Reviews for Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told
morgan kingsley chapter 7 . 6/7/2015
Here is my review for chapter 7 of your story. If I get this through soon enough, this will be the 600 review mark. How do you feel about having that many reviews? I feel like it’s a really cool fact. It was also a well placed time for it given the reveal at the end of the chapter. Anyways, time for the review.

This was in my eyes one of the better episodes in the earlier arc because it is a episode about Davis and not in his crush way. It’s about him and how he feels over Ken. Thinking that he’s the best thing ever in the world of soccer and how those hopes are dashed by the end of the episodes. I feel like this is one of the few times we actually see two sides of a character in a episode.

Forty-five out of sixty goals is very impressive. I wonder who did the other fifteen. Probably a character that never shows up in the entire story. I also like how later on in the game scene Davis is just desperate to get even one point during the game.

‘She likes anything with a hot face a a wang.’ Wow that just got wildly inapropriate. I actually sort of giggled when I read that line there. It doesn’t really help when Yolei is wondering ‘where is the sex machine that she had been waiting for?’ That quote just made me cringe for a moment. Just the though the of it.

The moment Ken comes into the game starts the scariest crush since Jun on Matt. The fact that Yolei goes crazy over Ken for literally the entire story until the scene he (spoilers for review readers) dies. Then afterwards she’s just sad and everything but starts looking at other guys.

I’m surprised on how much of the chapter was devoted to the game. I noticed that the chapter was sixteen pages and the stuff about the game and the game itself took up seven pages. Nearly half the chapter.

I have the impression that when Ken and Davis were talking at the end of the game, Ken made most of it up but there was a hint of sincerity to it. Like one phrase I read once said that most lies have some truth to them.

I forgot how many sexual ideas were in this chapter. How Yolei tries to use algebra to fulfill her sexual fantasies. I don’t know anybody ever who tried to do that, so I agree on Davis on that when he said that he doesn’t know anybody to do that and that she is the only one.

I find it funny how when Davis is having his ultimate moment when he is thinking about who to save and he doesn’t any of them to die and he includes ‘not even the smelly Yolei’. It’s also funny when Davis is confused about the group not being real and the actual ones coming in. Then he’s just like what is going on.

Final Thoughts: I only noticed that as of yet that this is the shortest chapter (out of the ones I reviewed so far). It’s only 8,000 or so words. This was a pretty exciting chapter despite all the sex references Yolei gave and I think the next chapter has a really weird dream at the start. From my memory.
morgan kingsley chapter 6 . 5/30/2015
On to my review of chapter six of your story. What was also the last chapter that happened before the digidestined learn who Ken the boy genius is and the last chapter they have no clue who the digimon emperor is. In other words, this chapter after this one will be when everything changes for the group.

Oh Matt, not even like five paragraphs in the chapter and you are already being annoying. It’s like he keeps on forgetting that half the first groups partners have been taken over and keeps thinking that he’s better than everybody.

I also wonder why T.K. and Kari get tired when their partners armor digivolve. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the have had a different way of digivolving to begin with. But maybe that is just too basic.

Does Yolei have Izzy using her digivice or perhaps she forgot it. Because I can’t remember if there was a stated location earlier in the chapter.

I found it odd that the group was having a hard time fighting all the Gardromon, as they were only champion level. Well then again, they fought multiple of them so I guess it actually makes some sense in a way.

I would admit if I was all alone in the digital world with no help in sight, I would be reacting far worse than Kari was reacting at the moment. She’s just taking it rather easily to my eyes right now.

I never would have expected Izzy to be the one impatient over a computer loading. I thought he would have gathered quite a bit of patience for it due to all the times he uses it.

I’m starting to get the impression that T.K. is used to Davis calling him T.J. Considering that he never complains about it anymore and sort of just ignores it. Shows that either Davis is growing on T.K. or he isn’t as annoyed as he was to start off with. Although he still hasn’t gotten over Davis’s obsession with Kari, even though it seems that (much later in the story at least) Davis does move on. Although on the same topic with the two, I always thought it would have been cool to see them become good friends throughout the journey, like how Matt and Tai bonded in the first season throughout.

Reading about Kari trying to find a way out of the city sort of reminded me of like a spy movie. Just a fun vibe it gave off for me. Well Wormmon sort of revealed who he was right there for the readers by calling him Ken.

The idea of standing on my head already sounds painful. That’s to think that I haven’t even done it yet. I can’t even imagine how Tai would feel if that was the case. Matt really calls Yolei the purple haired girl. Wow, a whole new level of low here.

I have to admit the reaction Davis gave out to seeing Angemon for the first time was nothing short of perfect. It’s just sort of funny how he pretty much stops what he is thinking about to be surprised at what he just witnessed. It’s so much fun to see. Matt wasn’t getting along much better than Davis considering what happened to Jun. It’ so odd how they hate each other and yet they go through one common problem. Jun.

Random comment but I read OK like six times within a few paragraphs. Just surprised that I saw it that many times within such a small gap. Wait, if Andromon was already a ultimate level digimon then how did the season one group defeat it so easily. Well that explains how they took down the digimon so easily in the first season as well.

