Reviews for Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told
morgan kingsley chapter 16 . 7/20
I liked your way of doing the base break in and I even more like the whole debut of Devimon. On it's own, it's a good debut and it is made ten times better by the fact that Devimon actually does something useful in the story. Again fixing one of many problems within this original series.
morgan kingsley chapter 15 . 7/16
This chapter was just hilarious. That was really all I can say about that. With Yolei's attitude and insane approach at the whole issue, I couldn't help but laugh several times with it. Also did a great job with the Kimeramon foreshadowing.
morgan kingsley chapter 14 . 7/14
I love this chapter because it took one of the more presentable episodes of the original and actually made it important to the plot, like chapter 12 in a way. It was also nice to see the fact that you had put in Wizardmon in the story still. But all this means is that the good stuff really is coming up. The fight with the emperor in the next couple chapters.

BTW, it is interesting to see how Matt feels at first because of the plot twist in chapter 64. Turns everything around in many ways.
morgan kingsley chapter 13 . 7/12
I always loved the creative and new idea that you had on the resistance, showing that not only the digidestined wanted to defeat the Emperor. Brings a whole new level of diversity to the story that was never even scratched upon in the original. And the idea of the resistance not even liking the digidestined was even more of a welcome idea than just instant acceptance.
Morgan Kingsley chapter 2 . 6/23
My thoughts on this chapter now updated are very much positive when I look back at the story and the whole thing and how each chapter sort of just builds on the last one and creates this big world that people could actually take investment in. It also does a great job showing just how low and sort of stupid these people are so they will actually build up and become the people that we know them to be later. Also reading Davis's and Yolei's arguments are ten times funnier now in hindsight.
Morgan Kingsley chapter 1 . 6/21
Yes, this is still me, I just have to sign out for these new view reviews since I am redoing them.

So this is my updated thoughts on the chapter and I think that it is even better than it was the first time since I have grown to really appreciate this story and how bad the original was. I can see the albeit minimal differences here but see that they all help the story enhance and bring you in faster.
spolieralertprincess chapter 1 . 6/10
This is the best Digimon fanfic that i havé read. Please update soon. I want to know what happenes next. Dont stop and leave this story unfinshed. I love this story
bobbyneko chapter 65 . 5/5
This is so exciting! I love the action and drama weaved together in this.
MWD1 chapter 65 . 5/5
Always a pleasure to see a new update!

Really enjoyed the action and drama of this chapter. Mummymon getting the bal in the face was priceless!

Keep up the fantastic work.
ngrey651 chapter 65 . 5/4
SERIOUSLY? So Blackwargreymon doesn't even LEARN anything from-

Do you not understand that these radical changes don't make the story BETTER? You're supposed to change a story in an adaptation if it will make SENSE and IMPROVE the story. The changes you've made HAVEN'T. They've made it too grim, too dark, and not FUN. This story is not FUN, and that's the one thing a Digmon anime story SHOULD be, ESPECIALLY an adaptation of the second series, the most lighthearted of them all!
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 65 . 5/4
Oh dear, I fear we're about to get a regular nightmare lane trip here.
Julie Riley aka Julayla Beryl chapter 65 . 5/4
And now, one of the remaining few things (besides the CDs and his parents) of Ken are completely destroyed as of Blackwargreymon. But at least Davis, Yolei, and Cody got their Digimon back. Also what is Oikawa planning?
Magiccatprincess chapter 65 . 5/4
This was so suspenseful! Loved it
Inertia 2.0 chapter 65 . 5/4
Izzy is not going to like to hear the truth.
Marrilyn chapter 64 . 3/27
I really hope Archnemon and Mummymon manage to keep up with the lie.

I love the twist with the original chosen children!

Oikawa must have killed those two. It seems to be too big to be a coincidence.

This backstory makes me hate Oikawa even more than I already do, and that's a lot.

"You can't just drop everything and run away, you selfish prick," Hiroaki growled. "Thirty years later and you're still just a goddamn crybaby!"
Hiroaki is my new hero! You tell him! I just love it when people tell Oikawa off.

This new twist is so fucking amazing! I'd accidentally read the spoilers already, but still, damn, that's some powerful shit!

"You're a judgmental little brat who refuses to hear the opinions of others."
I hate Oikawa, but damn, does have have a point here. I have always hated Iori. Loved this line!

Gotta say Armor evolving was really stupid of them.

Gennai was a manipulative bastard as well. He should have said something.

Daisuke's bravery is inspiring! I love his spirit!

"Let's go be Digimon savers!"
Love the reference!

I have a feeling the next chapter, and the chapters to come, are gonna be pretty badass!
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