Reviews for The Beginning
pheobe chapter 1 . 6/6/2008

the one thing in the entire world that is hotter than spike is spike and will.

i think uv written the scenes really well and i think uv described the attraction between spike and will perfectly.

thanx for the great fic.
KimaraSims chapter 1 . 3/5/2008
I read this before and for got to here I am...reviewing.

Oh my gosh, heheheh (grinning). Who am I kidding, I LOVED it. You don't make it sound discusting or wrong, you make it sound beautiful...well you know what I mean, I don't want to sound corny but too late.

I love all your stories. Although the story with Twinlets and Twinning is a bit confusing. I t was still really good...hehehehehe.

Werewriter.Werescientist chapter 1 . 10/17/2007
LOVE IT! You're probably going to be hearing a lot from this corner of the peanut gallery. I love your fan fictions! Will, Spike... and of course the Twinlets in Twinlets and Singlets. Bravo! Encore! Encore!

Well that being said, please don't bother reading any of mine, as of right now. They are all ones I wrote at around two in the morning, so my style is off and my plot is just down right bad. But I shall continue reading and applauding your works.

- Alex