Reviews for Turnabout
elderwitty chapter 1 . 9/29/2010
My God, this is great stuff!

You have their voices and relationship down pat. The villain was perfectly drawn, as well.

Please, please tell me that you have plans to write more in this genre. It doesn't *have* to be Sid Halley, but (I must confess) I'd love it if it were. Or, oh! Can you write a story with Kit Fielding and Co? I miss the Princess.

Thanks for this. I was sad when Dick retired (and sadder when he died), and this story eases that ache, just a little.

No concrit. It's perfect as it stands.
LittleRedDog chapter 1 . 6/6/2008
Yes, this needs reviews. You have a wonderful writing skill. I enjoy whichever genre you write in, this being no exception. Good pace, dialogue, and easily slips between present and past events to explain the two men's relationship. I feel Dick Francis' voice in this fic.

Thank you.
Tastytime chapter 1 . 1/27/2007
Hello there,

I was browsing and spotted this story- and also that it had no reviews which is a damnable shame. I know how depressing it is to write something and because the fandom is little known, to get no reviews. I really enjoyed this very very much, and the dynamic between Charles and Sid was terrific. There was no sappiness, no angst or heart to hearts, just good old British stoicness, and that gift that seems to be attached, of not needing words sometimes. The elements were just right, affectionate, easy going, and both were in character. Hope you write more, and I'll keep an eye out for it!