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XaoOfTheMists chapter 42 . 12/30/2020
For some reason it hadn't occurred to me that you'd aged up Iori from 8/9 to 10/11. He doesn't quite come off as an eleven year old I'm afraid, particularly with how short you still describe him as.
XaoOfTheMists chapter 13 . 12/7/2020
Got a question. I"m doing a re-read of your story (or a complete read I suppose, as I'd never gotten around to finishing this when you completed it a few years ago) and I noticed something in this chapter that seemed different from a previous read. I seemed to remember Gargomon hitting Hikari in the face rather than spitting at her. Am I miss remembering or did you change this part?
morgan kingsley chapter 24 . 8/27/2018
I find the idea of Mimi giving Yolei fashion advice to be so realistic that it just makes too much sense, I like it. I also like the transformation with ExVeemon after Ken was saying he had no friends. I think it captures how a lot of introverts really feel about their life on some moments
morgan kingsley chapter 23 . 8/27/2018
It is a little bit sad to know how Cody acts at the start of this chapter given how he feels at the end of the story when the twist of chapter 49 happens. I do think it is a good dynamic to have T.K., the rival of Davis, be the one who actually starts to support Davis first on the Ken theory
Yose Hyuann chapter 70 . 7/29/2018
I guess I forgot where I found this fict. And I never thought that I could read the whole and full stories with 1.030.030 words (I need more than a week to finish, though)... Heck, I'm barely done with 130.000ish!
But, this is worth it.
I laughed and cried every now and then, and more importantly, I'm feeling grateful for this story to let me out from my issue. So, thank you for giving your all for this story. You may make this for 10 years and people only read this for view days or so... but believe me, your story made people a day.

Again, thank you and good luck, and hope you don't stop writing.
Hikari no Okami chapter 70 . 5/7/2018
Ok, this will be a little long so I hope you can bear it.
My first impulse was to make an ass long review about all the observations and love and moments and feelings I had with this story, but if you don't mind I'll start at the beginning.
As far as I can read in both your story and profile, you, as well as me and many others felt the lack of many things in the story of 02, missed chances, so many things that could be exploited and used and made awesome. But they didn't deliver.
So, even as I tend to delve into fanfictions (and quite a lot) it's rare for me to find something that not only catches my attention, but ensares it, traps it, makes it so impossible to not be hanging that just closing the tab and cavilating and creating in my mind is enough to close a circle. So congrats, you did that.
You caught me as a goddamned insatisfied teen when you were more or less 5 chapters in. And damn if you didn't catch me. In my inconsistency in reading as in so many other things in life, I can say I wasn't a loyal reader. Until I was.
Even now, I can say it took me ages to be up to date. And it's because you made me fall into one of the most frsutrating habits I can have. Loing something so much I don't want it to end so I procastinate constantly. Life and situations made me put it on the backburner, but his is one of those stories that's ALWAYS there. ike "oh I wich I could read something good on Digimon" and here I come back, always surprised that despite the pauses you didn't abandon.
And I mean, years could pass and you didn't quit.
And then came tri, and yeah, I watched it, I longed but it, I apprecieated some things and will be eternally ofended that they (AGAIN) had the chance to do some justice to so many things and well...that train is gone.
But, (and this is the important BUT) woe is me. I find that YOU beautiful human being decided to finish what to me has been what 02 could have been (should have, even). Because there were so many uncultivated seeds and you delivered. Holy damn everything, DID you deliver.
Nothing is perfect and I know making everyone 100% happy is mposible, and I might have my opinions, but on the whole, looking at this long (LONG REALLY LONG) complete, awesome work I am just awed, inspired and above everything grateful. Because my inner insatisfied teen who craved for justice and a good story and the use of so many details for these characters I grew up with, and in whom I saw so many things, finally got some closure. And for good or for bad, found it yes, on a screen, but surpisingly enough, not necessarily on an animated format as one would expect, not where I thought it might have come, but here in these long pages and sea of words you created.
So thank you, because even if you leave the fandom and want nothing more to do with it, you will always (at least as far as I'm concerned) be the one who left something lasting, unique and ever lasting for it and for me.
And jut so you know, just like you were happy to finish it before Tri concluded, I was estatic to be able to read the end (THIS end) before that as well.
So yeah, thanks again. And hopefully, if you aren't all bothered and done with it, you'll bear another long ass rant more focused on the story itself, instead of the whole impact these ten years of stoyt, of your story, had on a life.
morgan kingsley chapter 22 . 5/2/2018
I like how this chapter does show a very brief moment of conflict with Cody on the whole Ken issue at the end of the chapter. It showed that while Cody didn't forgive him, that he was almost willing to admit that he was wrong. Cody has a pretty dynamic character for that reason there
morgan kingsley chapter 21 . 4/27/2018
I think this is one of the best chapters in the entire story line. Conveys so many emotions so well and it really hones in the point of how Ken is feeling terrible for everything that had happened. Just so well done imo
Generic Reviewer chapter 70 . 4/26/2018
That was a clever subversive ending.
morgan kingsley chapter 20 . 4/2/2018
Well, after nearly a year, I am returning to reviews on this story. First off, congratulations for finishing this story in full after over a decade, and while that was nearly a year ago, I still wanted to say that. I will also try to review every chapter I have not as a way to show my great thanks for a version of this story that far out weighs the original.

