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chromate chapter 53 . 4/22/2014
great chapter! The tension among the digidestined have been resolved temporarily yet the lingering part is still on. It's good that the family finally come to terms with the digimon. I actually thought you'd make some of them still resistant to them, thus the family sending off part surprises me. The characters' struggle with their own problems is well done here, especially on TK's and Mimi's part. Hope to read next one soon!
Guest chapter 53 . 4/22/2014
Thanks for the quick update! This was a good chapter for starting to build towards the inevitable climax. It's sad that we're finally starting to reach the end, but then I get the feeling a lot still needs to happen before we're through. Please let it be a lot.

That scene between Kari and Tai was interesting. I like her character as well as TK's, but the show didn't really explore who they were as much. In the first season they were eight and acted the part. Even then I liked them. In season 2 they changed noticeably and there were small moments that shed more light on what kind of people they were, but mostly they were just perfect (and substantially de-powered) goody-goodies. I feel like you have a golden opportunity here to really flesh them out, now that it's just them on their own. You've done that moderately well with the other characters in this re-write (even Mimi, whom we haven't seen that much of), but it's gone slower for Kari and TK.

To return to my initial point, we now see Kari acting not only helpless, but almost what I would call selfish. In an earlier review I mentioned I didn't really like this flaw, since it contrasted with the impression I got of her during the first few chapters, but it's still a decent flaw and I'm interested to see how she overcomes it. TK has a similar problem of self-doubt, but he always puts pressure on himself instead of relying on others. As the two most powerful Digidestined, it's kind of ironic how panic-prone these guys are.

I've consistently enjoyed how you handled Sora. You've taken her strengths from the show and explored them well throughout this story. It's little things like her reading a soccer magazine or dressing functionally. I also find her inner conflicts pretty believable. She likes to make her own decisions but second-guesses herself.

I liked the scene with Joe and Gomamon. It made me recall the episode where they were working at Digitamamon's Diner. He and Matt didn't seem like two kids who'd fit into the same crowd, but as with all the others they became fast friends. It's good to see Joe worrying about his old as well as his new friends.

Really would like to learn what was on that autopsy report. Did Izzy and Joe seriously go all this time without telling anybody what they found out? No big deal though.

Stellar work as usual. I hope I've made some good points. You should really consider novelizing more of the first season, maybe just as a side project. Can't wait for Chapter 54!
JediMasterDraco chapter 53 . 4/22/2014
Wow-O-Wow that update was your fastest ever since before your 2011-2012 semi-haitus. I'm guessing that with things coming to a head your updates will be closer together (I hope).

1. Another future-chapter? Sweet Sophie Deverux. If you're a girl I could kiss you.

2. Ramen business my missing eyeball. But considering his hobby it's definitely appropriate.

3. Some things never change. Davis being unable to spell is one of them.

4. This chapter has brought up an interesting point. What happened to the Digimon? Is it wrong to fear the answer.

5. I'd call the chapter title unoriginal but at least you aren't making it into Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I think a couple fans nearly blew a blood vessel after that.

6. A giant hamster. I think that would make a great breakfast for Birdramon.

7. That is what I call an awkward conversation.

8. Well I'll be. I never considered the idea that fashion advice could be so practical.

9. So Davis gets a new pair. And to the average person who reads reviews for fun: get your mind out of the gutter I'm talking about a new pair of goggles.

10. I don't think the room could have cooled down faster I you'd pour the arctic ocean into it.

11. Practice what you preach. And whatever you do don't vote Democrat. Those are the most important pieces of advice that can ever be conveyed.

12. Umm, I was joking about anti-digimon insurance I didn't think you'd take me seriously.

13. That's definitely a good way to escape monsters (although if I recall, New York got attacked by Godzilla too). Personally I'm just going to have her family move to Okinawa, partially as a tribute to its influence in Tamers and partially because that way Mimi can be involved more in-depth.

14. If you're worried about Matt might I suggest some Novocaine, or maybe just a metal pole.

15. Oh god that joke finally arrived. Someone kill me before he tells more.

16. I take it we're going to see one hell of a fight when Dagomon gets to earth. It's going to be sweeter than a bucket of MIO mix.

17. You just solved one of the major problems some fans have with Kari, her need to depend on others. I salute you, hero of Digimon Adventure 02.

