Reviews for Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told
Guest chapter 58 . 4/7
Before this chapter was posted, I wondered where you’d immediately pick it up. It could have cut to the evening after they all return to Tokyo, but that would have left out a lot of important things. On the other hand, after Chapter 53, I thought it might get stale if you had the whole thing revolve around a trip in Imperialdramon again. Fortunately, it actually worked out pretty well. This chapter provided some good light-heartedness and thoughtful reflections on what the kids experienced while they restored their Crests.

I’m glad you gave us more scenes with Oikawa. He’s definitely not too concerned about Dagomon…in fact, Dagomon almost sounds like he’s part of Oikawa’s plan in some way. I also enjoyed the scenes with Mr. Takenouchi and Mr. Ishida trying to track down their former friend’s whereabouts. I feel like some of the other Digidestined’s parents are involved too somehow.

The scene between Sora, Mimi, and Yolei was pretty hilarious. And it’s always comedic gold when the Digimon get involved too.

I wonder what TK’s trial will be. It sounds like it’s going to be a doozy, whatever it is… But what would they get for passing it? Patamon already regained the ability to digivolve to his Ultimate form.

Davis is the hero of the day once again. While I enjoyed the fight, I’m getting a little fatigued from Imperialdramon taking up most of the recent climactic scenes himself. He’s already fought Jachomon, Kokytomon once before, and Zhuqiaomon (without help from Wargreymon or Garudamon). He’s cool, but getting a little over-used. Silphymon and Shakkoumon should get some more action.

There goes Dagomon’s attack dog. Kokytomon was very strange villain compared with the usual ones in this franchise, but whenever he showed up the tension skyrocketed. I wonder if he’ll get resurrected somehow, being that he fell into the ocean where his owner was hanging out. They’ll probably not end up destroying Dagomon, but it wouldn’t feel right if the kids didn’t beat him senseless for killing all those people. Looking forward to this.

It’s sad to know you’ll be ending the story in a few chapters. I’ve been reading for years and it’s been a real pleasure. I really hope you consider writing some more Digimon-related pieces at some point afterwards whenever you have the time and inspiration.
GolfIsLife23 chapter 58 . 4/5
Rockin chapter. I'm really interested to see what T.K.'s theory is
MWD chapter 58 . 4/4
Another great chapter! I love the character development and completely different plot of the story! I eagerly await the next chapter!
Magiccatprincess chapter 58 . 4/3
Awesome chapter! I loved how everyone grew as a character
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 58 . 4/1
Absolutely AWESOME aerial fight against the super fugly:)
livezinshadowz chapter 57 . 3/31
Nice! Very different to see that not all of the Guardian Beasts are necessarily allies of the kids; that's a rare twist. Another solid resolution of some of the issues the kids have been going through in the past number of chapters.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
Rdk3 chapter 57 . 3/4
Loved the Taiora at this point, it's awesome to see Tai and Sora working things out, although i really wanted to see the crests been used here. Another thing, Mummymon saving them really kind of makes dread that something bad it's gonna happen to the older chosen.
Brendan-Mudk chapter 57 . 2/23
Well, I've taken enough time already. My turn to review. It won't be long or insightful though.


Now, let's sober up and actually review the chapter. As usual, I still don't care about shipping or romances, but I give you kudos for not making me roll my eyes at any point during Taichi's and Sora's interactions with one another. Because shipping fics usually have me either snarking at them without realizing it or making me roll my eyes to the back of my head. So like I said, Kudos.

I'm not surprised Zhuqiaomon turned out to be a douche, but I was actually expecting him to care more about the digital world than his wounded pride. I guess I expected too much from the chicken. On another note,


Anyways, I was surprised that Blackwargreymon didn't appear in this chapter. I didn't think it would be Mummymon that would come after them, it seemed rather silly. Unlike the other chosen he could only evolve to adult/champion level, they had both a perfect/ultimate AND an Ultimate/Mega.