Well, onto the chapter itself. I like how you consistently put small things in there, such as the fact Davis gets worn out each time he does a digivolution. I also like how you put in the basket ball scene from the original into this story, as I feel like it is a decent scene to capture one of the last strands of the Davis, T.K., and Kari rivalry. Plus the final scene is a good small nod scene to the future of the plot.
DranzerShadowWanderer chapter 1 . 3/21/2018
Thank you. This story has kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat the entire ride. I remember a good deal of watching Adventure Zero Two from growing up with Digimon, and now that I look back, there are HUGE story holes. Things you don't really think about until you're a bit older and questioning things more often.

I laughed, I cried, I put the story aside for 24 hours when I reached 'that chapter', and I couldn't shut up about sharing the story with other people. The storytelling is so vivid, I could see it in my mind's eye as I read.

So again, Thank you.

If you ever rewrite another season, you've got a reader in me.

~DranzerShadowWanderer, vivid imagination
T-Aj71721291 chapter 3 . 3/14/2018
Ok. Why Takeru and Hikari, Tailmon and Patamon lost their strength?
T-Aj71721291 chapter 2 . 3/13/2018
Now I think I'll really read it whole I hope.
T-Aj71721291 chapter 1 . 3/13/2018
Oh? This is interesting!
CR-Rookie chapter 70 . 1/15/2018
And somewhere in an alternate universe, Kari has read this story.

"Sorry, TK" she apologized "but I don't like it. Not at all."

His heart stopped for a moment, and he stared at her in terror. "You...didn't?" he asked in almost a whisper.

"No," she answered "I didn't. And I don't think others will, either."

Flabbergasted, TK stood up, staring off into space. He was used to criticism, but against a project so close to his heart, such a blunt statement shocked him to his core. He stiffly walked to the window and stared out at the darkening sky. "Why?" he asked quietly.

The woman sighed wearily, rubbing her forehead. "You really have to ask?" she mumbled "You changed changed everything. It's a totally different story."

TK sighed "My publisher said that if I was going to write a sequel, I had to make it bigger, darker, more perilous and more mature a story than the original." he said "That I should overcome the readers with emotions and make them feel as much negative feelings towards the characters as positive feelings...makes things deeper and more nuanced, and that challenges the readers, keeping them glued to the story."

"This ISN'T the way to do that," she said sharply "Nobody likes sudden changes and drastic tonal shifts like this!" She slammed the papers back on the desk, accentuating her point. "I know how your fans think: I work with them all the time. It's too different from before. They'll hate it."

TK remained silent. She hung her head. "Not only that, but if you publish this, you're gonna hurt your friends' feelings..You've changed what they went through...their personalities..." She looked at him again "And most of all, you actually killed off..."

"Sometimes risks have to be taken and prices have to be paid!" he interrupted her, still not looking at her "That's what makes for a good story!"

Kari frowned. "Did you come up with that or your publisher?" she asked.

"Does that really make a difference?" he scoffed.

"You wrote the first book about our adventures and the lessons we all learned" she said "You were absolutely honest about what you put in...and they loved you for that! You did us proud."

"That was our first adventure: it was different" he said, his eyes still fixed on the sunset "A story about us all growing up needs to be more..."

"But what about Ken?" Kari interrupted "You'd be leaving out how HE grew up. What he went on to do with his life! He made the police force and became a detective, and he's helped so many people! If he and anyone else who knows him read a story where you've taken a giant piss all over his struggles and his redemption, keep Wormmon dead and then senselessly kill Ken's character off in order to make better people out of characters who you should've been writing better from the start, they'd be devastated and infuriated!" She swallowed and felt her heart sink "And that's not even getting into how you've slandered our friends...Davis...Yolei...Cody...Mimi...even your own brother! And Mr. Oikawa...the reason the Digital World is still around and safe for our children!"

TK slowly turned and thoughtfully looked at her, the guilt setting into his heart.

"Think about it" she pressed "Everything you made it total fanfiction...a lie... You're pointlessly revising what happened to us. All of us...and our Digimon friends."

Right on cue, Patamon flew into the room. "TK." he said "I overhead everything. You had better write the events of this story the way they actually happened or so help me, I will Boom Bubble you into a concussion!"

And so TK had no choice but to start penning down..."DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02: THE TRUE STORY THAT WE TOLD IN THE ANIME."
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