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Uncharted Place chapter 57 . 2/15
Thanks for updating. Now all of the Crests are restored and all of the kids passed their tests (except TK). What's more, we have three new forms from the new kids so the odds are looking a lot better.

Zhuqiaomon: From Chapter 55, I got the feeling that this character was hot-tempered but still well-meaning. I did not expect him to be so hostile, though. Still, Mummymon was hardly an adequate challenge to Imperialdramon and it was cool to see what a god Digimon was actually capable of. Azulongmon's intervention was neat and reinforces my theory that he's the most powerful of the four gods because he embodies the most powerful Crests. I like how Zhuqiaomon seemed able to see inside everyone's heads, which must be how the gods evaluate the children. His hatred for humans is intriguing because I wonder if his influence somehow has something to do with the Resistance. We haven't seen much of them for a long time so hopefully we will again soon. I think I can see a pattern in terms of the Crests and elements: Fire (Courage/Love), Water (Friendship/Reliability), Earth (Knowledge/Purity), and...I guess space/time (Light/Hope).

Tai: I was looking forward to this chapter because I wanted to see how Tai would resolve his problems not just with Sora, but with himself in general. Although he's not in most of it, you've done a fantastic job showing how he matured since the events of Season 1. He's still charismatic, he still takes the initiative, but when it comes to personal issues like being a good mentor or sorting out his relationship with Sora, he struggles because he can't just take it lightly. Having him prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice was a good way to get him over his hesitance at least a little bit.

Sora: I have to admit it was hard to see whether Sora really overcame her issues in this chapter but, like with Tai and the others, it's more about her starting in the right direction. The scene with her on the bridge was very intense and I liked how her losing her distinctive hat added to the impact. I didn't feel that this problem of Sora doubting her compassion towards others was explored well enough in Season 1, but here at least it's been built up throughout the story and given more depth than just resentment towards her mother's expectations of her.

Davis: My favorite scene in this chapter was definitely the verbal sparring between Davis and Zhuqiaomon. Pretty hilarious! I also liked how he thought of how Yolei and Cody would solve problems before returning to his own methods. It shows he values the others' way of thinking while still being proud of who he is himself.

Mummymon: Funny as always! I am curious as to why Oikawa seems to want the older kids kept alive. I was hoping Mummymon would reveal a little more about that man's plans but no problem he wasn't the main obstacle in this chapter anyways.

The Digimon: Agumon's and Biyomon's interactions were pretty good in this chapter, though I thought a few moments where it's just Tai and Sora talking with their partners alone about their problems would have been helpful to include the Digimon more in solving them. Chibumon was good as usual and Imperialdramon's lines continue to provide some good humor.

Can't wait to see what happens next! It's sure to be exciting now that things are falling into place.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 57 . 2/14
Well done indeed:). Loved the God and Knight fight!
djb21212-Steeldramon21 chapter 57 . 2/14
And now all of the crests have been restored. I'm starting to wonder if goggles are Zhuqiaomon's berserker rage button. (First Takato and now Davis and Tai?) Anyways, it's great to see Tai and Sora FINALLY address the elephant in the room about their relationship. Also, seeing Imperialdramon Fighter Mode going toe to toe with the "overgrown turkey" was nice as well as the minor hint to future Daiyako/Taiora. Here's to the next chapter.
JediiMasterDraco chapter 57 . 2/14
Thank you. This one act has made my month.

1. Note to self, never go backpacking in Siberia.

2. F- the Russians!

3. So that's Yuri in this continuity? Sora is so going to kill TK if she ever finds the rough draft.

4. Well that's convenient. Free ride. Admittedly I'd have probably made some smart-alec comment that would result in a bullet to the brain.

5. Ha ha! Ladies and gentlemen the eagle has landed. Or at least the phoenix.

6. Eh, unless they're involved in politics, Russians are usually decent people.

7. Oh that's going to bring up fond memories.

8. This is also Zhuqiaomon we're talking about here. He's about as friendly as an avalanche.

9. Those two are going to be put through hell aren't they?

10. Has this guy heard of anger management classes?

11. Glassy eyes? Looks like the party's already started.

12. Mummymon? Well this is going to be easy.

13. Man, this is probably even trickier because they can only defend themselves, doing anything more than passive defense would probably just piss old fire feathers off.

14. Relationship issues can be difficult to resolve, even more so when having to save the world(s). And especially when you have a god trying to kill you.

