Reviews for I Am Afraid
Gossip-Girrl chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
Hey again,

I was thinking about this poem, the other day, and then I remembered that I hadn't left a review. So i decided too.

Well, I think I already told you that i L-O-V-E it.

But i thought I'd leave you a nice long review, seeing as how long reviews are my crack.

M, crack, lol, but back to the point.

'Please, please don't leave me here- please,

I still need you here, don't decide it's time for you to leave.'

This part makes me think that it's Dean's point of view.

Because, i think, that Dean is the one with the abandonment issues, not Sam. And Sam has been the only one to leave.

And i love Dean more anyway, Lol.

'But for you, I swear I will try to be a rock you can stand on.

Just please, don't leave me alone.'

Yeah, that's Definitely Dean

'What if you said part of you was already dead'

This part just breaks my heart, it's so sad that he would think that.

'And what if underneath your jacket, I felt your heart breaking?'

Kind of like how mine did when i read this line? Yeah kinda like that.

'What if I reminded you of everything you've lost,'

Ohh angst, how i love you.

Seriously, i heart your poetry, you should definitely write more.

'I'm afraid to hear your pain.

I'm too afraid that those wounds won't heal.

I'm just sick of being afraid.'

You know what I'm afraid of? dying of an angst overdose. But seriously that would be an awesome way too go.

Yea, no con-crit here, because i love the poem so much.

It seriously was true enough to how i think Dean feels, to not be soppy, like some poems are, and it has just the right amount of angst to be belivable.

Some of the lines seriously just rip out your heart.

'So again, I shove you off with a flashy grin, telling you not today.'

So Dean, it hurt.

Awesome job.
procol harum chapter 1 . 1/5/2007
Great poem, you should continue writing more, you're good at it.
caregiver2pt chapter 1 . 1/4/2007
Don't give up writing poetry. Because of you and some other auther's I've just started to read and enjoy poetry. So don't stop now- the poem was great. Kat
bayre chapter 1 . 1/4/2007
Very nice.