Reviews for Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told
IEnjoyReadingAllStories chapter 56 . 11/3/2014
Awesome story. The way you've portrayed the characters and their development, along with an engaging plot, sets up for a great read.
kenada chapter 21 . 10/25/2014
this chapter is really good...I mean "Awakening" is both physical and mental.
Brendan-Mudk chapter 56 . 10/17/2014
Well shit, now I can't hate anyone.
I didn't actually expect Yamato to be able of using Mega, what with being a complete ass for about... (checks chapter count) 99% of the story so far. Ah well, At least this is a good sign for Omnimon. By the way, I totally told someone Daemon wouldn't fight Daisuke's group.
I knew WarGreymon vs Blackwargreymon had to happen at some point. Though honestly, it only hypes me even more for what could come from this fight. (And I do not mean the outcome.) By the way, sorry for not reviewing last chapter, I just wasn't feeling it with T.J. and Hikari. NeoDevimon's fight was way anticlimactic, and he hyped his own evolution way too much. Another perfect/ultimate joins the fray? We are trembling on our boots.
Frankly, I predict curb-stomp one-on-one battle between him and MagnaAngemon, PIS move Gate of Destiny/Heaven's Gate ought to off him quickly; there is NO way this guy is Piedmon-tier.

Anyways, I laughed way too much at Gold-Joe vomiting fish, and pretty much everytime Gomamon opened his mouth. I could not shout 'finally!' loud enough when Garurumon told Yamato what's what. And seeing Iori back to his passive, peace maker self is incredibly relieving. I just hope Yamato can be nice to ALL the new kids and not just Iori.

This is kind of a short review, but I'm kind of in a hurry. Thanks for the chapter, and please continue. See ya! ;P
Saint River chapter 56 . 10/14/2014
I don't know what to say except this was great. Thanks.
TV Tropes chapter 1 . 10/10/2014
This has it's own page on TV Tropes now.
Ninjacapricorn chapter 56 . 10/6/2014
I've been following this story for awhile and am always entertained by every chapter. You kept true to the digidestined's personalities and even took them further than what the show allowed for. I Loved Baihumon's personality and the whole issue of him being a free spirit and letting the Incamon use the temple as a factory and him realizing that he really should visit the temple more often. I love this series and am looking forward to the rest
UnchartedPlace chapter 56 . 10/5/2014
Well done! The last chapter was a tough act to follow, but this one was pretty good. The industrial interior of the temple was a neat twist on things. The Incamon staff were funny as well. So were the statues. Heh, in just two chapters we have “Kari” strangling TK and “Tai” strangling Matt. I think I know which family you favour.

Cody: I’m somewhat of an apologist for this character. Sure he’s annoyingly stubborn, but he does learn from his mistakes and we get to see what goes on in his head. It’s too bad his partner’s strongest form is a porcelain cabbage patch kid, but giving Shakkoumon the personality that you did made him bearable. I have a theory about Cody’s father, which is why I’m looking forward to more action back in Japan.

Joe: I’m glad Joe got another good full chapter to be one of the main characters, even if it meant the absence of most of the others. Making him wary of Matt’s cooperation was good, though they didn’t get as much time to interact in this chapter. If you can fit it in for future chapters, I’d be interested in a scene with Joe’s family, or with him and his brothers. I think his were the only parents who never actually showed up in the anime.

Matt: I love this story, but one of the few things I don't like about it is your characterization of Matt. I get the angle of him having a chip on his shoulder because of the divorce, his unpopular band, his need for purpose, but in my opinion you went overboard with his anger and bitterness. His character is so lacking in dignity that it's actually embarrassing to read his parts sometimes. That being said, you do write him in a consistent way and his turn back to good came as much from within him as from others. His interactions with Cody towards the end of the chapter were refreshing and I like the way you explained the theme behind his Crest: forming new connections and bringing people together.

Daemon: I really have to give you props for this surprise, because I thought Daemon would be going after Tai, Sora, and Davis while Mummymon showed up here instead. I remember finding Daemon pretty scary in the show because of his voice and overwhelming power. He's more of a pompous commander in this story, but that works too! I enjoyed his humor and fights with the Digidestined at the end. I also learned something: the gods aren't just powerful megas; they seem to be in a league all their own. Even megas don't hold a candle to them, but I guess Blackwargreymon's brief tussle with Azulongmon should have made that obvious.

Baihumon: It’s clear now that the D3’s were invented by Gennai and the Order, and not by the gods. Baihumon ain’t spilling the beans at any rate, so I’m looking forward to the next time we see Gennai.

Gabumon, Gomamon, Armadillomon: It was good to see Matt’s Digimon finally challenge him on his views. I know a lot of people criticize him for supporting Matt’s attack on Tai/Agumon; I don’t entirely like it either, but I do admire Gabumon for sticking by him. Gomamon cracks me up, as I know he does with most people. I always enjoy the dynamic between him and Joe, and it was cool seeing them work together to pass the trial. Armadillomon’s a deeper character than most people give him credit for; I feel that he knows he’s naïve while Cody is wise but he still has the fortitude to stick up for his partner.

