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Miggie chapter 32 . 4/29
This is an amazing story, I have been glued to it basically since I was told to read it. I love everything about it- the dialogue and the characters are brilliant and really realistic, you are one talented writer! I especially like the parts where it gets serious, especially as they are maturing and dealing with difficult stuff. I am getting a bit desperate for Lily and James to just get together and be happy at least in their relationship as when you think about it they're going to die so young, they will have to deal with death eaters, the death of friends and family before they die too. I would love them to work out what happened with the potion and at least enjoy a short victory.
I don't know what your aim is regarding when to end the story, I would obviously love it to go on as long as possible! In the end I would love James to realise (maybe by Lily doing something very brace?) that he can't protect her from having to face danger no matter what they do and that they will both be putting themselves in danger by fighting against Voldemort and opposing the pure blood fanatics, but they will do that together and nothing will tear them apart.
So love the squabbling and flirting! Reminds me of the types of things my boyfriend and I used to do before we started going out, aged about 18. He's my husband now...! This is the best fan fiction I've read- and I am a fan ... as good if not better than JKR...
Guest chapter 32 . 4/26
MyraKellvin chapter 31 . 4/22
I've read your description, and no matter what you may say, while still a person you are first an author. An author who is killing the hopes of thousands of people every day. For shame madam.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/21
So good but plz finish it
Guest chapter 32 . 4/14
how can it end like this it's been 4 years there are tears in my eyes and so many emotions oh my i'm in love please update this is the most beautiful thing and this chapter i can't even form a sentence i'm honestly lost for words i love it i love it i love it thank you for bringing this into my life god bless please finish it much love
HEY chapter 32 . 4/12
This song makes me think of JiLy.

Beyoncé - Mine ft. Drake (Lyrics)

whiteblossom143 chapter 32 . 4/12
Rereading this for the 100th time, it is still my all-time favourite. What a corker of a story. I've been re-reading it for years (maybe even a decade now?! Can it be that long? Christ I feel old) and I still find it as engaging each time I come back to it. Every interaction is so believable because you've invested so much in building these characters and the plot is brilliant. There is so much more I could say about it but it's midnight here and I should probably be sleeping when I've got work tomorrow! I really hope you still enjoy writing it because you have such a talent for itwhatever you decide to put out is pretty much Jily gospel now! Thank you for such a brilliant story xx
A.Me.Bee chapter 32 . 4/11
Please! Please, 1000000 times! Your writing is amazing and we are dying to read the next chapter!
I hope Saunders will get expelled from school and James will tell Lily what she forgot and she will tell him she loves him so much and she would rather die than continues to live without him!
It Was Always Yo chapter 32 . 4/7
Just perfect song/lyrics for this story..!


Woke up sweating from a dream
With a different kind of feeling, oh
All day long my heart was beating
Searching for the meaning, oh

Hazel eyes, I was so color blind
We were just wasting time, uh uh babe
For my whole life, we never crossed the line
Only friends in my mind, but now I realize

It was always you
Can't believe I could not see it all this time
All this time
It was always you
Now I know why my heart wasn't satisfied
It was always you, you
No more guessing who
Looking back now I know it was always you
Always you
an Cheo an Glen chapter 32 . 4/7
I know its been a few years since you updated this but still about 3 or 4 times a year I'll get bored of going through the Jily fanfics where quite a few are literal replicas of each other and I will think "you know what I haven't read in a while? Commentarius" I love love love all your other fanfics as well but please please if you could update this one, even if it was a finale chapter.
This story is without a doubt one of the best written stories on this site and it would be a shame for it to sit here unfinished.
lalelumondfrau chapter 1 . 4/6
love it! perfect story for a nice lazy holiday! I would love to know how the whole drama between James and Lily will end!
Hullo chapter 32 . 4/5
What kind of an ending was that?:(
We really need one more chapter...
CrazyMassiveFan chapter 32 . 3/31
It's only been 2 days and I miss this story already, seriously :'-( you can't leave this here, I don't care how long it's been. I miss your amazing characters xx
CrazyMassiveFan chapter 32 . 3/29
Oh my god no you can't leave this I know it's been 4 years but I found this amazing story about a week ago and couldn't stop reading. It's unbelievable how much you make me hate and love Lily at the same time, you honestly have a gift. Please don't give up on this xx
T.C.Waite chapter 32 . 3/25
Can't end here?! Please tell me update is soon?
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