18. Finally the Inoue family finds out about Hawkmon. And Mr. Inoue, the AMERICAN military can't do much against those bubs so I doubt the Japanese Self-Defense Force would be about as significant as bugs on a windshield.

19. Junpei? Did you do that on purpose or are you suggesting what I think you are?

20. *eyerolls* The Motomiya family ladies and gentlemen.

21. And shit. Your Oikawa deviantart is looking very appropriate.

22. Okay where were the Cody, Matt, TK, and Izzy chapters?

23. Making their parents proud. Just one more perk of being a Digidestined.

24. I'm sure they'll solve that problem. You know in a couple more years.

25. Motomiyas are all like.

26. Oh god.

27. Ouch!

28. Those two (Mimi and Joe) are made for each other.

29. Now I know why this story is Rated M.

30. Tai may be a half-wit but he really knows his stuff.

31. And Mimi proves herself useful yet again. She's really rocking now that she's not a witch anymore.

32. What the hell are they doing sending Thunderbolt up after an aerial threat? The only confirmed aerial kill by one of those was an Iraqi helicopter.

33. FIVE KILICKS. Ha, ha, ha, that's a twenty-minute run for me, maybe a forty minute walk, fifty max.

34. Death Valley? It's a good thing its night or they might get heatstroke.

35. The Royal Australian Air Force everyone: Rarely Airborne After Five.

36. Apparently radar has become imaginary.

37. You watch Yu-Gi-Oh GX don't you.

38. Very similar to what happened in the original: They almost froze to death.

39. A great chapter, not a lot of action but some deep moments and easy camaraderie. Update soon please.
EmD23 chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
I'm leaving this here because I forgot to mention it but I LOVE the fact that Gatomon has a huge crush on Imperialdramon's voice haha she wants a studio album
kingveemon chapter 53 . 4/22/2014
So here is what we got:
Gatomon is a sucker for Imperialdramon's voice.

Davis got off the hook googles.

Imperialdramon has a toilet inside him.(God knows where the wastes go)

And Australia seems to be lacking an airforce?

Anyway great love your personalities that you gave the cast.

Keep on writting this is good stuff. :D
EmD23 chapter 53 . 4/22/2014
*Plane makes a loud noise*

"Didja see that, Shinji?"

"Get some pizza and coffee, will ya?"


Great chapter lol
dxx923 chapter 1 . 4/16/2014
Great work! This is the first review that I have ever posted and it's for your fanfiction. It's a real masterpiece!
1. The headcanon that the original story of DA02 is not what really happened is interesting. Tk tries to hide the truth because it is too sad... I use this headcanon in my fanfiction,too (but you may not be able to read it as it is a Chinese fic...). In my fic, Kari died in order to save the world and TK wants to at least change the end in his novel. I know other fics using this headcanon. Tai/Matt/Kari/Ken...died in those fics. But your fic is a total re-writing of DA02 and that is incredible! I know that Ken is already died in your fic( You wrote it in a way that really impresses me. I love the part of funeral ...). It sounds like there will be more sad stories...well, I look forward to see more impressive stories :)
2.I love your small changes in chapter 1-20. The existence of Resistant and the capture of old-digidestined's digimon by Emperor make the story better. More confliction, better the story XD
turn out to be totally different from the original story in the following chapters. The regain of fragment of crests really cheers me up while the story in Dark World make me feel depressed... Davis is a fool, Yolei's heart broke, Cody scold at everyone, Kari felt guilty and TK finally brust out...What a bad group. Ken is the only reliable person and he died! Tk is a good group-member and strategy-maker but not a good leader... He thinks too much sometimes and he is too gentle. But anyway I love this charactor both in DA02 and your fic.
4. The confliction of old and new-digidestined is a great plot! In all the fanfic I've read, old and new get along well with each other... I can't wait to see your update! I think TK and Kari will be really sad and embarrassed if this confliction continues. They are new as well as old. Maybe this confliction will push Kari into worse state somehow...
5. Jun can make Veemon digivovle ( at least armor-digivovle...). Well... I think there may be something wrong with the digiegg. I remember you mention 'blake energy' around the digiegg when wrong people touch it. And they can't use digiegg in Dark World. Is digiegg a trap from Dark World? New D3 may also be a trap as you mention Gennai just gave map of Dark World to TK and Kari's digivice. For emample, digimons in Darkness want Kari to go into Digiworld without old-destined and it is easier for them to reach her. Dark World has already made Ken lost his power of Kindness by making him Digimon Emperor. Then Kari nearly lost her power of Light as she felt guilty and scared... maybe the next is TK? I guess Dark World's plan is well-designed and that's why Gennai cannot tell them the truth...
6. As a takari fan I hope I can see more takari moment in your fic. I think there will be a lot in the following chapters? Crest of Light and Hope need repair together... I really love this kind of plots!
7. Hopefully my Chiglish is understandable... and thank you for your great work again!
JediMasterDraco chapter 7 . 4/6/2014
Here We Go (is it sad that song is what I consider one of the highlights of the series)

