Reviews for Ambiguously Happily Gay Forever
Ahsirk chapter 1 . 6/6/2009
Great writing. Awesome story. You gave some real life to these side characters.
eatthecity chapter 2 . 1/14/2009
This was pure concentrated squee. For characters we don't see much of in the show you've managed to extrapolate their relationship beautifully and humorously while maintaining their normality. Easily one of the best Mai-Hime fics I've read and the best Chie/Aoi one :D
Bara Aozora chapter 1 . 12/30/2007
I remember watching the show and never noticing the connection between these two until one of my friends mentioned it to me. xD Chie and Aoi.. Never got any screen time, did they? \ But when they did, it was great xD. I don't usually leave reviews (Makes me a hypocrite, yes I know. ._.) But I just felt compelled to give you the recognition you deserve. Not only did you take minor characters from a shoujo-ai filled series and made them have deep histories, emotions and insecurities, but you captured them and gave them life. All of the introspective analysis and the gradual epiphanies that Chie had gone through were done magnificently. And you let the story progress in an atypical way. Instead of, "Omg I like you, let's go out and have some yuri love :3" You went for the more interesting, and dramatic approach.

You gave your characters a voice, but not only that, you managed to integrate you own voice as an author, laced with satire and attacks towards high school life, as well as the way the gay community is viewed. And, again different from other authors, you placed most of the text into self-analysis of the characters, leaving actual dialogue and the typical narrative to be rare and interesting to read.

I love this fanfic, and I'm glad I read it xD. Now, not to sound like I'm over-praising, but I hope I can become as good of a writer to produce something like this. Thanks~
Spikesagitta chapter 2 . 10/2/2007
cool *thumbs up* love it
Spikesagitta chapter 1 . 10/2/2007
love it, definately brought up things that i never thought, maybe i should start thinking...
Anime Otaku chapter 2 . 9/17/2007
Absolutely beautiful. It's not often to come across a Chie/Aoi fic and have it pulled off so wonderfully with true relevations as gives readers a plesant change from most Shiz/Nat fics that some are most unbareable (forgive my spelling) to read. I love your writing style.
lianHua24 chapter 1 . 7/8/2007
Thanks for the excellent fic.

I really enjoyed the characterization of Chie.

I agree that Aoi's smile is special and that she is likeable to everyone.

According to the drama CD, even Nao is not immune to a pouting Aoi.

I feel sad that Chie feels like such an outsider so I'm glad that at least in the Mai Otome universe, Chie is more admired as she is the most popular Pearl (much to Shiho's chagrin).
If chapter 1 . 4/12/2007
I felt compelled to write a review of this just 'cause i enjoyed it so thoroughly. And now that that's done, I'm off to read the epilogue...
Disable chapter 2 . 3/18/2007
I found this story a while ago, I still like coming back and reading it.

This has to be one of my favorite Chie/Aoi stories, this one and Words in the Trees.

I decided to leave a review, so here it is. I really liked your story, how you didn't hop right into the wild sex that seemed to be imminent. You pulled out a very nice story that was warm and cozy, good job.

Keep writing.


Break me
Rain54 chapter 2 . 3/2/2007
That's an interesting view of Chie and Aoi's background. Nice epilogue and although I pondered what Higushi is all about at first, he fit nicely into the rest of the story. For some reason, Otome-Chie's image pops up in my head when reading about her job at the office. The prospect about the two of them getting a job in the entertainment world fits well :) As always, look forward to read your future works
Rain54 chapter 1 . 3/2/2007
Never thought Chie could be presented in an angsty way. It's all well thought and written, especially Chie's thought when she retracted back to her real-self. Heh that was a nice angsty plot~! And Aoi's character is equally interesting too. I'm not a big fan of Chie x Aoi personally, but your story has made me think differently. Keep writing!
The.Hoppy chapter 2 . 1/19/2007
'His job was to hull'- haul?

'He maybe a techie/geek'- may be

At exactly 6:00am /this/ morning, the reader was trying very hard to make her way through a certain paragraph, but thanks to lack of sleep and giggles that had no right to be as loud and persistent as they were, she found herself failing miserably.