15. Now that is a pretty cool security system.

16. Go Sora!

17. What the-? Now I'm REALLY confused.

18. And in a perfect way that issue is resolved.

19. Man and I thought Matt had issues.

20. Okay so the new kids are up for grabs, but apparently the older kids have to be kept alive. Maybe Myotismon wants to vap tem personally or something.

21. Oh fuck!

22. ANYTIME AZULONGMON! (also so much for my theory of Zhuqiaomon being pissed at one of the kids specifically, he's just that way naturally).

23. I'm not sure how much Davis and Exveemon aregoing to help this situation.

24. What. The. Hell. This is one o the digimon gods? I think I jus died from shock.

25. So that's why the Russian adventure got all twisted around. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pour bleach directly into my cranium.

26. And there's Fighter Mode. Great.

27. That battle may not have been as action packed as some others, but it makes for it in other departments, such as the kids now having the potential to learn about the human origins of Mummymon and Arukenimon.

28. The handy thing about performing unbelievable acts in front of other is that someone will think THEY are the crazy ones.

29. That scene was pure cuteness.

30. Well that secret lasted a longtime.

31. I'll post a more in-depth analysis later under the guest category because right now I need to eat. But I'd say this chapter was worth the weight.
Saint River chapter 57 . 2/14
About damn time you updated this. But it's been so long and I can't remember what happened before this sp I had to reread the whole thing.
L-TAKARI chapter 56 . 2/10
I love the story,it is awesome!!\O/

please keep on
dig1monfurrever chapter 56 . 1/21
I disagree with EVERYTHING JediiMasterDraco says.
GolfIsLife23 chapter 56 . 1/12
The character development you've shown in Matt throughout the story and this chapter has been just awesome. I'm really looking forward for Sora and Tai in hopefully the next chapter. Keep up the great writing!
JediiMasterDraco chapter 42 . 1/12
This is a slightly more in-depth review, since I didn't feel the one or two sentences I gave a while back did it justice.

1. A discussion involving the older kids is always welcome and everyone is well within the character you've established for them.

2. I always find it hilarious when people get so surprised that Christmas is close. It's pretty entertaining to see the last minute scramble for gifts and decorations, while you're patting yourself on the back for getting presents back in August and putting the lights up a week after Thanksgiving. (Admittedly my family usually waits until a weeks or so before Christmas to get the trees so they aren't an extreme fire hazard by Christmas)

3. TK and Kari's team-up is a great way of illustrating the bond between them. They may not be ready for romance (they're still a little young for that), but their friendship is definitely one of the deepest in the series.

4. Wonder where Yolei stashed her flying monkey.

5. And now (in my opinion) Ken has been fully redeemed. He is willing to let go of the past and resolves to take on the duties of a Digidestined. He is committed himself to fighting for both worlds, not just to assuage his own guilt, but also because it is simply what is right.

6. Breaking Davis' googles was a great way of showing how this arc is where he most diverges from Tai. Tai isn't really the kind to hold a grudge and he is very go with the flow. Meanwhile Davis spends the majority of the next ten or so chapters pissed as hell at Yolei. It also shows a difference as just as Tai is beginning a relationship with Sora, Davis is watching the he secretly (even to him) has a crush on fawning over a guy he is quickly regarding as one of his best friends. It's an interesting contrast. Or maybe I'm just rambling, ask anyone I do that frequently.

7. You ARE young Cody. Young, foolish, arrogant. And your inability to distinguish friend from foe only proves my point.

8. I'd give Davis what's coming to him: An F.

9. The old, "maybe you'll meet a cute girl" routine. If Davis didn't have a job as a mechanic, I'd say he'd make a good politician. And yes to all the politicians who have this story as a guilty pleasure, that was an insult.

10. Sora's reaction was priceless, especially Gatomon's description of her. But Kari's mission accomplished was just asking for Karma to hit them upside the head.

11. Tai definitely isn't as dumb as everyone says he is. He has great intrusion and his strategizing is right on the money.

12. Man Tai now I'm sure Tai knows that Davis fantasies about Kari. He seems to almost delight in gut-checking him.

13. I love this arc, even as the new kids hit their lowest point, the older kids begin to come to the fore like never before. I could have phrased that better couldn't I?

14. I love it when the digimon have little adventures. It kind of reminds me of the Pikachu shorts before every pokemon movie.

