Reviews for Coming Home
FriendLey chapter 22 . 6/14/2009
Dude! hello? update? please?
FriendLey chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
oh. Ellis is very joyful and sorry and considerate. : :) that's good. :P
Serenity of the Lake chapter 22 . 3/20/2009
Please update soon! I want to find out what happens next!
buddies chapter 22 . 4/10/2008
just found this story and liked it hope you update soon please
hjksd chapter 18 . 10/10/2007
You know, Patrick Dempsey was in Sweet Home Alabama
kateswalshs chapter 22 . 8/17/2007
zomg! i knew it was gonna be austin!

how will it play out im wondering...?

great chapter! i can picture the chief's confusion lol ]
kml57 chapter 22 . 8/17/2007

oh dear

derek is not gonna like this

update soon
Puck and Rachel fan chapter 22 . 8/17/2007
oh poor Mer. I have a feeling this is going to try and cause problems for MerDer. Please post more soonish.

Greysqueen chapter 22 . 8/17/2007
i hope she tells him from a start that derek is her boyfriend...
Kilikina1 chapter 22 . 8/16/2007
well that sucks for Mer...but i can't wait to see Derek show this guy what's up...
ploski3113 chapter 22 . 8/16/2007
update soon!
Kilikina1 chapter 21 . 8/5/2007's that guy who was in love with her...this could get interesting...can't wai tfor Derek to be like "this is MY girl" hahaha
BrandiIndigo chapter 21 . 7/29/2007
Who is it? I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
kateswalshs chapter 21 . 7/29/2007

it's austin right? right? great story!

yay on call rooms, i love them... best place i think P
mrs. derek mcdreamy chapter 21 . 7/28/2007
o update
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