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muffygrippleman chapter 1 . 8/12/2009




kae kae bebe! {%%}

LucyCamdenFanatic chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
I really like this story. I hope you decide to write more R/T in the future.
Alexawynters chapter 32 . 6/30/2008
undernourishedegos chapter 32 . 2/4/2008
Well then.

I have to say, I really, really liked the way it started out.

And I really liked when it got super angsty because usually angst leads to wonderful get togethers and make ups and whatnot.

But I do have to agree-the ending was a little weak.

And I'm not trying to be an evil psycho hypocritical critic, because, well, that would just be mean. And I sincerely do believe that you are a great author.

But I could kinda tell that your heart wasn't into the story anymore by the last chapter.

Anyways, onto the positive things, the rest of the story was fantastically amazingly awesome. And I liked how you made Tawny's home life completely different from Collide. It was quite refreshing and made for a completely different tone than I was expecting after having read that.

I hope you get to writing more soon. I don't actually watch Grey's Anatomy at all, but I would definitely read any Meredith/Addison you'd like to throw out there, as long as you're passionate about it. Who knows-maybe I'll have an epiphany and start watching the show.

I'm going to end this overly long review with a thank you very much for the great writing and keep up the kick ass work!
Gaffney06 chapter 32 . 1/6/2008
This story was awsome. Actually, all of your stories have been. I hope yp continue to write more Ren/Twany.
Gaffney06 chapter 23 . 12/24/2007
This is wonderful, but I am curious as to what number 8 is.
SilverTurtle chapter 32 . 12/7/2007
Aw! That was worth the wait, a little abrupt, but still worth it. I think that's just about the only way you could have ended the story though, with Tawny doing the chasing and finally talking about all those issues. Also, Ren with the devilish smirk, nice. Great job with the story. I look forward to your next one.
notoriousjae chapter 32 . 12/1/2007
Well. I have to say. I've definitely...seen this one from the beginning.

And, hey, as endings go, this, by far, was not the worst ending I've ever read for a fanfiction. God, thinking of the general fanfiction...Benefits is in comparison. Haha.

Or maple. You choose. P

It's had its up and down moments...its funny moments...and definitely tons of angst from Tawny-who ya still gotta love-but ya finally pulled through and got those two together! *Claps happily*

I love happy endings!


It's been forever since you've updated. *Haha* But I remember loving this story...since you wrote it...and since its maple...and since it's bloody brilliant, and all. P And now that we've reached its conclusion...I find it crazy that it's been so long-I looked at the date and it's been nearly a YEAR since you originally posted how time FLIES-since you started Benefits and I find an odd kind of nostalgia, reading this. P

But I'm not sad to see it go. Why? Because, now, you can write more maples!

I'll read 'em, whatever the ship is! You just have to bug me about it, first!

Lord knows I owe you for that whole Kigo thing...

Anyways! *Raises a glass of egg nog* Cheers to you for another completion of yet another RxT!

*Tips glass*

And may another one be fruitful and intoxicated...

Oh, wait. That's just my high hopes for what could possibly happen between Ren and Tawny. *Smirks* FRUITFUL INTOXICATION!

T&C Abounds!

Anyways. This is long. And I'm bored. And I'm sick to my stomach with

Danielle chapter 31 . 10/10/2007
MORE PLEASE! And soon wouldn't hurt either. It's AMAZING!
ASlayer chapter 31 . 10/1/2007
argh! right here...*cries* Ren's uber freak out that Tawny slept with Charlotte there any chance that Tawny can rectify her really big assed mistakes? omg I cant wait for your next chapter! you've gotten me hooked!
Stellar Raven chapter 31 . 9/28/2007
Finally! I thought you'd misplaced your literacy. Good to see this story back on track...or at least showing signs of life again.

So, Tawny's finally come to her senses. You know, I get why the girl's so depressed and whatnot, but I just don't get why she wouldn't talk about it. I know she's stubborn, but you'd think the daughter of two shrinks would be a little more open to that sort of thing.

Anyway. More soon. Or else mimes.
SilverTurtle chapter 31 . 9/26/2007
I was pleasantly surprised to find an update here today. Awesome. Don't worry about taking so long with the update, I know I've kept people waiting more than once. We're just glad to see you're still kicking. I knocked on wood for you too. Just so you know.

Anyway, good update. It's about time Tawny got some things through her head. And poor Ren, you just can't give her a break huh? Still, all this drama makes for an addictive story. So keep up the excellent work, and hopefully we'll see an update soon.
notoriousjae chapter 31 . 9/25/2007
*Laughs at Yvette* That, my dear, is what you call charma.

Spell it with me. "C. H. A. R. M. A."

AND FINALLY! *Slaps Tawny over the head* About dang time, gal! Geez. It seriously took you long enough. I mean...really. *Sighs* Finally. Haha.

Excellent update, as usual. P I love me my maple and, of course, I am highly excited that you updated. Even though I already knew you were going to...haha.

Can't wait to see what happens?

*Dramatic music* Will Tawny finally realize just how much pain she's caused Ren and MAKE UP for it? Will Ren, even with all of the pain that Tawny has caused her, still let the woman she loves into her life and her heart, once more? Will Louis EVER get a good fashion sense?

Two of these are likely.

The other one is just hopeless.

Well, then again, I guess only time will tell! P

*BUM BUM BUM* And the plot thickens.

Oh. Oh. Oh. I have one more! Will you be able to wrap this all up in less than 40 chapters? Haha. Let's hope, for your mental stability, that you can. P

Anyways. Good update. Do it again soon, yeah? .~ P
EvilerGenuis chapter 31 . 9/22/2007
oh my lord,

i just read all through all this and now it's like 3 a.m.

but it was totally worth it!


the angstyness is amazing!

please, please, please update!
Hads337 chapter 31 . 9/21/2007

an update

and i thought you had dropped off the planet.


poor ren.. i thought she did know about charolette but i guess not!

and yvette lmao

down the stairs.

i loved taht so much

well i hope to see you finish this story strong, whcih i can tell is going to happen.

keep up the good work!
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