Reviews for How To Kill Your Boyfriend In One Hard Lesson
Amy chapter 13 . 4/21/2010
I meant to say enjoying this series, not this serious :P.

Wesley says that they weren't doomed because they needed to feed from people but if they had simply done that but hadn't killed the victims it would still have been wrong. The people weren't willing and anyone willing was simply being taken advantage of, or would have been if that was the case. Your saying it like demons killing people is like humans killing animals (which I still think is unfair, but I'm a vegetarian, so yes I'm sensitive). I just think it's unfair to act like the people deserve it, like it would be a natural food chain kind of thing, I understand what you mean, but think it would still be unfair to say, especially as vampires are made from humans to begin with.

Anyway it isn't though, vampires in the Buffyverse are still the person they were when they were human, only without a soul (the capacity to feel guilt or show mercy, etc, to be human, humanity) and with a whole ton of bloodlust. They say a demon inhabits the body and takes over. But that's giving them a little bit too much credit isn't it. If it wasn't them doing it why feel guilty. Possessed by a demon, only getting the soul back and still being a demon, I just don't think of it that way, I like to think their both a bit deeper than that, even if that sounds weird. After all it was still them doing it. They'd just been turned into demons, not the other way around. Then again that's more the way I always liked to think of it. That way even without a soul Spike was still a demonic version of William, with his repressed violence let out, no matter how changed he had become into being Spike. He was still Spike, not just a possessing demon with his memories and personality, but indeed him. And Darla was still herself as well only different. Drusilla held the deep memories even in her insanity of what Angelus ad Darla had done to her when she was a human, before she lost her humanity. And even if she loved (Darla and Angelus) them (or whatever way it is she thinks of them closely, like family or something), a very deep part of her still hated them for it. Of course they lose the soul, but I like to think they don't simply stop being that person. Then again in the Buffyverse, I always thought of their souls as them, but mostly their individual conscious and whatever way they weigh that, losing that let's out the beast. Like how all people are capable of evil. Take away someone's guilt, etc, and let out their own personal anger, rage and hatred and add in a huge dollop of bloodlust and hunger, and a lack of caring what people think anymore, and you've got yourself a bloodthirsty demon, not caring even slightly about human suffering. Or anything else's suffering either. I don't know, I always simply liked to think that it was still individually them and not just some random demon there that took over, in the drivers seat so to speak. But that's just me. I just prefer to think of it that way.

Really liked this chapter though. Great story :). This isn't criticism or a flame, just me incapable of not spouting my opinion, sorry :).
Amy chapter 12 . 4/21/2010
Oh damn. Please don't make this Connor/Dawn. I really hate that pairing so badly and this is such a good story too. Just because they're both young people pair them together a lot in stories. Which is really a pity because it's a pairing I really hate. I've never really liked Dawn, she's okay and kind of sweet but I've never particularly liked her very much. Truthfully at the start she simply acted like an obnoxious brat, a horrible screaming selfish, whiny stomping feet I don't get my way whining brat, not like how a fifteen year old acts, seriously awful. Only selfish spoilt brats act like that at that kind of age, I wasn't like that at that age, neither was anyone I knew. I rather hated her quite a bit. She annoyed me a lot, I don't really 'hate' her though, she's just kind of irritating at times (not always though, but enough to still be kind of irritating quite a lot of the time).

I've been following this serious and I like it a lot. But I really don't like the pairing and it's blaringly obvious it's bound to be that, unless you could come up with someone else, anyone that isn't Dawn. I'm sorry she's just so whiny and immature even if she has grown up and acts better and less selfish, the dislike for the pairing, and a little bit dislike for her, but mostly just when she's portrayed like she's utterly wonderful, because she's not exactly, still stands. I'm glad Connor is in this story though, even if he isn't interacting with the others, it's nice that so many characters are involved in the story.

Also (going on I know, but I just can't help it) I don't think that Spike would have just let/encouraged an underage Dawn to drink. He cared about her more than that. And though Dawn is very pretty she doesn't look anything like Helena Bonham Carter. That just kind of confused me? She just doesn't. She's very pretty though. Also why does she keep bringing up that she was a ball of (apparently all powerful, where did that come from, she was a key) billion year old energy. She's not now though, she isn't made of that, just from it, it really doesn't have anything to do with who she is now, except for all the problems it caused her. She didn't really get anything from it. She's simply now a young woman with memories of growing up as Dawn, Buffy's sister, and that's what makes her who she is. Not something she has no memories of ever being. I just don't understand why she keeps bringing it up as if having been a ball of energy for billions of years impacts how prepared she is for any possible dangers to herself? That doesn't really make much of an argument for how powerful she is now. It's not like any of that is left in her. She's dealt with stuff sure. Shouldn't she be saying the things she's actually dealt with and gone through instead of something she has no memory of and isn't really a part of her at all? Really great story though :).
Jane Alexander chapter 1 . 12/29/2008
Is this story finished? Please tell me where I can find the rest of it. It's the best Angel fanfic I've read in years. My only suggestion for improvement would be to divide the various sections with a few stars before a change in point of view. Story is terrific. I'm not sure whether Spike and Angel are going to end up together but I'm hopeful. chapter 15 . 3/28/2008
omg! i read this when you had stopped at chapter 6. and i have just found it again. this si just as great as i hoped! and i love the thing that is detailed prohpecy. awesome. i'm loving this.! cant wait for the next installment
CaptScarlett chapter 16 . 2/23/2008
Just read this today and am really enjoying it! Update soon please.
weelittleelf chapter 6 . 2/14/2008
Is there ever going to be a chapter seven? Because I love this whole Wesley-centric series, and I really would like to see more. It's all very well written and I've pretty much been obsessively reading this stuff for the past two days. :-)
Michael Belasko chapter 3 . 1/20/2007
Great work so far and I love Faith's defense of Wesley and her description of 'new' Wes. THe next best description was "...Punisher like" or psychotic Rambo (note picture dark wes with leather and fire power). Anyhow hope to see more soon.

peacockgal17 chapter 1 . 1/14/2007
Dude...I'm totally loving the just might wanna there a reason that chapter 3 is just chapter 1 and 2 put together?

Anyway I love reading Spike/Dawn hard to find ones where they actually stay in character, you know? Spiffing job.
inactive0001 chapter 1 . 12/24/2006
YES! you finally continued yay! keep going keep going