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Tanya Takaishi chapter 62 . 11/24
I think it may have been a chapter or two since I left a review and I apologize. The whole Dagomon arc was incredible last chapter. It was epic without being too dragged out and I loved how every character/digimon played a role. Kari womaned up which was refreshing, with TK's support. Cleaning up all the Deadmon was fun as well. Demiveemon will never cease to crack me up. You really write all the digimon so well. I love them even more for that.

Jun is really a great character in this story and I loved seeing her here. The slow build up with her relationship with Matt has been done very well and I loved Hiroaki's "family thing" comment. There has been a whole lot of lead up to his tie in to the digital world as well as Haruhiko. I nearly died from the near-confession to Nancy and cannot wait to see what your take on this story is. I love the idea that they might be part of the orginal digidestined team that is alluded to in the series and I wonder if capturing Sora and TK has something to do with this. Mummymon and Arukenimon have become such interesting characters on their own and this new twist to their turn against Oikawa is so exciting. I'm at the point that I have no clue where this is all going anymore - in the most exciting way possible.

I must say that having the whole families involved (Yolei's siblings crack me up) is so refreshing. I don't know how you manage to create such great characters and juggle all this - I guess that's why this is the most amazingly long digimon fanfic I've read. I commend your skill and dedication to this and I am so excited that we are slowly coming to a conclusion. I hope the new series on now proves to have half the writing skill you do.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 62 . 11/12
Time for the new battles to begin!
MWD1 chapter 62 . 11/12
Another great chapter! A bit shorter than usual, but I'm hoping the next part will be out soon. Keep up the great work!
morgan kingsley chapter 62 . 11/11
I have a feeling the last visit will be to Ken's parents in the future bits. That sort of was the feeling when T.K. decided that they should get Cody along. Hard to believe those future scenes all take place in the course of a couple days. I'm making head theories on what could be in the warehouses down at the docks right now. Well, aside from Arukenimon and Mummymon that is because I feel like those aren't just it. Whatever it is, I have a feeling that there will be a battle in there. I love all your little hints towards the original digidestined in this story. I'm also am curious how the whole sub plot with the Owikawa knowing Cody's father will turn out here in this version and I will admit I would be like Nancy when she found out Hiroaki knew about Owikawa if I was like her.
Ultimateblack chapter 13 . 10/17
Man, I wish you'd respond to my reviews sometimes :P it'd be nice to have a chat with the author. Anyway, the resistance was a nice addition to the story. I like it that Gargomon of all was chosen to be the leader. It's weird to see the cheerful, humorous bunny as a hardened, human hater, but it's great. The growth for Cody was the best of all. It makes the others feel lackluster, since he has the most principles to follow. Finally, I look forward to future mentions of the resistance. Makes one wonder why there weren't any anti-humans in the series. Do you mind if I borrow the idea? I really like it and I want to incorporate it in my story. I hereby ask permission to modify the concept for my own :) hope you grant it.
Ultimateblack chapter 11 . 10/17
This reminds me of tamers when the humans have their energy drained after a fight. Perhaps when the story goes further, the Digidestined will start to feel the pain their partners suffer from attacks?

Now I'm really curious about why Mimi is acting that way. Must have been really terrible to make her lose her purity of heart like that.

Now the Spirals are nice changes. In the series they never really used them to the full potential. I'm glad you put them to good use, especially on the chosen digimon. I wish you could have brought out Magnaangemon though.
Ultimateblack chapter 12 . 10/17
I'm glad this chapter is a friendship one. Maybe some hard core Takari shippers can say that there's more, but I'm happy that it's just friendship. Friendship fics always make me feel warm on the inside. Good job!
Ultimateblack chapter 10 . 10/15
Whoohoo. Changes. Ken managed to grab onto Agumon and escape with him. That's a welcome twist. Makes me wonder what's in store for the little dinosaur.

Are you... Writing your own thoughts through Matt? I know it makes sense that he thinks Davis is a screw up, but I'm curious. Are those your own thoughts or are they part of Matt's growth and warming up to the newest DD?
Ultimateblack chapter 9 . 10/15
So you acknowledge the lack of criticism the series gave to the new digidestined. The older generation would think, especially Matt that the new crew had much to learn. As the voice of experience, he certainly is harsh. However that is what I'd expect of him. I can't imagine the others being strict with the 02 DD, except Tai maybe. So the difference in this story is Davis wants to be... A pilot? The goggles suit him. Give him an aviator suit and voila you have a pilot.
Ultimateblack chapter 8 . 10/15
I noticed that Davis is a little short tempered in this story. However, he still shows signs of weakness (like in the previous chapter, where he froze in fear because he was up against Ken) and that is what I appreciate. The show portrayed him as completely oblivious and ridiculously optimistic, and I don't agree that anybody can be that happy all the time. It'll be great to watch this character grow, the way you're writing him is great.

You inserted a little foreshadowing of Kari being called to the Dark World. Nice, I look forward to that chapter. The rest of the chapter (and those before) was entertaining, so good job!
Ultimateblack chapter 6 . 10/15
A fine chapter as a whole. The only question on my mind is why did Yolei managed to solve the computer problem. She's good at computers, I get that, but Ken was a genius! She's like 12 years old. How much knowledge and skills about programming does she even have? Are the Japanese kids tech wizs at such young ages?
Ultimateblack chapter 5 . 10/14
Now this is a great chapter. My only question is why mimi is acting that way. Sounds like she has had issues over the years.

This is the last one for tonight because I need to sleep. Getting to the next ones tomorrow. Very entertaining story, mate.
Ultimateblack chapter 4 . 10/13
One thing's for sure, Davis is learning. He demonstrated that when he sobered enough to know he made a mistake. I knew there was something missing when Davis got mad at Jun in the digital world. Matt and Kari are slightly in the wrong here. They didn't know exactly what was going on, nor did they defend Davis when Jun (Matt in this case) jeered at her brother. Still, it's much better than what the series did.

I think I've caught on to the running gags: yolei's smell, Davis mouthing off literally anything and anybody except Kari, Davis and Yolei tumbling down the slope into the lake everyday... Am I missing anything?
Ultimateblack chapter 3 . 10/13
Ewwww... There has GOT to be an explanation for why Yolei refuses to bathe. Is she going through a rebellion phase or something? Regarding my question from my last review, it appears your sticking quite closely to the original plot, just putting it into words and tweaking some things. Great job, 3 chapters in and it's so addicting already.
Ultimateblack chapter 2 . 10/13
Another great starting chapter. This has what I didn't write, an extra escapade for the Digidestined while Davis was captured. Perhaps I should go back to my own chapter and make some additions one day...

I don't know how closely you're going to follow the original storyline but only few changes have been made. That will probably take place later on. The fact that ALL the original digimon partners couldn't get to the real world or got enslaved is a welcomed change. Small, but effective.

A thought on Tai's words: didn't they start out worse? Tai, a hot-head as well. Matt, an uncooperative lone Wolf. Sora is fine, I guess. Izzy was kinda like a nerd, but it's not too bad. Mimi was a bitchin loudmouth, while Joe was a helpless worrywart. Finally, TK was a crybaby who did nothing. How exactly is the original team better? Tai is looking at this from an experienced POV, when he should be prepping them for the challenges ahead of them.
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