15. Pride always finds a way to push Davis off a cliff.

16. Oh Toshiko, that's really going to solve the obvious nervous breakdown. If I ever have kids (a very rare chance at this point) I'm going to do my best to help them get ready for their first dates. Of course that won't stop me from threatening said dates in the case of a daughter.

17. Man even routine taks are becoming dangerous. This is badly, especially since they are about to take on potentially the deadliest mission the digidestined have ever carried out.

18. Ouch. This is exactly why I stick to cereal, waffles, sandwiches, and microwavable meals. All some people need is the proper motivation.

19. How can the digimon get in trouble for looking in the couches?!

20. And once again Karma just seems to bitch-slap anyone in Davis' general vicinity. I'm personally kind of wondering how the gods of irony haven't killed him yet.

21. Cody, Cody, Cody. Is there anything that can described the infinite immaturity that you embody. Davis and Yolei may not exactly be handling their situation in the best way possible, but romance has a way of messing with your head. You on the other hand have no excuse. Your family has taught you for years to turn the other cheek. And Ken has never betrayed you before. In fact he has saved your life on numerous occasions. If he had pretended to turn good before and then reverted back to being the Emperor I could understand your resentment. But as it stands you are quickly becoming a much greater hindrance than an asset. And Tai, don't even compare yourself to him. You sought to protect the others because you believed that being the only one with a Crest meant they were your responsibility. You tried your best from what little knowledge of the digital world you had. But I think Cody's main problem is damaged pride, Ken's maneuver might have been treacherous from a standpoint of formal, officiated combat, but in an actual battle the only rule is to survive. Him breaking your shinai was a tactically sound move because it meant he had disabled a potential opponent.

22. The shifting between Mimi and Yolei and Sora and Izzy was a nice build-up to a truly awesome scene. But I really take offense to what Mimi said. Especially since Joe been pursuing her like a hound after a rabbit all this time. But the confrontation was excellent. It was just the right combination of freakish coincidence and things coming to a head. And that punch, that one blow, sealed this as one of the greatest and most realistic fanfictions I have ever read. The raw emotion throughout this chapter exemplified you as a fantastic author and deserving of ten times the reviews you do have.

23. I have one small request to make. If the next chapter is almost finished, could you please try to post it by tomorrow. I only ask because it's my birthday and all that jazz and honestly it would the greatest gift anyone could give me. Thank you for hearing me out. Please don't ban me again.
GuestPassingBy chapter 56 . 1/10
Awesome! It's time for Tai and Sora now!
JediiMasterDraco chapter 41 . 1/10
Here it is. The penultimate chapter of the search for the crests we are down to the wire and it's all or nothing. Out of curiosity why is Tai always last in your story? He was the last to have his partner freed permanently (Kimeramon did at least one useful thing during his rampage), he was the last to get his crest back, and now he's one of the last to get his crest recharged.

1. I bet Tai hasn't been this scared since they were facing Myotismon. Also I really love the fact that every other character, except TK and Kari (and Davis through sheer stubbornness), think the two would make a good couple. It makes a statement that they really are as open and truthful as they seem.

2. So close and yet so far is right Nefertimon. By the way, can you give me the number of whoever designs those security systems?

3. I love these little callbacks to the beginning. Later in the original series the kids never really bother with hiding their partners. Sometimes its the little details changing that have a great impact.

4. On most days I'd feel sorry for Matt. But considering how much hell he gives the new kids, I'd say every date with Jun is well deserved.

5. Yeesh I can't relate to any part of Cody's family. I love the snow, I believe that quite a number of problems can be solved with the appropriate application of force, and I think if someone is truly trying to repent, then they have changed.

6. I'm not going to defend Yolei, who didn't even acknowledge Joe before being an ass, but I will say that Joe was putting a bit of pressure on Mimi when it's pretty obvious she has PTSD. He wasn't being deliberate about it and it's obvious he's tried to give her space, but considering there's a mega tearing up the neighborhood the kids need all the help they can get.

7. I know how you feel TK, I really do.

8. That isn't a plan! That is attempted suicide in the most painful manner possible. And people say Tai's an idiot. At least his ideas don't carry a high chance of becoming a fatal traffic incident.

9. Something tells me that the gods are already interfering. How else would they survive Davis' driving. Also don't think that I'm so thick that I don't recognize an obvious clue when I see one. It's just that I'm not sure what that clue means. Who do you think I am Sherlock Holmes?

