Reviews for Razor's Decision
uss71832 chapter 5 . 5/25/2013
Yeah! Razor finally gets the guy!
agentwhite chapter 5 . 7/23/2009
Oh wow, I can't believe that this is the end. I haven't looked through the rest of your stories yet, but you should know that i will. I Read this story from parts of the day, and to tell you. I think that this was one of the best love stories that i have read so far. If you see my page you will know that i like x-men, But you have gotten me into Razor and Feral. I Must say your writing is very sublime and I can't believe that you have writen something like this. Ha ha i know this might sound weird comnig from a total stranger, and i hpe that it isn't weird to you. But i truely loved this story. The love that formed between Razor and Feral was sotouching. I only wish to have seen more of their love forming instead of time passing, but how you wrote it was perfect the way it is. My only hopes is to see a continuation of this fic. Like i said i havent seen your other works and there might be a continuation to this already writen, but if not then i hope that you write one soon. I know it might not mean much wiht one person asking for this, and with it being from one story. And how i havent even read your otehrs yet. I really like this one, and i dont thin i will forget this one either. So I thank you for writing this, and you will be asured that i will read just about every other Swat Kat story that you have writen and will hopefully write in the future. It's kind of rare, to find an author like you and a story liek this. Most of what you find is just smut, and sex to fulfil something of some kind of pleasure in a way. But what you write is somewhat touching and jsut makes the readers want to read more. Like i said befor i hope to see more Razor/Feral stories from you, and i truely hope to see a continuation of this. Iread how you don't like seeing a story unfinished. Well im not saying that this isn't finished, but maybe just maybe there can be more to be told than from the first time.


"everyone has a story, but they just don’t know it yet, and if someone asks me how mines going to end I am going to say happy"


This is the longest review that i have ever writen and have ever put so much thought into.
Swallows a lot chapter 5 . 3/14/2009
This was a good story usually if feral's paired up in slash its with tbone, but its good to see a change of pace.
Wolf Skinchanger chapter 5 . 2/16/2007
Wow. Again.
RaneyLee chapter 5 . 1/14/2007
Ohh.. the plot thickens! XD And I see lots of juicey goodness in here too. Kinda hard to leave a good review cause I read it from the beginning.. that's what's so annoying for being off the net for a while.. T_T Anyway, I REALLY like this! And I can't wait for more! I'm courious if Razor finally reveals his true idenity to Feral, accidental or not.. And very naughty of Chance to follow! *ties Chance to a bed and shakes a finger at him* You naughty naughty kitty! lol

AWesome job so far! I'm loving it and wating for more!