Reviews for Perfect After All
Pajaro Negro chapter 8 . 4/11/2015
Poor Alphonse! It makes me so damn sad.
Pajaro Negro chapter 7 . 4/11/2015
This chapter made me freak out, get up off my chair, and run around my apartment, then sit down and read more. They know what the device is now! OMG! Exciting.

There was a little bit of break in my suspension of disbelief when the physicists figured out what the bomb was and that they could make another, just from examining it. You can't just figure that out from the outside! I slapped myself and put my suspension-of-disbelief goggles back on, though, so I could keep reading. The story is too good to be stopped by this small detail!
Pajaro Negro chapter 6 . 4/11/2015
Okay, this chapter was a little bit slower, it's true. I get most excited when people are analyzing the situation and trying to figure out what happened. Also, I like seeing Ed and Al's progress. Poor guys! So beat up.
Pajaro Negro chapter 5 . 4/11/2015
I'm reading this a second time, after several years. It's still exciting! The scene changes are quick enough and the pacing is good. I love how you use the characters.
Static O. Sventura chapter 14 . 10/14/2014
The Zeppelin thing did annoy me in the anime. I was actually shouting "Move, you moron! Move!" at the screen.

And I like your owing thing. I always thought it was weird that Ed's leg and Al's body was payment for a copy of their mom, but just Ed's arm equalled Al's soul...
Static O. Sventura chapter 6 . 10/14/2014
I love Havoc's "knowledge" of automail.

And this story. I also really like this story :)
Firefly264 chapter 18 . 4/6/2013
I would just like to say that this is definitely one of the more brilliantly written stories that I've read on this site. The plot was amazing, well written, and obviously thought out and planned thoroughly. You really have covered just about everything possible, and I'm definitely starting on the sequels right away! I'm glad that someone managed to think of SOMETHING to explain the first series. As awesome as it was, it had way too many plot holes, especially when compared to the manga. All of your explanations, especially about the Gate, were well though out, believeable in context with canon, and brilliant! *bows in awe*
Amber Hastings chapter 18 . 7/20/2012
I just wanted to let you know this story is amazing! It's the third time I read this and I don't have enough. I truly believe the studio responsible for CoS intended to have a continuation, otherwise what would they bring the uranium bomb into the plot, but at the end they just bailed. You can't imagine how much I would love to see this story in motion. It should be an official movie or something. LOL. It would be great to actually see what we can just imagine from your words. Nut to be realistic I highly doubt that will happen.
What was really anguishing and had me in tears was Edward's unbearable pain. That's something I have always admire of that character: his really high tolerance to pain. It's kind of fascinating to me. So you had me holding my breath, and in tears. (also with PAA: Price of the past).

I mean what I really want to say is thank you for the great trilogy. I'm glad this wasn't just a one shot as was your first intention. I don't know if I reviewed this before, it's been years since I first read it, but thank you again. I'm sure I'll be reading this several times more. -
mariocart86 chapter 19 . 3/24/2012
I just wanted to let you know that I have re-read this story several times, and I never get tired of it. Thank you for sharing a fantastic story of a fabulous manga/anime. I never did like the ending of the first Full Metal Alchemist, and I see your continuation as the true ending that should have happened. Here we are, six years later, and I STILL highly enjoy it. I loved the sequels to this too. I'm off to re-read this for the umpteenth time. Love your work!
rosebudmelissa chapter 19 . 3/15/2011
Wow, great story! I'll have to look at the sequels. I am very, very impressed by how you took the frayed edges of the gaping plot holes and wove your story into them to create a seamless whole. It's beautiful, and I finally feel closure with the first anime. I'm sure I'll enjoy your sequels just as much. Thank you so much for the time you put into this story. And don't worry about the length. It's perfect.
rosebudmelissa chapter 11 . 3/15/2011
This story is just too perfect! You do a great job taking all those loose ends and weaving them into a completed story. It almost makes me appreciate the move and the end of the anime. Not that they were bad, they just left so many things hanging that it was really unsatisfying. You're doing an incredible job fixing that. Also your characterization is excellent. Mustang bringing Ed around was the same ruthless love (since it' too harsh to even be called tough love) that he's always used on his men. Awesome, wonderful story!
Amanda chapter 15 . 1/30/2011
Den is a girl!

And I love the legend of the Fullmetal Alchemist, complete with conspiracy theories and everything.

I am so glad you continued this story with not just one more chapter as you initially hoped, but several more, then two more sequels. It's fun storytelling. I enjoy it.
Amanda chapter 14 . 1/30/2011
I remembered the zeppelin argument. It was funny when I first read it and it is funny now. Poor Winry!
Amanda chapter 5 . 1/29/2011
I read this years ago and since none of my current fanfics have been updated recently, I started reading this one again. I just want to say that I love that you included the Russell and Fletcher.
Snot chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
"These were all her boys, regardless of their ages. She, Maria, and Sheska had to take care of them, because they were completely incapable of taking care of themselves."

That pretty much sums it up, with a pretty bow and a cherry and everything.

This is probably the longest "one-shot" in the world. I have no idea how took a short story and ended up with a...trilogy?

Anyway...the story started out rather slow, and the not-so-chronological order confused me a little, but I think it's picking up now and I am easily confused. And I'll probably like this story a lot more when I'm not living off four hours of sleep and beef jerky (i.e. tomorrow).
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