10. Never eat at Digitamamon's place. Just don't. It never ends well.

11. There are so many things ironic in Ken's inner monologue that I'm having a hard time choosing which to laugh at.

12. Apparently Agumon's never heard my sisters demanding me to give them the ramen I've stolen. hehehehe.

13. Well it was nice know yeah Cody (not).

14. That plan went about as well as it usually does when Davis is involved.

15. That guy never does anything useful. All he can do it blow up the landscape. On the plus side: he's pissed. It's always entertaining when the Dark Knight gets pissed.

16. Wow Agumon's friendship with ole BWG has already come in handy. Every second counts when a Crest is being rebooted so we should be golden in the last temple.

17. I love this battle the kids are trapped between a rock and a hard spot, they're losing, there is carnage unlike almost anything before, and... It. Is. GLORIOUS. I also love how BWG in nonchalant about all the kids digimon except Angemon and Angewomon. It gives you a real clue at just how much of a threat TK and Kari are to the Dark World. Also I'm really getting the feeling that we'll being seeing Seraphimon and Magnadramon (the hell that they only appeared for three seconds in a non-con movie, they were badass). Also is it wrong to enjoy reading about Ankylomon being used as a morning star?

18. One Deus-Ex-Machina to kick ass please! Honestly once we get a full account, which you will give to us, this will probably make it much less contrived than it originally seems.

19. Blackwargreymon used Evil Charge on Azulongmon. Azulongmon was unaffected. Azulongmon used The Light of Hope on Blackwargreymon. It's super-effective. Blackwargreymon fainted. The Dark World has no more digimon.

20. I loved how you cut down on the exhibition that Azulongmon gives. But are only delaying the inevitable.

21. I love the idea of the second gang being "demoted". I think it's because they have pretty poor attitudes at the moment.

22. The wrap-up is always highly amusing (and tormenting because of all the blasted hints, heck I'm not even sure at this point if Arukenimon is talking about the invasion plan, Oikawa's plan, or whatever scheme she's cooking up)

23. When dealing with two people who have been butting heads for weeks, always make sure to have a grocery list available.

24. Something tells me that the chill in the air has nothing to do with it being December. See you, and chapter 57 too, soon (hopefully).
Red1994 chapter 56 . 1/4
HOLY CRAP! This story is amazing, I can't wait to see how it all come to a conclusion. I've gone through just about every emotion reading this and it was amazing how touched a story could make me feel.
JediiMasterDraco chapter 40 . 12/31/2014
Okay take six on attempting to post this review. It's like something is deliberately keeping me from doing so. Now I'll back it up with Word or something. Anyways I know that this is long past due (blame it on my internet constantly short-circuiting) but, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. I know I will. And this is being posted before midnight in your time zone so don’t judge me. I had to play pinochle with my sisters.

1. I find the beginning of this chapter fairly amusing, mainly because it starts out the same way as the last one, with TK freezing to death. It happens a couple times in this story and it's fun to see how things go even if they start the same way.

2. Could a camera's zoom feature really have the same effect as a telescope? I thought it just adjusted the focus of the lens.

3. Bugs really have it in for the Digidestined gang. First there was Kuwagamon (who was a bit thick considering he kept going after kids that consistently beat him), then Arkenimon (and her insectoid legion from the ugly bug ball), and now Xuanwumon's swarm. Out of curiosity is his security courtesy of God's Most Famous Plagues Security Systems. I use a Blood Nile 4000 (of course I hear the Fiery Hail 3500 is pretty good too).

4. I'd love to know Cody's opinion of me. Especially since I doubt we could be in the same room for more than a couple minutes without trying to kill each other.

5. Yeesh I've heard of people knocking over trains, but never being knocked over by one (forget the fact that they're not even on the ground). Then again that's probably there isn't a whole lot left of people who have been hit by trains.

6. Personally Tai and Sora's landing reminds me of a quick scene after the kids get back from demolishing Ken's base and zapping Frankensteinmon. If you pause it right after they come out of the gate you'll see that Kari is trapped between TK's legs (to complete the ensemble TK has a what-the-hell expression and Davis looks ready to go on a killing spree).

7. You do that Cody, let me know how it turns out. I'll be sure the play something nice at your funeral (is that something that would qualify as Not Funny considering we just had one in the story about a year ago?). Mind you it'll be closed casket considering even a backswipe from BWG will bisect you, never mind a Terra Destroyer. Then again Terra Destroyer doesn't seem as powerful as the original considering that attack was capable of tossing Megas around like paper dolls, while even at point-blank-range TD failed to anything more than knock out a band of meddling kids.