Perhaps Dagomon does have a sense of humor, sending the mummy to a pyramid.
I liked Daisuke being practically immune to Zhuquiaomon's insults. It made me actually laugh a bit. I also liked how he seemed to take Cody's and Miyako's line of thinking into account, and how well he took the possibility of them making fun of him. Actual character development feels awesome, you know?

I'm not about to take your time with an overly long review, as I don't really have much to say. Thanks for the chap, and I hope you can bring us the next one as soon as you can.

See ya.
morgan kingsley chapter 4 . 2/21
This is my review for chapter four of your story. I got to say I enjoyed it now I am ready to give full details on what I liked and didn’t like in each chapter. I will list my comments as they go and at the end of each chapter give my final thoughts on the chapter like I do with every review. Just warning you of my style.

First I got to say I enjoyed how you write similar but different to the show for the first several chapters, but do your own thing after Ken is no longer the Emperor. I also knew when Gatomon said a hatred she only felt once before, I knew right away it meant Myotismon.

Was Santa Geria the official name of that one town in the show or a new name? I mean the town that the Gazimon were in on the show. I also liked the whole concept that was missing in the show about each of the season one digimon partners being a general for Ken’s army. I found that to be a rather intersting and arguable well done plot device.

I always get a grin when the kids brought those rock like digimon to school. Both show and this story. It’s just such a funny image to have in my mind sometimes. BTW, what is Barbados Googlehelm? The chapter Yolei gave her digivice to Izzy is also the one chapter is is totally useless. Or I should say the one episode.

I liked how you did one scene with the normal group, and then one scene with Ken and the digital world. Can I make one very minor correction though? It was Gabumon who was trapped in the original show, not Tentomon. Unless if this change was on purpose.

What does it mean to call Matt a painist? Is that a word for his posistion in his band? I don’t know a lot of band terms, so I am curious to know. I know not a lot of people like you ways of Matt, but I do like how you give him a clear taste in music.

This chapter debuts the worst character in digimon history (at least in the show) Davis’s sister Jun. I actually removed her entirely from my stories and made Davis a only child. First off, never washing a shirt. Fail out of ten. And what is with her obssesion with Matt? Sorry, but she fails on so many levels.

I don’t really have much to say on Izzy’s scene. So I kind of have to move forward. As you might have noticed, I’m giving a thought on each scene so far.

Peanut butter and jellybean sandwhich sounds about the most gross thing ever in creation. Just saying. I like Davis’s attitude in this story. Just feels kind of in character, but adds something new to it. What is digimon excrement by the way? Never mind got my answer which is just a lovely image. I laughed when Cody asked Davis when they ever agreed on anything.

Vegiemon worst guard ever. They speak so badly to. I never did get that. Still better grammar than My Immortal. Davis has a mean thought system sometimes. He never thought he could smell something worse than Yolei did. Lol but still mean.

Lovely executing your prisoners for fun. Why did Gatomon thank the Gazimon BTW. Maybe I don’t have enough brain cells to get it. I actually forgot Veemon called Davis Davith until I read it again.

I love that moment in episode four when Davis tells the group that Jun pretty much sucks and everybody is angry and then at the end of the season everybody sees its true. One of the few things I thought the show got spot on was how everybody felt towards her.

I always do wonder what is it with Davis cussing every other sentence. It’s funny but a tad overkill. Even I don’t know anybody who cusses THAT much. Davis has courage. The dumb kind that gets you killed type of courage. The one you would want the least, but he still has it.

Where the hell did Izzy come from? One honest positive I have to give Davis here is that when he does show that he cares, it’s obvious he does. Like with Veemon here. Not saying he does this a lot, but he has his moments of looking like a caring person. One problem, that rarely ever happens.

Final Thoughts: A lot of funny stuff in this one that made me laugh. I feel that this is when it picks up which is understandable as you were using exposition at first. I liked the general sublot. The way it goes in the story is very interesting which I will only get into on later reviews.
Marrilyn chapter 57 . 2/20
Wow, those military guys are assholes.

"They'd make fun of you!"
LOL. But also very true.

Taiora is adorable. I LOVE them!

"Then I'll sweep up what's left of you, put you in a box and mail you back to your family! AND I'LL MAKE THEM PAY THE POSTAGE!"

