Reviews for Little Red Raising Storm
crissXcrossXcroissoy chapter 8 . 3/16/2012
LOL Kim Kaphwan Vs Shinn Asuka in Destiny? GOtta be awesome... in Filipina some moar la!
crissXcrossXcroissoy chapter 5 . 3/16/2012
Kuda Kepang! and i like how the great Heero Yuy suddenly appeared and kill people...! and they did kuda kepang.. odd,but awesome xD
Sheo Darren chapter 8 . 2/25/2007
It's over? So what's next?

*flashbacks to clips from the WWE to The Rock-Goldberg rivalry*

The Rock: "It's over."

Goldberg: "You want to know who's next, Rock? YOU'RE next!" *spears The Rock*

Yuuki: "Sheo..."

- “I take that as an unpleasant invitation to a challenge, Terry,” Geese replied.

lol the immediate brawl between Terry and Geese is a great opening joke.

- “I heard he went to the Philippines to accept the challenge invitation by someone named Shinn Asuka,”

No. He really did. And to the music of Ignited, too. And with Mayu and Dearka on the side. _

Onee-sama/Onii-chan syndrome abounds. Even with Triela and Victor. _

- “Stupid long-lost twin of Kaede…”

Long-lost twin, huh? *imagines the trio of Rock, Ky and Kaede as the Blonde Blue-Eyed Battalion* Okay, that wrong, wrongwrongwrong...

*Fan girls squeal at the overpowering bishie-ness and overflowing potential for yaoi. Fan boys protest and demand yuri instead. Fan girls and fan boys start yet another pointless battle that will be senselessly ended by a Kansas City Shuffle-*

Nerine: "Stop it!" *throws energy blast that blows up fan boys and fan girls*

*-or Rin-chan*

- “Anonymous does not care.”

Neither is he your friend. Nor forgives. _

- Cadbury chocolates

... Lone Wolf... Can't you think of a more romantic (and expensive) gift?

Yuuki: *while holding Loki* "This from the man who has no girlfriend."

Four: "Negi-kun!" *glomps Negi*

Hidoi, Yuuki-chan, Four-chan, you make your father so envious...

Sylphe: *sigh* "He still hasn't noticed."

Lone Wolf, you bastard. Gaining a harem and all.

Yuuki: "Look who's talking."

They're no longer my harem! TWWAW is turning realistic now!

Yuuki: "Right. Update it."


Shingo gets the short end of the stick. Again. Uh, oh. Find that cursed tape! No, wait, there might be the off chance that it's the tiny and cute Sadako-chan instead.

Shingo: "I already have a girlfriend!"

Kudos, Lone Wolf! Well done!
Sheo Darren chapter 7 . 2/20/2007
It's over? Already? Oh. No? Okay. _

A man walked past the remaining members of SOS-dan who happened to stand outside the hall. Wearing trench coat and cowboy hat, his appearance at first glance would remind people of the leading character from the 50’s detective show and his presence was barely noticeable to most of the visitors.

Jeremy Colt: "Oi. No one steals my style and lives long to get away with it."

Chloe: "Hush, Jeremy."


Marco never got that in "Snow Claes" _

Gross, don’t tell me it’s Haruhi’s doing again…”


You mean God doesn't know? Paradox!

Again, Luke was ‘encouraged’ by his fellow gunslinger boys to ‘help’ Claes. He cried foul and shooed them away.

You do know it is dangerous to mention Luke here, do you?

Luke: "He's dead." *arms his Jericho*

“Well, it’s because Lone Wolf adores Claes so much he’s furious at Sheo,” Rolito said.

lol Rolito know all _

“And the truth is really out there.”

Cue X-Files theme song.

“So it is indeed true that she and the Author are having an affair,”

Hey, Rolito! Lookie lookie!

Rolito: "Shut the fuck up, Sheo, if you know what's good for you..."

Fan boys and male audiences jumped off their chairs and hooted in utmost endorsement at the scene. The ‘detective man’ glowered at them. “Stupid pheromon-induced people…” A piece of rope tangled down the ceiling; he reached for it and sharply pulled it down. In an instant portal fire of door materialized under them and sent them down to the unknown. He looked over the door, which was positioned conveniently beside him, and said: “well, good luck escaping the Abyss.”