1. The only edge I can think of is that Davis doesn't have a brain so it will be harder for someone with a brain to predict what he is going to do.

2. Ah, a refreshing Taiora moment. I know some people complain about them but honestly there were just as many Taiora moments in 01. Admittedly they weren't as romantic but they are older so it's very reasonable in my opinion.

3. And so begins the Great Odaiba Soccer Massacre.

4. Sound advice Sora.

5. I don't think I've mentioned it yet but the pond idea is a beautiful comedic thing.

6. And so we become mystified by how the new digimon know about the land. The more I reread the early chapters the more questions I have.

7. That was one of the little things that always irritated me. Sometimes the kids have the D-Terminals already, sometimes they get them from the DigiEggs. It's downright confusing.

8. The effectiveness of the Bakemon is always nutty. Then again Ken probably knows how to ustilize them to their maximum effectiveness.

Next up Yolei's Profile deviant:

The reworking of Yolei's personality is one of the most controversial issues in your rewrite. Either it is hailed as a stroke of genius, or people despise every aspect of it. It's a bit like Yolei in canon, either you loved her wackiness, or you detested her. In short she is awesome.
JediMasterDraco chapter 6 . 4/5/2014
Hey ker-plop. I'm here to write another wave of reviews. I'm going to do something different from now one. After the chapter I'm going to comment on a TSWNT-relevant picture from your deviantart gallery (I don't have an account and I don't really fancy setting one up currently).

1. Guardian Angel was always one of my favorite episodes from 02 (probably because of the old kids kicking butt in the opening). It really was a great episode as they really cashed in the nostalgia chips. Some of the older digimon were shown going on a rampage, we were reunited with Andromon, a digivice was key in helping the kids fight an enemy they couldn't defeat, and to cap it all off we got to see Angemon again.

2. The first hint that the digieggs are more than they appear (of course we're still pretty clueless about them). I always thought that the digieggs were just a bit to convenient and you are exploiting that brilliantly.

3. A nice little change, in the original the Gardromon had ring but here they don't. It makes things a lot trickier (and you are right in the original episode they really should have started helping the Digidestined).

4. Now that is how things should have gone. The emperor is portrayed as an evil genius and yet he rarely makes any attempt at strategy. However this more than makes up for it.

5. I'm convinced that somewhere in Toei's archives there is a deleted scene of Kari figuring out how to use the D-terminal. And if there isn't, well it's just another one of those things that fell through the cracks in the original.

6. Digimon are about as good at keeping secrets as my sister is at managing her anger issues.

7. Veemon that is the understatement of the millennium.

8. My favorite reaction to Angemon, is not Devimon's shock, not Myotismon's taunting, but Davis' jaw-drop. I love it whenever Davis gets smacked (figuratively) and this moment always brings tears of mirth to my eyes. On a second note, good job for establishing that the Spires can dedigivolve too. That always seemed to be a plot-necessary-only power of the spires. It's nice to see that happen across the board.

9. Of course it's also a moment where you want to hit TK and Kari over the head and scream at them that they should be a couple. Hello your digimon digivolve to male and female counterpart angels and your armor digimon have a shared attack. A freaking god all but says you two belong together. So what is it going to take?

10. I used to pity Matt when Jun got him to go on a date. And then I saw A Very Digi-Christmas and I started to become very sadistic.

11. This was another great example that the older Digidestined would be greatly involved in 02-r. And for that you have my undying thanks.

