Reviews for A Whole New World
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 33 . 20h
Awh the end is soon, and hopefully a happy one.
Tetradical chapter 33 . 7/6
AliceCullen3 chapter 33 . 6/29
Serpent91 chapter 33 . 6/28
Well written indeed! Oh what a nice ending to the chapter.
Wishfull-star chapter 33 . 6/28
That was outstanding thank you for the chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
zeynel chapter 33 . 6/28
Oh yeah, Legolas still think Harry a mortal !

No more wand, only wandless magic now... (at least Harry is no longer araid of his basilic form and can go back to use the phenix one!)
writersblk chapter 33 . 6/28
I don't usually comment on fic, preferring to be a silent supporter, but I just want to say that this chapter is amazing as always. I'm torn between anticipating and dreading the day this fic ends, but I'm really thankful I found this fic. You've done this crossover justice and the characterizations of Harry and Legolas are just beautifully written and the plot well-crafted, merging the familiar lore with a touch of your own. Looking forward to all your works~
Ppsh chapter 10 . 6/28
Meh. This is totally going into slash territory isn't it? And in accordance with all slash fiction, immediately turning into unrealistic, stomach turning garbage. Legolas has lost all semblance of himself already, as has Harry. A good story premise ruined in two-three chapters. Also, I just realized this story is old as fuck.
Ppsh chapter 9 . 6/28
Ugh... this is great writing but Harry's continual angst is getting seriously old, and at this point just unrealistic. "Please, just... hold me?" - really? Is Harry a 17 year old teenager or a little girl? I get that he's traumatized but he has well over a year to deal with his shit.

With a sinking heart I almost feel like this is heading towards slash territory.
Ppsh chapter 4 . 6/28
This is some great writing, and a cool concept.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/28
Not badly written, but full of horrible cliches. Harry gets to be a phoenix animagus. Harry gets to be super special phoenix animagus that works with shadows, Harry gets a new name (in phoenix form) that makes everyone but the 12 year old that thought of it cringe.

Good writing, but you see that it was first published some 15 years ago and the terrible starting ideas are dragged along.
Kryn Womble chapter 32 . 6/25
So Legolas is just A-ok with Harry bleeding out in front of him with a dagger in his stomach? Wtf
zeynel chapter 32 . 6/25
Loved this ! And poor Harry, barely finding someone only for this person to be ready to just drop him... And Legolas ! Okay, you hea r the call of the gulls and all that, but could you not help the one who was BLEEDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ? You idiot !
Jadeflame chapter 32 . 6/25
I think you possibly skipped a chapter my friend xD.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/24
Well that's a bit of a cliff hanger. Hope destroying the ring takes care of Voldie for good and that Harry gets a happy ending!
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