-_- So much for wondering who this guy is. _

The Holy Crossbow of Smiting 5!

So it actually exists, eh? lol Forgotten Realsm/AD&D rules...

in the fight for dominance, Mother Hibiki was utterly, and I mean UTTERLY, relentless.

Rolito: "Very true. I'd know. I lived with her for five years."

Sheo: "I hear..."

Rolito: "I told you to shut up already."

Sheo: "Nothing..."

“And she even clothlined!”


“But I’m not Shinn!” the Taekwondo champion replied.



*battle between Destiny Gundam and Taekwon V commences*

Kyon,” a shocked-looking Haruhi complained. “I thought Mikuru-chan just taunted me.”

End of the world fast approaching...

Good one!
yayina chapter 6 . 2/16/2007
please bring back Rock and Hotaru!

Great job,continue

Sheo Darren chapter 6 . 2/14/2007
Just so you'd know, my friend Sho Tsuzuku stumbled across a couple of Suzumiya Haruhi fan fics in the Misc. Anime section. Try looking for one called "The Melancholoy of Kyon".

Suddenly Yamazaki materialized behind the lone wolf and whispered: “I see what you did there.”

So "Scary Movie". Oh, and a cat is fine, too. _

“Damn it. Where the hell is the security?” Malin demanded.

“Heero-san told me he had an important mission to accomplish,” Hibiki explained. “And he apologizes for abruptly leaving.”

The three British commentators who had made their appearance in the last two episodes of Little Red Raising Storm were found dead near the boulevard of the London Tower.

“Waltz 1 to Base Command. Targets have been eliminated. Awaiting next order.”

-_- I ought to get "Miss Destiny" done.

“So here’s a bunny with a pancake on its head.”

Yum! *chomp*

Yuki and Four: "Sheo!"

Huh? Oh. Oh. Oops. *burps and licks lips*

Unfortunately, Mister Howard, we’ve received complaint letters from parents regarding the controversy behind… Akazukin Howard.

Stupid PTA...

Well, except for Phoenix Wright who proceeded to slam his palms on the table and pointed to Malin. “OBJECTION! I demand 10 reasons on why these twos should join this stage play.”

TAIYOUKEN!” Tsuruya disintegrated Phoenix Wright with her Bright Forehead Beam.



Momoko Athena R. Mika Butt Attack Squad. 3x Butt Attack

*dodges said attacks* Hahah!

“By the way, is it just me or do Asahina Mikuru and Takane Hibiki fit the overall theme of Little Red Riding Hood very much? I mean, the original Akazukin Cha-cha wore red and both of them wear red.

lol I thought so, too.

The phone rang again.

And it kept on ringing…

Rolito: "Strange. No one seems to be at home."

Giuseppe: "Sensei? Why are you making prank calls to that number?"

Rolito: *shrugs* "Sheo hasn't released the next chapter of any of the stories featuring me. I have nothing better to do."

Giuseppe and elena: "Sensei..."

Good job, Lone Wolf!
nanaka chapter 1 . 2/11/2007
great fanfic

I love it!

its very funny

I like very much your fanfic couples
Sheo Darren chapter 5 . 2/8/2007
I see Mikuru developed a spine and is spamming Mikuru Beams in the interim.

*gets shot at by Mikuru beam, but blocks with Positron Reflector*

Hah! My defense against your types is flawless!

Geese: "Useless." *Reppukens me*

“It’s a trap!” Admiral Ackbar shouted from among the audience.

“Approval!” Phoenix Wright shouted.

You two are useless.

The children cheered. “Yaay! Big Bad Wolf is back!”

You're supposed to be afraid of him

Rolito: "These are very scary children, Sheo."

Heero Yui killed commentator with C4 Teddy Bear.

“Waltz 1 to Base Command. Enemy has been taken care of,” Heero reported.

Heero. I thought you were still in The Miss Seed Destiny Beauty Pageant.

Heero: "I would if you actually update it."


*Heero Yui killed Sheo Darren with C4 Teddy Bear.*

An utterly awesome background music of -Bicycle Race?