I always thought it odd that Kari was the one to turn Andromon back. When Tai and T.K. had both known her longer. Did Kari have a special bond with Andromon that was hardly seen in the show. Well then again, I haven’t seen season one in a year so maybe I just forgot.

Final Thoughts: A good and shorter chapter than the norms. I’m just really excited for the next chapter, when Ken reveals his secret to everybody. I have summer coming up, so perhaps more reviews will be coming for you from me.
SaintHeartwing chapter 59 . 5/30/2015
You know, a bunch of us STILL haven't forgiven you for KILLING KEN OFF SO POINTLESSLY, so UTTERLY diverging from what the show was about, just in the name of establishing the villain is "for serious, yo", and adding unnecessary grimness and darkness to a show that didn't NEED it to be good. This isn't SIN CITY, it's Digimon! You don't have to make things overly dark!
Tanya Takaishi chapter 59 . 5/29/2015
Okay, please excuse me a moment while I rave about my OTP. Daiyako just seriously lacks some good quality fics so when I see them all grown up (married, dating, or just really close friends, who the heck knows, I still love it) I just have to squeal a little. I love how their dynamic is still almost exactly how it was earlier in this series. Snarky (but possibly more playful?) and what a fun idea that they work on planes together with Yolei in charge of the brains and Davis the brawn. I seriously couldn't stop smiling during the whole thing nor squeaking out loud a bit at the subtle tenderness between them. Davis diving to catch Yolei, and his hand on her shoulder when she is asked to relive the old days. I enjoyed seeing an echo of this when they go to visit the Ichijouji family. They have both grown up so much since they were in Ken's room last together.

Anyway, onto the plot. I cannot wait to see what you have in store as far as the 02 kids relevance in this whole thing. I can see how the crest thing worked out (I loved all the trials, etc. so much action and character development!) but I'm still reeling with questions - the exhaustion they face when their digimon evolve, being left behind by the rainbow in the crest adventures, etc. I know there are more. There are just so many things I can't even remember them.

Btw, loving where everything is going with Arukenimon and Mummymon. They have become such real characters here. Poor Mummymon's arm. And ew, just ew. Joe is a champ for dealing with that nastiness.

So the dark spores do seem like they are coming in to play in some way in this version. Ken's neck. I had a feeling that's why Oikawa snap killed him. Gosh, I adore Cody and his attempt to right his wrongs by seeing the Ichijouji family. That whole scene was so emotional. Loved the letters, it tore me apart all over again to think Ken knew he wouldn't come out of that ordeal alive. Davis's letter hurt by far the worst.

Also... what trouble is Jun going to get herself into? I can forsee bad things. Gosh, so much suspense. I'm hoping for some awesomeness with her, Davis, and Matt to follow ;)

Finally, Tai's sweet attempt to help Sora out when he too, was worse for wear was so awkwardly adorable. I'm so glad they are on better terms.

And Veemon (in all his forms) and his love of female anatomy will never cease to be cute and hilarious.

There is so much more I'm missing. I hope to stay on top of reviews in the future. You deserve feedback for as much amazing work you put into this. Thank you for sticking with it for so long. It would be a tragedy to see it remain incomplete.
morgan kingsley chapter 5 . 5/23/2015
This is my review for chapter 5 of your story, and now I am nearly ten percent of the way through your story, review wise at least. Anyways, here we go.

I really liked the concept of rolling two in some cases totally different episodes into one large chapter. Shows the difference between the events. And the title makes it work to. Flora and Frost.

I would say Davis is a little too into the saving digital world project if he can’t let Cody go to Kendo Practice without questioning his sanity. After all, the practice is only weekly and a hour long. It’s not that bad.

I wouldn’t be worried about Joe being late, as he’s a college student. I would be more worried about Mimi not wanting to come at all. To me, that is the bigger concern. I always loved the way Davis did that head booping to Upamon to show what Kendo was. It’s one of his glory moments in my eyes.

I would have loved to see Mat insult the new digidestined, to know what his complaints were. Although I think we get enough of him complaining in this story. So never mind.

I think we can all agree that Cody’s grandfather is a little crazy. The prune juice is what proves this claim. I think the only person in this story who loves prune juice aside than Cody’s grandfather is Armadillomon.

I also love how much you have Davis and Yolei argue in the early parts of the story. Almost like they’re denying the fact that they like each other. I know this because I’ve seen that in middle schools. But I also like how they stop doing it after a while in the story. Like they grew up a little bit.

I liked Joe and Mimi for a while, then it sort of drifted away, and this story made me like that pairing again. Thanks for reviving this pairing for me. Makes me realize that they actually are a good couple, even if they do argue a lot. Such as moments like this.

When I very first saw how you were handling Mimi, I thought that maybe you were a Mimi basher, but over reading it more and understanding your reasoning more, I grew to accept this and actually like it a bit as it does advance her character development by quite a bit.

As to Cody being bother by the blizzards and the other guys not being so, I would say that it is them used to this stuff and not their age. Just my preference.

