stories list :)