“Woops. Wrong music,” Rugal uttered


“Look. We’re not doing a Dragon Ball stage play where a five-minute fight scene will take up to five episodes to finish.”

Actually, five scenes are the minimum for such short fights. Epic fights span the whole series.

“Shut up, Lone Wolf. And don’t every try knocking Madlax up without getting married first.”

Terry snapped. Madlax blushed and cupped her cheeks in embarrassment. Male audience was like “OHNOES! YOU REALLY KNOCK HER UP, TERRY? BLASPHEMY!”

Terry's a big boy. Let him have his fun. Not like Madlax is going to live long enough, counting on Terry's luck with girlfriends-

*Amnani chant starts playing*

-Or maybe not.

“Gosh! They’re using the kuda kepang!” Momoko exclaimed.

“Kuda kepang? What’s that?” both Tsuruya and Imotou asked.

“One of Malaysia’s many cultural heritages, it’s a dance performed by the Malays of Johor state,” Momoko explained.

Rolito? You're going to promote something in the Philippines in the next chapter of Snow Claes.

Rolito: "No."

Oh, God, the Hunters of the Octagon Table searching for the Holy Crossbow of Smiting 5 are complete IDIOTS. And their leader is Kimmy. lol


“You tit! I soiled my all-purpose hunting vest, I was so scared!” Yamazaki jeered.

Yamazaki... Lone Wolf... he shouldn't be treated like that...

What? The Wolf won? 0_o

“Let us taunt it!” Duck King recommended. “It may become so cross that it will make mistakes.”

Ragnarok Online Swordsman skill lol

“The Holy Flash Bang of South Town! ‘Tis one of the sacred relics Brother Andy carries with him. Brother Andy! Bring up the Holy Flash Bang!”

Running for cover, now.

*looks at three Britishers* I demand that someone run over to them and kill them in a senseless display of brutality like what happened to the Noted Historian.

*looks at Rock and Hotaru* Get on with it, you too.

Heero Yui killed fan boys with Waltz Cannon

I just feel RYTHM EMOTION...

“Consult the Book of Armaments!” Kim Kap Hwan ordered.

Oh, yeah! Nukes abound!

“He was later declared dead.”

Y'know, that one reserved line of yours alone packs as much humor as the whole story. I demand more of such subtlety!

“What do you mean by against the law? I AM THE LAW!” Kim shouted.

Judge Dredd?

Sylvester Stallone: "He's the disease. I'm the cure."


*is shot by Hilshire and Triela, and then stabbed by Pinocchio*

“What really happened?” Mireille Bouquet asked.

“I believe the Lone Wolf Effect is taking place,” Rolito answered via the intercom.

The woman blinked many times. “What?”)

lol Causing chaos even there, eh, Rolito?

Rolito: "I endeavor to maximize my presence's effect anywhere I go."

Heine. Die.

Mysterious phone call and Kim's megalomania new twist to the story! Can't wait for it! Go, Lone Wolf!
Sheo Darren chapter 4 . 1/23/2007
*resumes reading after cleansing eyes of the sight of Rock crossdressing- excuse me, "cosplaying" as a girl*

Well, except for a full-scale cardboard cut-out of Phoenix Wright in his recognizable “Objection!” pose.

What? we can't hunt lawyers? It'd do the world a ton of good to start hunting lawyers.

“You mean Utawa-Ray Romano?”

You mean Underwater Ray Romano. Which is popular in Australia. _

Geese and Rugal doing a high-five- ah! Evil! Axis of Evil!

*in Krauser's heavily-accented Germanic voice* Poor Terry. You are so disappointed by the fact that your costume sucks.

Oh, look, it's Butt-Attack-Girl, Lolfang-tan and Mikuru- I mean, Kyon's imouto. _

And yes, inviting the rest of the SOS-dan is dangerous. Haruhi will kidnap all the cuties and force the men to do what she wants them to do. Except maybe for Geese, who's probably the only guy who can win against Haruhi. Probably. I think.

Shingo, you bastard. I am so gonna have your ass kicked in the Geese Cup story I'm writing.

And... Mireille- I mean, Madlax! How could you! Do you not know the curse of the Lone Wolf a.k.a. All-My-Girlfriends-Die-To-Give-Me-A-Much-Needed-Power-Boost?