Geez, Mimi makes Davis look nice in this story. I would rather take a simple jerk any day over a person who complains about their clothes and tries to force everybody to do stuff for them and pay for their stuff. At least Davis didn’t go THAT far. Even Yolei agrees with me... literally. It says so in the chapter.

I love how when Izzy made the calulation of the time left to get to the spire and then got instantly thrown off by the Frigimon there and how Joe makes a comment on him just having to say something. Reminds me of just really bad luck. Which was what this was. Or when Cody thought that he just heard Davis yelling shit when he wasn’t even in the same place.

Okay Mimi really got me pissed off when she said that the digital world was a fake world. When it was clearly stated in season one MULTIPLE times that it was real. I know that it was intentional to write her like this and for that she is written well but still, gets me fed up when I see her in it.

One of the things I thought the show did well was the talk with Joe and Cody and Joe trying to get Cody to understand that he has a place here and that everything happened for a reason. Including him falling in the water. It was one of the best moments of the season and yet it was only a minute or two and really in the season.

Wait two hundred Geckomon and Otamamon combined total or each? Because either way that sounds really scary to see.

Mimi’s reaction to Togemon was a little sad truthfully, despite the fact that she’s a douche. Who bet’s she would be nice for that and then turn back into a douche. Called it. Although I will admit I was surprised when Togemon was defeated first, I thought it would have been Ikkakumon.

It’s so hard to read Geckmon’s lines. The grammar is so bad. I get that it’s the point but geez in some cases they make it unreadable.

I laughed so hard when Kari said that armor digivolving takes a lot out of you. How does it. The human does nothing besides just stand there using the digivice. If anybody should be tired, it’s the digimon.

Final Thoughts: I really liked this chapter for the diversity it provided on many different things. Such as the tones of fights, how calm one was and how wild the other was. Mimi’s personality compared to Joe’s. Such as how they feel towards each other and the way they treat the others. Really nice chapter that really starts to show the way the people are and really starts to show the development of people.
Marrilyn chapter 59 . 5/19/2015
It's nice to see Miyako hasn't changed a bit in the future (except for the looks).

Love how Daisuke instantly suggests there should be more people to hold Gennai down. It seems like him to resort to violence. In this case he might be right. They need all the information they can get.

LOL. Digimon sure do like boobs.

Love, love, LOVE Archnemon and Mummymon together. It was sweet how she admitted she's bad at those things, but talked nice to him anyway.
morgan kingsley chapter 59 . 5/17/2015
Oh man, this chapter really sets up the mood. So hard to think that the final phase is coming soon. I love it. My favorite part of the chapter was when T.K. got Ken's journal at the end. Since I had been waiting to see how that happened since the start of the story, actually since chapter 19. Now that it happened, more of the story feels complete. I wonder what is in Ken's journal. But I think that will be explained later. Sort of like a ending thing. Nice to see another 2024 scene, although I assume this is the last one. Well we know for sure now that all the original season 2 cast makes it, now I wonder about the season 1 cast. This is the shortest chapter in a while by far, but I think that the chapter itself was worth it. Keep up the good work.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 59 . 5/16/2015
And we see an apparent Daiyako ship(married?). Nicely done, and I can't wait to see how they take on Dagomon!
Julayla chapter 59 . 5/16/2015
That was a real well done chapter. Looks like we're about to approach the final parts. Also I'm glad not only is Cody trying to make amends, but Ken left some last things valuable to the Digidestined. Still, something is bugging me. Why do I have a bad feeling Ken's parents won't survive this story?
Rdk3 chapter 59 . 5/16/2015
Well, the tension is killing me... HOpeffuly we get to see more of the elder kids now too XD And go Wargreymon!
Magiccatprincess chapter 59 . 5/16/2015
Amazing chapter, I love how the characters have all grown. And it's great to see that in the future Davis and Yolei are still close and likely even together.
DarknessJudgeDE chapter 51 . 5/11/2015
Jeez, 51 chapters, and about a month or two into reading this...

I was puzzled at first but here I got to say something : I come here since quite a bit and read quite a few stories, but you're the only one who managed to make me cry. I don't know how you planned on ending this really darker version of the original story, but i'll be glad to read, even if it makes me cry again

You are really in painting people's emotions, and drawing those same emotions to your readers.
Guest chapter 58 . 5/4/2015
NextNewAge chapter 1 . 4/12/2015
well that ending was... crushing. *ba dum tsssss*
Marrilyn chapter 58 . 4/11/2015
Love seeing Archnemon being so worried about Mummymon. I always shipped them. They were one of my first ships.

Okay, Gabumon drinking out of a toilet is disgusting even for the likes of me. Still funny, though. I like that scene!

Holy shit, Mummymon's arm must be stinking. I'm thinking it wasn't the dirty clothes that stank, but that arm.

Love Jun being all detective-y.

It was funny how Daisuke imagined their teammates and laughed at the ridiculousness.

LOL at both Miyako and Mimi being hentai fans. Vampire Cherry and Milk, Cookies and Heavy Cream XD
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