Reviews for Lingering Fragments
WootYaoi chapter 13 . 6/30/2009
-sniffle- Aaw, Link’s beating himself up over it. All his thought processes are so real, I love how easy it is to relate to him and understand that what he’s feeling is logical and expected, and there’s nothing skipped out or ignored. He deals with everything in pure Link Fashion.


… And Link totally didn’t realise. -smacks him-

Oh no no no. This isn’t right. Link and Sheik fighting just doesn’t work. -nervous-

Now that really is unfortunate. Ganondorf’s mother. -wrinkles nose- Not sure who I pity more.

Link, you genius boy, it’s because Sheik wants you. -sigh- But at least there’s no more fighting!
WootYaoi chapter 12 . 6/30/2009
YES! Goron fabric! I knew it! XD

Uh oh. Capitals. Capitals are bad. DX Oh but Link really does have a point, I must admit.

That whole scene was so heart-wrenching, yet the right AMOUNT of heart-wrenching. Really well done - I was wondering when Sheik was going to snap.

Ahaha, I always thought that back-and-forth-with-the-energy process was like a vicious game of Catch.

MALON? WHUT? Oh now I totally don’t remember that. -huff-

Major cliffhanger!

-runs for more-
WootYaoi chapter 11 . 6/30/2009
-hugs Sheik too-
WootYaoi chapter 10 . 6/30/2009
Bahahahahahahha at the line about Ruto being eaten by JabuJabu XD I have no idea why I find that hilarious but I really do

Oh. Oh goodness. I’m not a huge fan of fish. Take THAT.

Aaw Sheik’s getting used to the Link Approach XD

Oh wait hang on. Why does the King remember him? Did I miss something? O_O
WootYaoi chapter 9 . 6/30/2009
Link really has to stop perving on nudey Sheik.

Can you tell I’m getting majorly sidetracked/absorbed?
WootYaoi chapter 8 . 6/30/2009
Aw brain-fuzzed Link is so adorable XD

So is a hungry Sheik!

Omnomnom that was a really nice inter… in-between chapter? (Sorry, it’s really late.) But of course that makes me worry about the next one.

I do hope my serious review-spam isn’t annoying… DX
WootYaoi chapter 7 . 6/30/2009
Your description of the Ikana wasteland was awesome, but as I was reading it my dog was in the next room just growling at nothing, and all the talk of redeads combined with random growling sounds really creeped me out DX

Oh brilliant. Now I’m reading about the faces in the walls and she’s still growling. I am so terrified right now. In the best way possible. If that makes sense.

“Ah well, I'd just have to survive, then.” -snorts- Nice outlook, Link.

Oh thank goodness she’s stopped growling. Now I can read it without jumping out of my skin when something huge happens.


That was so intense! Gah I don’t know HOW I forgot that but hoshit whoa. So insanely awesome. The description of the Fierce Deity was amazing and so real and YAY SHEIK and you have successfully fried my brain. I thank you.
WootYaoi chapter 6 . 6/30/2009
Aahahaha the Deku princess got pwned.

Win. That is all.
WootYaoi chapter 5 . 6/30/2009
Once again I love the interaction between Link and Epona. Okay, Link mostly talking to himself, but still - it makes me happy because Link’s so… I have no idea what I’m saying. -facepalm-

“(and the witch was stopped, but that didn't seem so dire as the potential rejection from Sheik)” aahaha I like this line XD Link’s thought processes are fantastic with the little snide remarks here and there.

Oh man the swamp sounds like a right shitful place to be DX Poor Li- oh good one. Way to get caught.
WootYaoi chapter 4 . 6/30/2009
-shakes head- tut tut, Link. No perving on nudey Sheik while there’s important work to be done.

Yep, nothing constructive to say about this one. Please excuse my fail. I loved the Seventh Temple explanation and ohh I’ll just read.
WootYaoi chapter 3 . 6/30/2009
:O Sheik’s been dreaming about him too, hasn’t he? Ah I’ve forgotten so much it’s like reading it all over again! XD (yes, I am going Crazy Fangirl over your story. My bad.)

That whole bit about Link being Courage was awesome. I think they should make this into a new Zelda game. I’m not kidding. Even the little details about feeling the pain of the people within the mask’s death are brilliant and so well thought out. (Mind you, I don’t know if that’s included in the MM dialogue at any point. Gave up on that monster of a game when I lost the guide ages ago. Aeigh)

Nu~! Not the Gorons!
WootYaoi chapter 2 . 6/30/2009
“To add insult to injury, I'd had to rush off to fight Ganondorf right after learning that my friend had only been a convenient lie.”

Oh ouch. Massive ouch.

Aw all Link’s thoughts about Epona are so cute and random, aahaha.

“Sheik was definitely male…” XD win to infinity for this line.

Such a fantastic chapter, really. It sets up so much, especially with all that build-up about Sheik that just reeks of WTF and a million other questions, yet a perfect explanation for the Zelda being Sheik issue. You’re a genius, I shit you not, love.

And before I write any more of a crappy review, I’m going to continue reading…
WootYaoi chapter 1 . 6/30/2009
I’m coming back and reviewing every chapter because, even though I’ve read this before, there are bits in each chapter that I just have to point out (and also because the sheer awesome of this story totally deserves the credit). I apologise in advance. I’m pretty shoddy at decent, constructive reviews. It’s highly likely there will be several keysmashes where I just don’t know what to say.

And so… the review spam ensues!

I love it how the attachment Link feels to Sheik is already prominent and understood. It’s clear that he’s pretty cut about Zelda going all ‘I am a disguise’ on him, and there’s just the right amount of mystery in there to make the reader think that maybe its not all a disguise. I don’t know if that’s just due to me already having read this, but considering it was ages ago and I’ve forgotten most of it, I’m willing to bet it’s your writing style.

Also, the ‘The raven went that way’ line was brilliant XD

I do believe that was moderately constructive. For once. Oh wow.

On to the next one!
WootYaoi chapter 17 . 6/26/2009

I'm reading this for the second time now but before I go and get so insanely absorbed that I don't know what to do with myself and forget to review all over again, I just want you to know OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU AND THIS WAS AMAZING I recommended it to lots of people. You're an amazing writer and while I'm not usually a fan of 1st person POVs, you did this brilliantly and it's definitely one of the best LinkSheik stories I've read.

Phew. Now that's over with... time to go get my rain fried by awesome yet again XD
Edward Houshi chapter 17 . 1/14/2009
This is an incredible story. You combine the perfect blend of actual in-game scenarios with your own devices. The characters are believable and true to their selves in the game, at least, as near as I can tell. The battle scenes were among the best I have ever read, and the bit of sex at the end just put a cherry on top. Amazing, and I hpe to read more from you soon.
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