12. The idea of plugging the spire into the control system was a stroke of genius on your part. Well done.

13. Now there is something I'm not sure whether or not will be answered. What does the 100% beneath the armor digiegg represent? If an answer isn't presented that's okay. I realized you might have forgotten about such a small detail.

14. Remember how I mentioned that Matt being tricked into a date by Jun always makes me smile, I do kind of wince internally when I hear that.

So the first art piece I'm taking a peak at is Davis':

One of the things that I love about this rewrite is you expanding Davis and Yolei's characters. It's the little things that help you establish character and you do a fantastic job with them. Quick question, can Veemon not believe his luck in getting Davis as a partner, or can he not believe his (terrible) luck in getting Davis as a partner?
deus athei chapter 52 . 3/26/2014
So the other day I had seen about one too many fics that made Davis either angsty or hyper competent for the sake of making him look good and I couldn’t help but think? “why couldn’t they give him a hobby or something that ends up making him look good without fundamentally changing his character?”
Kind of exactly like what you did here. Bravo. 10/10 Prodigious

Otherwise, I kind of feel like matts being set up here, were supposed to disagree with him about how the new kids have proven themselves. That said he still has a fundamental point about being replaced, if the old kids had there crests and partners then Ken would have been a walk in the park, the Dark Ocean wouldn’t have been nearly as bad (new kids made it through on 2 Ultimates, how about 6 Ultimates plus 2 megas) and if omnimon was a thing, I doubt any of the dark world creatures would match up. It does make you wonder why new kids were called in when the older ones could have done this better.

I know the original had some explinations for this, but I don’t belive that you’ve really explned just why the digigods didn’t give the old kids the crests and digieggs and let them run wild.

On the whole “trials to get your crests” ting, how to put this: it feels cliché, but a good cliché, like a rite of passage, obcious but in no way bad. Just thought I’d put that out there.

Considering the above two points, I really hope you have a plan for Yolie and Cody, with the original 8 getting there crests back and Davis going mega, armour forms are less than impressive. Since youre give TK and Kari crests back DNA is also out of the picture. Move aside Matt, these are the guys who need to worry about becoming useless.

Good work, hope you update soon
Marrilyn chapter 52 . 3/25/2014
Aww, Yamato just wanted to see Jun again. How sweet 3

LOL at nobody in the Motomiya family knowing Takeru's name.

Poor choice of words, Jun. Not to self: never tell random people you meet to bite you, no matter how much you're annoyed. They might take it literally.

Jun can make Daisuke's partner evolve? Now that's a new one. I wonder what it's all about.

I really feel for Miyako. I was her at one point. In one way I still am. Always excluded, sometimes on purpose and sometimes because I was an extra and this not needed. Poor girl. I feel for her.

I'm curious as to how they'll know where to go. What if someone gets somewhere and it turns out their crest is on the other side of the world? Unless they conveniently find them as it usually is in anime.

Yamato's an asshole. But he's right in a way. All of them should be involved. They're all chosen, therefore they should all work together and get equal power. But he has an assholish way of showing his concerns and asking questions. And he's a dick for insulting the newbies. For the sake of everyone I hope he never winds up as someone's boss. It'd suck to work for someone like him.

Maybe Yamato dies. I sure hope he does. All he does is being a bother.

So I've been thinking... Paildramon happened after Wormmon's death. What if Silphymon and Shak-whatever'shisname appear after either Tailmon, Hawkmon, Patamon or Armadimon die? It seems plausible.

"I think we screwed up, Matt." No shit!


The whole situation with Daisuke and Imperialdramon was hilarious, especially when Imperialdramon whined to Daisuke about steering him properly.

And eww for Imperialdramon to have Daisuke's vomit all over his insides. Literally.

I do wonder if there were people who died. And all because of Yamato and his foolishness.

Daisuke saying that Yamato got talked into beating up Taichi by a tree was hilarious. And so, so right. He really has nothing to complain about. The new kids are good. He's just a spoiled, jealous crybaby.

The old kids talking about needing the new ones also make me sick. They obviously don't like them and only hang out with them because they consider them weapons.

Seeing Koushirou say: "Son of a bitch" was awesome. A real badass moment on his side. I like the way you write these characters, it's amazing.

What was on that autopsy file? What did Koushirou and Jyou see?