Oh, God, Rock, no... don't do that... *throws up*

Male audience shouted “quick! Cover the children’s poor eyes!” and protected the under-ages.

Too late. I'm already traumatized.

“Kill them, please.”

Heero Yui did his job again. “Threat eliminated,” he reported while standing on charred bodies of audience and fan boys.

I see you have a new job, Heero.

Heero: "That's because you haven't updated "The Miss Seed Destiny Beauty Pageant" in a while.

Just for that snide comment, I'm misspelling your name.

Hero: "What? Sheo, I will destroy you..."

Shinn: "That's my line!"


Entertaining! Keep it up, Lone Wolf!
Sheo Darren chapter 3 . 1/23/2007
Akazukin’s grandmother earned her living by conducting dance class

This reminds me of the movie "Independence Day".

Will Smith's Girlfriend: "I'm a dancer."

First Lady: "Ballet?"

Will Smith's Girlfriend: "No. Exotic."

*chortles, then pats Kula-chan's head affectionately* Now, Kula-chan, do what Candy-oneechan tells you, okay- wait a minute. Candy. You're already dead.

oh, my God, Time Paradox!

Pinocchio: "Hey, I'm dead as of Volume 3 of the GSG manga too. Why am I still in 'Snow Claes'?"

Oh, shut up.

continuing: stupid Englishmen... stupid "sweetie pie" comment... stupid Batsu- I mean, stupid Phoenix Wright... making me laugh like a ninny... lol

*falls of chair*

Ignition? IGNITION? Athena... that sounds so bad...

So, who DID make the script? Rolito?

Rolito: "No."

Waiting for Terry's portrayal of the Big Bad Lone Wolf... _
Sheo Darren chapter 2 . 1/16/2007
“Once upon a time, in the lands of Middle-Earth…”


“Say, who wrote the script anyway?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but just continue with your job!”


Rolito: Please. I wouldn't write anything like that.

“For everyone’s convenience, she shall be referred to as Akazukin.”

Chacha? lol

*stared at Rock Howard in a girl's outfit.*

You're right, Rolito. You can't have written anything like this.

Well, at least it can't get any worse...

*Rey Za Burrel, wearing nothing but a thong, walks into sight*

Rey: Hi. Lone Wolf called me in as a favor.


“Useless.” Geese Howard charged at the fan people and obliterated them from the world with a powerful Deadly Rave. “Predictable.”

Actually, I was looking forward to a Mighty Raging Storm. *consults with LegendarySuperNamek for permission*

Disco. Democrazy. Naughty Hotaru.

“It’s a trap!” Admiral Ackbar suddenly shouted.

How convenient. A "Star Wars" marathon happened to be showing here in the Philippines.

. “Little did she know that a pair of hungry, angry, and desperate eyes was looking at him in absolute interest, hidden beneath the thick vicinity of the virgin forest.”

Terry. You have sunk low ever since Sullia died.

all while Rock innocently danced with the ‘Orcs’ onstage.

At this point, I feeld the need to throw up copious amounts of bile. *does so*

“That was so freaking lame,” Shingo uttered. “Whoever makes the stupid script should die in a slow, horrid way…”

Disturbing, very disturbing brand of humor you've got there, Lone Wolf-san. But it did get me to grin while shaking my head. :)
Sheo Darren chapter 1 . 1/11/2007
My parody of Snow White been parodied in turn. Noes!

*everyone stares at me. I stare back at everyone*

Lone Wolf as the Big Bad? Ultra-hot Hotaru? SFX Man Geese Howard? ("Predictable.") Phoenix Wright? And Suzumiya Haruhi (on every other day) as director?

This I gotta see...

Rather cluttered and random, but it adds to the hilarity factor of the entire story.

Rock dressed up as a girl is disturbing. Perish the thought.

Was that Joe Higashi screaming out Anji's name? Yep. It was. lol random lol
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 1 . 1/7/2007
I stumbled across this when I noticed the name "Phoenix Wright" in it. Being a fan of the games, both SNK and Capcom-wise, I took a look.

Very funny, and you've got a seductive Hotaru... very unique!