Reviews for The Twelfth Night :: A Faerie Tale
HarryInMultiUniverses chapter 14 . 7/21/2015
Aw this was lovely, thank you for sharing.
butterpie chapter 14 . 1/27/2015
This was so touching. Severus was hurting so much, and then you made it better a little at a time. Thank you for this beautiful tale of redemption and love.
Kitty Savella chapter 14 . 7/29/2014
This was a lovely story. I liked how it went slow and gradual, leading up to the reveal and love. A nice change of pace for me.
KneazleGriff chapter 14 . 6/8/2014
Simply lovely. Bravo. ;)
Pyrane chapter 14 . 2/2/2014
That was a wonderful story !
Sweet and sad and happy ending.
A real treat.

Thanks !

GoddessonmyKnees chapter 14 . 9/5/2013
Great story. Through out it I was wondering if the cat was Harry. I am so glad you gave it a happy ending.

Thank you.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/3/2013
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moodysavage chapter 14 . 5/9/2013
wow... this story is just... amazing. Absolutely amazing. I loved everything about it.
ShatteredDragon chapter 14 . 3/18/2013
i absolutely ADORE this story whenever i need a cheering charm i just read this story thank you for this
lav123 chapter 14 . 3/11/2013
Absolutely wonderful!
Trousseaux chapter 14 . 12/1/2012
amazing! made me cry though
Azrael Jinsei chapter 14 . 11/24/2012
Thank you for writing this. It was so sad and beautiful.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/1/2012
Awww! This was such a beautiful story! I absolutely loved it!
MissLorettaC chapter 14 . 7/31/2012
this story is so cute, i think i nearly cried at that bit with Severus's wand. im becoming quite the fan of your stories, i look forward to reading more.
sarahsezlove chapter 14 . 2/21/2012
What a really beautiful story.
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