I wish Jun would get a partner later on. She deserves one, I bet she'd treat it well.
Brendan-Mudk chapter 52 . 3/24/2014
Oh fuck yes, Finally a new chapter!

Daisuke has finally come to terms with the fact he and Miyako are meant to be. Good. No more moping about that Takari crap, okay Daisuke?
I'm not sure what Jun being capable of digivolving Veemon is supposed to mean. Perhaps that the new chosen weren't so much chosen as they were simply the first ones to pick the digivice? But then, the whole 'Digiegg electrocutes you' wouldn't make any sense. It would also not make sense, as I remember Izzy taking Miyako's D-3 to examine it, and I'm pretty sure he would have at least tried to open up the gate while experimenting with it.
I thought for a moment that Yamato might be falling for Jun, or at least accepting her more... but I'm not so sure anymore :/ Also, not sure if you are going for a Yamato/Jun approach, or if you are going with the final events of canon and taking Yamato/Sora all the way. Seems possible, since you are suddenly developing Yamato's and Sora's relationship.
While Yamato does hold a good point, I usually think of the new digidestined as the more ballsy ones. Nobody forced them to come to the digital world. They did so because they wanted too. It's true that they haven't had much luck as of lately, but then again, they don't have the power of plot, (COUGHangemonCOUGH!) to suddenly come in and kill everything that seems too strong.

Imperialdramon vs Kotykomon, Hell yessssss. Black holes for the win!
I was surprised to learn that Imperialdramon had bridge. I didn't think he would be part mechanical. Good for Davis though. He is now only one mode change away from becoming the world's first REAL Mecha pilot. Oh yeah, Yolei is as good as his.
I still think that since Imperialdramon can go all the way to the stratosphere in a few seconds, he could ram Kotykomon out of the sky before this one could move to the side, I mean, from a fairly low altitude to the stratosphere in a few seconds? How many matches is that? Well, I'm sure you have something planned for Kotykomon.
I'm wondering if the Digiegg of Miracles will make a reappearance? I love Imperialdramon in all of his forms... But I want to see Magnamon of the royal knights Whip the floor clean with Blackwargreymon or Daemon. Wishful thinking, as that isn't even suggested in TK's Original draft, but one can dream.

The tensions are high, the Older destined have all but shown that they might not be as accepting as they appear. Hell, if I was one of the younger destined, I would wonder if the older destined would stick us to the side lines once the got Crest back. Pretty sure at least Matt has it first thing on his head.
As usual, it was a great read. Will wait anxiously for the next chapter.
LILFOC chapter 52 . 3/24/2014
awesome chapter..this story just keeps getting more interesting
why does patamon keep digivolving to pegasusmon when angemon is more powerful though?
I'm glad your addressing the fact the older kids feel replaced, alot of what Matt said is true the new group did get a lot of things handed to them on a plate
Guest chapter 52 . 3/24/2014
Excellent work as usual. The fact that Jun was able to armour digivolve Veemon appears to support one of the theories I have for this story, but I won't speculate here. The beginning was pretty funny. Every time you have characters make peace, it's like a breath of fresh air and it's cool to see Davis and Yolei working together, even sticking up for one another.

Matt's really flying off the handle here. I can definitely understand why he's upset, but he must be incredibly insecure - like in need of therapy - to basically hold the fate of the world hostage just because he's worried about being replaced. At least he got some dents in his armour this chapter. I was a little surprised to find out the rest of the older kids shared his sentiments, albeit to a lesser degree.

Kari doesn't seem too comforted knowing it'll just be her and TK heading to Azulongmon's temple. I'm still curious as to why those two got D3s and DigiEggs while the older kids didn't.

I'm enjoying the scenes with Oikawa more and more. His objectives are clearly very different from the canon, and sinister to boot. He has the ability to travel between all three worlds, which is something even Dagomon's camp can't do without great effort.

It seems we'll have to wait to learn what Ken's autopsy revealed. It's just another one of those unanswered questions. With any luck, we'll also find out why Gennai isn't spilling the beans as much as he was in the first season.

So once again, great job on this chapter! I really hope the wait isn't too long for Chapter 53.
Man of Faith chapter 52 . 3/24/2014
Huh...interesting...I never really thought of it THAT way. In a sense, Matt's feelings are justified, but I guess I saw it more as a continuation of the legacy instead of being replaced.
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