Baihumon's line: "prepare for war" really got me excited. I can't wait for the kids to get back from their trip, and I'm really looking forward to the final temple. Keep it up!
Marrilyn chapter 56 . 10/5/2014
"Hey Joe, does this mean Upamon is a hot piece of—"

I'm dying of laughter here!

God, Yamato's an asshole. He deserves a severe assbeating. I can't stand him and his it's-all-about-me attitude. So annoying!

"Thanks for nothin', ya stoners!"

I'm pretty sure Armadimon has no idea what/who stoners actually are.

LOL at all the statues looking menacing except for Joe's (which is vomiting fish).

"What kind of abomination is this?!"

Truer words have never been spoken. And to think that Demon, of all people (and digimon) would be the one to say them.

If Iori hates Demon for being an ass to his minions, makes me wonder what he'll have to say about BelialVamdemon.

At least Yamato softened up. Not much, but it's something.
MWD chapter 56 . 10/4/2014
Another great chapter!

After reading it, I can sort of understand Matt's view, but then the part of Cody's dad came up and now he realises how selfish he was being. Left it on a cliff hanger (DOH!).

Really like the way this is going. It's very detailed with very believable character development. Look forward to the next update.
JediMasterDraco chapter 56 . 10/4/2014
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

First I'm indebted to you for posting this chapter. I should have stayed up to read this, but hey sleep is important. Anyway this was great gift to wake up to. I can't wait to dig my teeth into it.

1. The chapter title is very appropriate consider the grouchy werewolf. We all know now what Matt's problem is so hopefully this will smooth out at least a couple of the chips on his shoulder.

2. I can't exactly feel much compassion for these guys being hot considering that the next group we're going to see will probably have frostbite by the time they finish.

3. Gomamon, language. Honestly Joe can't take him anywhere.

4. Being a real Matt. It has a nice ring to it. And this way I can covertly insult people without them realizing it. Sweet. Even if they look in a phrase book, nothing will pop out. Thank you for this.

5. Uh Cody technically in this case the situation would be that auroras aren't supposed to appear that far north. The Aurora Australis do appear in the southern hemisphere.

6. Just as I predicted. Matt was a dick and left Cody to rot. Or in this case, sweat.

7. Cody, Joe is supposed to be the panic-riddled, superstitious twit. When have you ever gone into a skull shaped rock?

8. Actually it makes perfect sense that the Incamon are in the mountains. After all the Incan Empire was based around the Andes Mountains.

9. Actually considering Izzy confusion with the Indian temple and the Egyptian sphinx a couple hours from now.

10. I feel like Rita a.k.a. "I have a headache!"

11. That's an interesting way to get to your trials. Also I get the feeling your a fan of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

12. I actually feel it is appropriate to call Upamon a twerp. Like Ash he is thick-headed, rarely matures, and is as annoying as hell.

13. The two characters I dislike the most are getting into it. Is it wrong to hope one them gets a concussion?

14. Golden statues. Funny.

15. Oh crap, please tell me that's not Daemon. Because if it is they are screwed in SOOOO many ways. At this point there is no way Matt is regaining Mega.

15. Is it twisted to view this as Tai finally getting revenge on Matt for the Charrymon incident?

16. Stoners. This fanfic might not survive being turned into a revised Digimon Adventure 02. I'd never get it past the censors, even after cutting out the racier bits.

17. Let's think Joe, Matt is volatile, self-obsessed, and doesn't play well with others. Oh and he doesn't have a fancy suit of red and gold armor.

18. If this ends without bloodshed and with Matt still regaining mega, then I'm calling dues-ex-machine.

17. Joe's going to end up having a heart attack before the end of this chapter.

18. Poor Joe.

19. Oh %*T&T &*%$&%$&*%*&&%&(($ #%&*(&. Well at this point I recommend Joe just leave Matt and Cody to their fate. Not very reliable but hey, time for them to cut their losses. Because in the "canon" 02 Daemon walked through an upgraded Mega, two DNA digivolved Ultimates, opened a portal to the Digital World, and barely broke a sweat. At this point the kids' chances of surviving are minimal. Unless Baihumon has a different work ethic when it comes to beating the pastries out of intruders.

20. Oscar clip. If they live long enough.

21. REALLY?! That's a stretch even for the Digital World.

22. I love how you're putting Cody through the same crap that he put Ken through. It leaves a happy feeling in my stomach.

23. Ya think Baihumon? This place vaguely reminds me of the Temple of Doom.

24. Well they're screwed six ways from December. No three champions (well unless they were all Angemon) can hold off a Daemon.

