Reviews for Fields of Gold
Maghands chapter 1 . 5/16/2013
This made me cry
its so sad yet beautiful
lunachiarolover chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
i was close to crying. you did a beautiful job with this, im really happy you did something like this because like you said it would be unexpected for her to die. and with the thing of sasuke being emotional is true to, i would picture it that way too. and the whole biogenetic engineering thing, i wouldnt be surprised either if she did. i love these three together even though there are points i hate one of them. but you did a fantastic job with this story!
Takayu chapter 1 . 3/30/2009
I've read this story several times and have always loved it. But for some reason, I've never reviewed it.

Well, now I have.

I love the way you wrote the entire thing and it left me wondering as to what sort of feelings there were between Sasuke and Naruto after Naruto pretended to be Sakura. I really think that that's a great cause for awkwardness between the two and everything flowed very perfectly from that in my opinion.

And, like you, I think that Sasuke would've had the more difficult time of dealing with Sakura's death. That old saying, "better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" doesn't seem all that true sometimes but I think you proved it very nicely that it is indeed. And that Sakura didn't have to teach Naruto a lesson was like a cherry on top of this fanfic pie.

And plus, I absolutely love sasunarsaku to squishy little pieces.

Do you mind if I add this to a rec list of mine?
xxguesswhoxx chapter 1 . 11/16/2008
lolz i can so imagine naruto face when ren's eyes changed color XD
Melitza chapter 1 . 11/16/2008
Wonderful. Poignant, and rich with "what if" potential. Much more sad than if she had just chosen to have children for each of them, but whatev, that wouldn't have made a poignant story like this eh? I think this story truly shined at her death scene, and at the scene where they are going to clean Sakura's clothes out.
Angry Paradox chapter 1 . 9/13/2008
omg, that was good, i cried from the start to now (literally)

great oneshot
Wolfspirited chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
i think sasuke was kind of a bastard to naruto... i expected him to be less cold towards him since the three of them are together and they loved the other.

but i liked sakura in his dream. ]

and the meaning of the child's name... that was beautiful.

cool fic!
Heart's Door chapter 1 . 2/2/2008
What? Oh, the angst! I love angst - to an extent (I'm not that much of a sadist...) - but this was just so beautifully angstful (wow, I'm not sure if that even made sense) that I don't know how to react to the story! Like I said, it was beautiful; I love how you showed all their stages of grief and recovery. However, I can't believe Sakura would do that! Doing a genetic experiment so she could have a child that's a bit of all of them- It's just- Gah! A really good idea for your plot, but infuriating since even though I like angst, I'm still a much bigger fan of happy endings. Though I guess your one-shot did have a happy ending... A bittersweet one. Bleh.

Anywho, your story's great. A real heart-tugger... :) (aka: Loved the story.)
AGENT Kuma-chan chapter 1 . 12/29/2007
yes, sasu-chan, don't let ren-chan grow up on ramen, for that is all naru-chan will feed it her.

...sasuke, it seems for every step forward, you take three back.

...and naruto, you are definetly smarter than sasuke in some matters.

...saku-chan, that must have been a hard descision to make, knowing that you would die because of this...
Sahk chapter 1 . 2/21/2007
Even though I'm too tired/too much of a loser to do a complete review, I'm commenting anyway...

Great story. Really great. I wish all of the fics on this site were this high-quality. Even though I'm usually not a fan of Sakura paired with Sasuke or Naruto, I guess SakuSasuNaru works for me.

Yaay. :)
Wistful-Eyes chapter 1 . 2/20/2007
I gotta say, I love this fic to death just for these parts: "When Sasuke came home tired and muddy from his two-week mission escorting a high-ranking politician from the Fire Country to the Wave Country, he heard the sound of her voice. Without any caution, he rushed up to Ren’s room and grabbed his daughter out of the fake Sakura’s arms.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you sick fuck?” he hissed.

Naruto dropped his head and his henge. “I just wanted her to remember her mother,” Naruto quietly replied.

The next time one of them had to go on a mission, it was Naruto who went.


When Ren had been born, she had tufts of blond hair that stuck up in all directions and sky blue eyes that brightened whenever she saw either of her fathers. The only thing that were missing were those three whisker marks on each of her cheeks. However, once she turned six months old, her eyes began to darken until they finally became a fathomless black. It scared the living shit out of Naruto, though Sasuke was unsurprisingly pleased with this new development."


And it figures Sakura would continue on with her role as fixer-upper and resolve the conflict of the three of them by modifying her pregnancy like that, and as a result using so much chakra she died. She can be as foolhardy and stubborn as the other two, huh. Anyway, it was a neat concept though two things; there was a lot of crying, and I know its a hard blow to Sasuke, but maybe you could have expanded more on his guilt and his insecurities such as the Uchiha massacre and how badly Sakura's death affects him because of that (it was touched upon in the ending dream sequence, but it could be mentioned before that too). That would... I dunno, I thought that would make the crying more passable because I personally sorta winced whenever he started. I can picture him angrily crying but the helpless tear-stained look I thought needed some more bg info to back it up, just in my honest opinion. Nice job, regardless.
Andrometamorphose chapter 1 . 1/21/2007
this was just amazingly made me feel all happy and sad at the same time, and yeah...i got teary at the ending...great job!
Blonde-Existentialist chapter 1 . 1/7/2007
Aww so sweet. Bitter sweet, but not too sad...though plenty heart-string pulling for what you know they've lost. Excellently done though, especially with the insightfulness we all know Sakura had. She, and you, thought the same thing I did at the begining of the fic, and excecuted it quite well.
lilmisssushi chapter 1 . 1/7/2007
This may sound incredibly stupid, but I've missed Naruto and Sasuke. I've missed their relationship, and Sakura and the trio as a whole, and I haven't read anything as wonderful as this in a very long time.

This was amazingly beautiful. You really gave me a sense of completion. I feel sad and calm and hopeful all at once, and there were plently of little injectures of humour in there to keep me in my toes ]. (Somehow, the idea of having such socially awkward guys take care of a little bundle of joy made me laugh.)

I absolutely adore the ending, and the last part in the italics XD.

In any case, I know this is a horrible review, and I'm sorry about the senseless rambling. Still, I hope you know that you've sort of restored my faith in this fandom and how hugely appreciated this oneshot was ].

Good luck with your future writing XD.
HeWhoWalksTheEarth chapter 1 . 1/4/2007
I'm not sure if I reviewed something of yours before (and note this is not a review, just a...comment), but I did want to say this. As far as Naruto characters go, I don't like Sasuke as well. He gripes part of me to no end. I would type more, but I am tired. And the bed is calling me.