Reviews for Bloody Fox
Battlesny chapter 16 . 5/27
they'll use her for breading? for what, fish?chicken wings? deep-fried cheesecake balls? though i'm not sure humans would make a good breading anyways.
also, too bad Hinata was the only Hyuuga he kidnapped. He coulda hsaved her and got one for Kiri. I'm sure Hiashi would have loved to give up the daughter he hasn't already disowned :)
Battlesny chapter 6 . 5/27
for what it's forth Orochimaru I think it'sa great idea :)
Battlesny chapter 5 . 5/27
is genesis the one with the two naked idiots and an apple?
Battlesny chapter 4 . 5/27
denying that you are crazy will only further prove that you really are.
Battlesny chapter 2 . 5/27
oh, that's who Isaribi is. guess I put too much focus on only reading manga, they don't seem to have enough filler chapters compared to anime.
Phantom9292 chapter 1 . 4/25
Was about to exit out of this shit story when I decided to review. Now it started out good but you ruined it with the romance. I was fine with Isaribi but you put hinata in it even after stating you wouldn't pair her with naruto. So yeah you ruined a story I thought I'd be able to enjoy without that damn fucking stalker hinata, so yeah fuck this shit and I hope you hate yourself forever for doing that.
roagemage251 chapter 1 . 4/15
A female Kisame
Itharax chapter 6 . 2/2
Great story so far. Love the bible parts with Orochimaru. Very creative, especially the last chapter with him crying at the snake getting punished... expected yet did not expect.
Bomertank chapter 5 . 1/28
you do know Inari's mother is Tsunami and not Tsunade
HaruXKyouyaLaxusXLucy4EVER chapter 29 . 1/25
Amazing!More plz
Michael Bourne chapter 17 . 11/4/2014
HHHHAAAAAAA nice trick there blondie with the pocky now cuff itachi's head and deliver it to the leaf to collect his bounty
yindragonkiba chapter 29 . 9/5/2014
Love it
yo chapter 5 . 8/14/2014
haha tsunade tht sounds really weird. By the way change it to tsunami not tsunade.
trevor chapter 7 . 8/2/2014
XD I love how you made orochimaru religious
Firedon chapter 10 . 7/12/2014
Argh, this is enough. The story itself would be somewhat decent in my opinion, but you completely ruin it with the Orochimaru bits. The tone you set for this story is kinda dark, with the three protagonists all having tragic pasts and everything and it's okay if you lighten the mood now and then with some humor. But these bits about Orochimaru? They're so over the top that they just aren't funny. Ohh, he burns when he touches the bible, hahaha. And now he's traumatized by Gai? Argh, this guy is an S-Class missing nin that regularly experiments on people, an evil bastard through and through. And you make him seem like the idiot from next door that stumbles into every possible funny situation. And I can't stand that anymore. So I'm out.
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