Reviews for Part 2: Scum of the Earth
WiseAbsol chapter 2 . 9/16/2007
Hello again Miyuutsuu. Nice to see an update from you.

So Domino was accused of being a traitor over Mewtwo's escape(s). There is likely more to it, but still...I pity her. Her student's betrayal must have been rough...rougher still in what it led to.

At the very least, Mewtwo triumphed...and has proven that despite all, he is not a complete monster. But if his mate is threatened...well, that's another matter. A very primal one that the blonde best not provoke if she values her life.

Which she sort of doesn't, so...

Well, we shall see where this leads, eh? I look forward to future updates, my friend.

See ya'.

~ WiseAbsol

P.S. - My computer time has been cut for various reasons, which is why I wasn't able to read this sooner. I apologize - this was a rather spectacular entry.
WiseAbsol chapter 1 . 5/21/2007
Hey...sorry it took me so long to review this. Somehow, I have become a lazy busy-body. Yeah, I's an oxymoron, but it's apt in this case.

What can I say but 'poor Mewtwo'? Not only must he deal with the nightmares and sins of his past, which seem to be slowly killing him, but he must also deal with a manifestation of those crimes: Domino, which lusts to kill him for a reason I still do not know. Right off the bat she takes an eyes and has a dragon on his tail. She may just surpass Giovanni in how sadistic she is at this point.

As is usual, I await your updates, and I hope you are doing well. School is almost out for me, and I shall be moving soon enough. Strange, but in these last few weeks, my teachers decide to load on the work they've neglected for the past semester. How irking...but at least I've managed to opt out of some of those nasty finals. Yet still, music calls...along with sweet vacation and a lesser sweet prospect of getting a job. This shall be interesting, as I can't yet drive.

Anyway, that had nothing to do with your story. I will say this: kudos on the gruesome picture, the angst and horror. Yours is a harsh world, but even at its worst, there is some beauty to the pain. Some romanticism in how you describe it.

I am probably not making sense...ah well. Until next time.

~ WiseAbsol, who's doing better these days.
Emperor K. Rool chapter 1 . 2/9/2007
Good as always.

I'm surprised that no one else has reviewd yet.