8. Davis really does raise a good point (for once). The kids risk their necks on an every-other-day basis and they don't even have a decent life insurance policy.

9. I'd really like a nice detailed answer to Ken's question. Because all I have confirmed from numerous little teases is "nothing good."

10. Davis' remark about dumb old businessmen is highly ironic because in "canon", he is a businessman.

11. You really used the Kyoto trip to its maximum effectiveness. Yolei's slow change has now been jammed in their faces to the point that they hardly recognize her.

12. I never get how people mix those two groups up. One was a bunch of corporate, self-entitled, money-grubbers who thought they were God’s gift to the Amerindians while the other was filled with lazy, humorless twits, who believed that everyone should have the right to be free of religious persecution, unless they were from another religion.

13. Oh for the love of pete never give any of the D3 trio a pet. It’ll die within days.

14. Cody I don’t even know where to begin with that. There is a difference between selling alcohol to a minor and demanding payment for used goods. And in my opinion Yolei was well within her right to demand payment.

15. This meeting represents a vast turning point in this story to me. It signifies the older kids fully stepping back into their roles (not that they abandoned them in the first place) from their auxiliary duties.

16. I sometimes wonder if Demiveemon is trying to get his partner killed.

17. What are you thinking Ken? Do share with the rest of the class.

18. I don’t blame Tai in the slightest. It took me ages to ask out a girl for the first time. And then it took me another year or so to try again after she indirectly rejected me.

19. Here we go again. I wonder if we should just dose that kid with chloroform every time Ken shows up to help.

20. It’s called gratitude Cody. Something you show a complete lack of. We should have just let Thundermon zap him.

21. Not the freaking time Yolei. Geez maybe Cody does have a point about her hormones (rolls eyes). God I can’t believe I just said that.

22. I love how you are able to pair Kari and TK up for missions without making it direct shipping tease. Pretty much any other author wouldn’t be able to help themselves but it is a nice touch that shows that they work well as a team without needing to be shipped every second.

23. Tai and Izzy seem to have a “Those Two Guys” vibe when they’re interacting.

24. This train sure isn’t the ShyGuy Express. Also Davis… I have no words.

25. And stealth insult right into Davis’s reactor core with barely a thought. While I may detest Cody as a person (but certainly not as a character) I can’t deny he has some impressive wisecracks.

26. Why is it that every time BWG shows up I start hearing the Imperial March.

27. The twists in this section are hilarious as the kids go from objective to objective and have to wait for the consequences to catch up with them.

28. Garudamon, being awesome since 1999. Also I love how she just nonchalantly dumped Arukenimon. I was in stiches for almost a minutes straight.

29. Dat dirty wabbit has finally been caught. Also, badass points to Sora for being the first to deliberately drive him away.

30. I’d call this a “Break the Cutie Moment” except Gargomon is about as cute as a Velociraptor.

31. Sora laying the verbal smackdown on that gun-toting psycho is one of my favorite moments in this story.

32. Then you know very little of honor Cody. And that is what disgusts me most about you.

33. All and all it was a good day. And Taiora picked up a shipper or two.

34. Considering that we know jack squat about the full extent of the backup plan. I’m thinking the kids are in for a world of hurt in future chapters.

35. Yolei has been fully enveloped by the dark side of being a teenager. The kids must mourn the loss of a once faithful friend.
Guest chapter 56 . 12/28/2014
Awesome story whens the next chapter need my digimon fix
JediiMasterDraco chapter 39 . 12/14/2014
1. Oi shopping I feel for you TK. As for the History quiz being Davis's bane, its causing me to have an evil cackling fit because that is my favorite subject.

2. It's nice to see the villains living such productive lives when the kids are away.

3. *facepalm* Yolei you are the exact reason that I'm losing faith in the human species. Personally I can live without a computer, and some other technological goodies, that's what books are for.

4. You can never deny that Hawkmon and Yolei have courage. I wouldn't want to go with a good ten kilos of BWG without a spare nuke or two.

5. Haruhiko, why on earth would you blab your daughter's life story. If it was me I'd have kept my mouth shut. Then again I'm a fairly private person by nature. It explains why I don't have any friends.

6. As usual if you give Yolei enough rope she jumps into the video game black hole.

7. I agree with Yolei, it's the teacher's job to make sure that the groups stays together. They are in school so they ae the responsibility of the teacher.
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