Right, so. I wondered about the OC at first, but he proved himself to be an interesting character. And seeing Chie through his eyes was interesting, for lack of a better word. This story, from beginning to end, was a delight to read. It's just great (I really do need better words) to read a story focusing on those two, because as much as I love Shiz/Nat, they have just about every other story. Almost.

Going back to the first chapter, reading the first couple paragraphs made me feel a bit guilty. Which is absurd, but bleh. Because I first saw Aoi exactly as you described her, and any other mannerisms or character depth was only hastily scribbled on spare sheets of paper or typed up on my by-now-rather-large outline document. But the way you had her, just a normal girl, was so perfect, because 'normal' was exactly what I think Chie wanted. No mask, no false promises. Honest and open and as loyal a friend as one could find. At least, that's my still-very-tired take on it.

So, very nice story. Now that I'm done with my nice vaguely-coherent review, I'm free to fan-spazz. You wrote something, it focused on Chie and Aoi, there's going to be another epilogue, and your profile says The Little Things isn't dead! Four wonderful, wonderful things that have made my night, if not my weekend. -confetti- Happiness abounds.

The.Hoppy chapter 1 . 1/19/2007
It took me so long to read this... I kept wanting to, but then I'd tell myself I'd do it the next day, then the next... And even now, it's taken me more than half the night to actually sit down and read it. Well, there's notjing like making up for lost time. I apologise in advance for any loss of coherency. The reader is tired, and hasn't had her caffeine yet.

'Best friend also tend to'- tends? Unless you meant it to be that way.

'cut loses early'- losses

'Alas, we digress. This is a Chie/Aoi fic after all.'- Throws me off a bit. Not complaining though, oh no. Just a minor breaking of what can't really be called the fourth wall, but...something to that effect.

'much less vote for her'- 'voted', considering 'nobody mentioned her name' isn't 'nobody would mention her name, much less vote for her', but what it it.

'always complimented at how'- I'm not sure why, but that... 'always complimented how', or 'on how', maybe...

Ah! I remember the FiH group. That's from The Little Things, right? Alas, no mention of the OUFAFSSWSALYF.

'hard to distant themselves'- distance

Chie...camouflage gear... Oh dear. The idea brings a huge grin to my face, just because I can definitely see that happening. Oh, and of course, Aoi had to step on her... This is too good.

'And if you’re something in between, you need to tell me now' Words cannot describe how hilarious that line is.

Aoi is amazingly perceptive, but it's refreshing to see her that way. Not that others don't write her that way (actually, having only read two other stories with her in them, I can't really say how others write her), just that it's... I'm not sure. My brain died. Gah.

'should the opportunity presents itself'- present

I didn't notice it the first time, but then I did a bit of a double-take when I saw the sentence. Aoi's eyes are blue, not brown. I was so tired I almost missed that. -headdesk-

'the prince, who was also a girl' That line,

Rferring to Chie as the one who always wanted to play the prince was wonderful. To be so disenchanted with people, then to find one person who contradicted everything's she'd tried desperately to tell herself was true to avoid being hurt...

Reading that was immensely satisfying. And yay, there's more. Epilogue, here we come.

M3m0rii chapter 2 . 1/8/2007
For not even knowing MaiHime, you've worked out a impeccably solid work that had me reading. Great characterization, great writing, great description (I saw everything).

Write More! D

Still readin' ya.
seraphydragon chapter 2 . 1/4/2007
Hey, this was really great!

There really aren't a lot of fics on this pairing, so it really caught my attention (I guess the title might've contributed to that somewhat as well lol). First off, the background parts for the characters really helped set up the story- I seriously didn't think much about the character's when I initially watched the series. Meaning I had quite little clue about their overall personality. But the intro was awesome, and it made it easier to get into the rest of the fic. As for the flow between the sentences... I found it was really, really good. Connecting from one piece of information to another wasn't boring at all. Other things that caught interest were the 'ouch' moments; I felt sorry for Chie being stepped on in the first chapter (gotta hurt).

The fic just shows that I have a ways to go as a writer myself. Thanks for writing this for the fans _
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