I just about died of laughter at Daisuke and Zhuqiaomon's name-calling contest. It's comedy gold! Thank you for that, it totally made my day. You should consider writing comedy.

To be fair to Daisuke, I don't know the meaning of half the words that overgrown pigeon said, but it's still amusing as hell.

Also, it was funny how Zhuqiaomon insulted Jun's boobs and Imperialdramon got mad, followed by Sora and Taichi giving Daisuke baffled looks.
GolfIsLife23 chapter 57 . 2/20
This chapter is as awesome as I thought it would be. I really loved the small doses of humor you've added in this chapter. Update soon!
MWD chapter 57 . 2/18
Another great chapter! Keep up the good work and I hope the next one will be out soon.
Uncharted Place chapter 57 . 2/15
Thanks for updating. Now all of the Crests are restored and all of the kids passed their tests (except TK). What's more, we have three new forms from the new kids so the odds are looking a lot better.

Zhuqiaomon: From Chapter 55, I got the feeling that this character was hot-tempered but still well-meaning. I did not expect him to be so hostile, though. Still, Mummymon was hardly an adequate challenge to Imperialdramon and it was cool to see what a god Digimon was actually capable of. Azulongmon's intervention was neat and reinforces my theory that he's the most powerful of the four gods because he embodies the most powerful Crests. I like how Zhuqiaomon seemed able to see inside everyone's heads, which must be how the gods evaluate the children. His hatred for humans is intriguing because I wonder if his influence somehow has something to do with the Resistance. We haven't seen much of them for a long time so hopefully we will again soon. I think I can see a pattern in terms of the Crests and elements: Fire (Courage/Love), Water (Friendship/Reliability), Earth (Knowledge/Purity), and...I guess space/time (Light/Hope).

Tai: I was looking forward to this chapter because I wanted to see how Tai would resolve his problems not just with Sora, but with himself in general. Although he's not in most of it, you've done a fantastic job showing how he matured since the events of Season 1. He's still charismatic, he still takes the initiative, but when it comes to personal issues like being a good mentor or sorting out his relationship with Sora, he struggles because he can't just take it lightly. Having him prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice was a good way to get him over his hesitance at least a little bit.

Sora: I have to admit it was hard to see whether Sora really overcame her issues in this chapter but, like with Tai and the others, it's more about her starting in the right direction. The scene with her on the bridge was very intense and I liked how her losing her distinctive hat added to the impact. I didn't feel that this problem of Sora doubting her compassion towards others was explored well enough in Season 1, but here at least it's been built up throughout the story and given more depth than just resentment towards her mother's expectations of her.

Davis: My favorite scene in this chapter was definitely the verbal sparring between Davis and Zhuqiaomon. Pretty hilarious! I also liked how he thought of how Yolei and Cody would solve problems before returning to his own methods. It shows he values the others' way of thinking while still being proud of who he is himself.

Mummymon: Funny as always! I am curious as to why Oikawa seems to want the older kids kept alive. I was hoping Mummymon would reveal a little more about that man's plans but no problem he wasn't the main obstacle in this chapter anyways.

The Digimon: Agumon's and Biyomon's interactions were pretty good in this chapter, though I thought a few moments where it's just Tai and Sora talking with their partners alone about their problems would have been helpful to include the Digimon more in solving them. Chibumon was good as usual and Imperialdramon's lines continue to provide some good humor.

Can't wait to see what happens next! It's sure to be exciting now that things are falling into place.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 57 . 2/14
Well done indeed:). Loved the God and Knight fight!
djb21212-Steeldramon21 chapter 57 . 2/14
And now all of the crests have been restored. I'm starting to wonder if goggles are Zhuqiaomon's berserker rage button. (First Takato and now Davis and Tai?) Anyways, it's great to see Tai and Sora FINALLY address the elephant in the room about their relationship. Also, seeing Imperialdramon Fighter Mode going toe to toe with the "overgrown turkey" was nice as well as the minor hint to future Daiyako/Taiora. Here's to the next chapter.
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