25. Um, Daemon seems to be a lot more sarcastic than that.

26. Based on Baihumon's mutterings I'm guessing that Oikawa or someone else is responsible for the newer ultimates. I guess that explains Shakkoumon.

27. Ah the teapot of nightmares! Hide me! Where's the brain bleach?

28. Deus. Ex. Machina.

29. Daemon was defeated. Excuse me. (a loud roar of pure rage is heard for about ten minutes) I'm done.

30. I hate tour guides.

31. Why is it that talking to divine beings is leaving the kids with WAY more questions than answers?

32. Well, sometime between now and Christmas we get to see Mummymon knocked around like a pinball. Also don't you think it's a little warped (no pun intended) to have the strongest of the four interceptors be roasted? Er rather, deep frozen?
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 56 . 10/4/2014
LOL-Really intense but also super fun update! Matt almost got busted being with Davis' sister-LMAO-, classic:-)
aoitsuki77 chapter 55 . 9/23/2014
I just found/caught up with this story, and I have to say it is fantastic. I love your spin on things, and even though it is much darker than the original, I really enjoy what you're doing. You've covered miles of character development, which I love. It's amazing to get to read so much of this story at once, because I could really tell how you developed moments and characters from the very beginning. Everything has had a purpose so far, and you've kept any plot holes happily filled. Even though we're this far into the story, there is still so much to be revealed and I greatly look forward to it!
ReaderJustReading chapter 55 . 9/17/2014
The way you have deviated from the anime is done very well. The fact that there is more character development in not only the newer DigiDestined, but the older ones as well, really does 02 justice in a way the anime never did. Killing Ken the way you did, albeit sad, was also a very well executed idea that caps off Ken's tragic life.
m1dnight217 chapter 55 . 9/16/2014
Please continue you got me hooked with what you have here
JediMasterDraco chapter 36 . 9/13/2014
I meant to post this review a couple days ago but I got into a... "philosophical debate" on the merits of this story with a follower reviewer.

1. That opening scene was sweet, it really grabs the reader's attention and is a fine example of just how deep a pile of crap the kids are in.

2. Davis rant in fairly appropriate to the situation.

3. What do yeah know I actually find myself agreeing with Cody. I' ll alert the media.

4. Cody's inability to listen is going to get someone killed one of these days. Oh wait, it already did.

5. What the heck?! Okay did Izzy use a new type of scan or did BWG just now register on the scanner?

6. We have a better idea of why BWG is so pissed at this instant. One, there's another one of the old kids that hasn't been rendered usless. Two, an Angel digimon, which he seems to hate.

7. It is now officially impossible to compare those two to the trio of clowns that is Giovanni's most incompetent team. However they could probably be compared to some of Giovanni's more ruthless agents like Domino.

8. Relax Cody, the only person who would do that is me. That's probably not going to be a comforting thought for him in my rewrite.

9. Uh Cody you may have stopped Pythmon, but you seem to be forgetting those two are ultimate digimon (admittedly not the most powerful but still).

10. Thank you Ken! You are officially one of my favorite characters. I really do enjoy tearing Davis down a bit too much don't I?

11. There are no words to describe the idiocy that is Cody's stubbornness.

12. If it weren't for the fact that Kari's is sweeter thn a vat of maple syrup. I'd think she was deliberately tormenting Davis. Of course we all no that Kari only allows herself to have a mean bone in regards to evil digimon and even then it's fairly limited.

13. And crap. If there was ever a time when I wished Megaseadramon had eaten Gargomon this is it.

14. I'll give Angemon full points for holding his own as long as he did.

15. I feel really sorry for Tai and Izzy right now. All they can do is stare at a creen full of colorful dots and think "what the hell is going on?" all the whikle knowing the others are is danger (especially TK).

16. Someone is going to be in deep trouble when they run into BWG. I get the sense he doesn't like surprises.

17. I really feel sorry for the Resistance. They have an almost commies-like worship of Gargomon.

18. And the human excrement just hit the air conditioning.

19. Now I really, really, REALLY feel sorry for the Resistance.

20. Trees never fare well when there's a battle happening near them.

21. I have to give the coolness points to BWG for yanking himself out of the gate. I don't think I've ever read something as impressive.

22. Technically TK Piedmon had gotten blasted into the gate by attacks from two other mega-levels so I don't think he really had the ability to stop himself.

23. Yeesh Cody, are you forgetting that there are multiple pieces of each Crest. For pete's sake, live today, fight again tomorrow.

24. Running is always a good plan.

25. After action scenes always seem to be the toughest to read. You can really see just how much of a psychological toll the war is taking on the kids. Another MINOR detail they left out of the original series.

Well that's all for now, I have a bit of Latin to do so see yeah later. Can't wait for 66 I can practically feel it coming in my bones. Also I'm getting weird dreams about what may happens again. And they were fairly accurate last time around. Maybe I have ESP.
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