Reviews for Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told
JediMasterDraco chapter 32 . 9/2/2014
I'm Heeereeee!

1. You know Digimon 02 is one of those few Wake Up, Eat Breakfast, Go To School/Work, Save the World type shows where there is never a conflict between their two lives. But here and in other chapters you flush that idiotic idea down the toilet and actually have late missions effect school the next day, you have real and digital world problems blending together. Kudos for making it so realistic. And I know exactly the type of teacher Kari has, I once got sent out of the room in twelfth grade because I yawned. Even though it's been proven that yawning is a way of reinforcing the amount of oxygen going to the brain and is not a sign of boredom or tiredness.

2. I personally found Ken's reaction to be a great part of this chapter. It shows that he's reached out to the group and is concerned for their wellbeing. Admittedly it's mainly Davis (the Kensuke fans are going to go nuts if they read this), but considering he wanted to vaporize only about a month or so ago, it is a vast improvement.

3. The fight between Tai and Sora was a nice touch and should provide a slap to the face of any idiot who claims you're making Tai and Sora fall in love just because you support the ship. And the points both sides raise are good ones, especially the fact that Davis gets the kids into a lot more jams than he gets them out of.

4. Yolei's reaction seemed reasonable to me. But I may be biased because Davis is such a fun butt monkey.

5. I know that the kids treat it as a horror story but I think I'd enjoy being a passenger on that ride.

6. We always ask for things we think we won't but as often as not it turns out we have no need or want.

7. No more deep-sea fishing for you Gomamon. Izzy's only fifteen? He doesn't need a heart attack that early in life.

8. Is it disturbing that I don't find a whale being used as a cargo ship unusual. Maybe I've been spending too much time reading fanfiction.

9. I'll say Arukenimon and Mummymon's plan was pretty slick. They managed to sow dissent amongst the kids (would have been even more effective if Ken had come along too), they used a completely new group of cronies, and their endgame could have resulted in obtaining all the active Crest Fragments and knocking off the majority of the kids.

10. Any one (including me) whoever said Joe was a cowardly lion is eating their words at this point. I suppose that's why Joe is one of my favorite characters.

11. I'd say that's debatable Cody. I've got five-to-one odds that the Constitution could blow one out of the water without losing a man. And that was only a frigate.

12. Remember my young Padawan, your eyes can betray you. Feel don't think, use your instincts. On second thought considering it's Cody he'd probably end it by leading them off a cliff so never mind.

13. I just noticed this, I'm not even sure you meant this, but could the use of spiral been just to isolate Cody. I mean we know Davis and Yolei certainly wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion it was. And TK and Kari have fought a creature with a fake spire. Ofcourse for Arukenimon and Mummymon to have been that sneaky they'd need to know a lot of small conversations. Then again we have no clue what Oikawa was up to until recently (and even those activities are the essence of the word vague).

14. Cody's suspicions are valid. But it's easy to consider how he's being unreasonable because of how wacky the digital world is. It kind of insolates you and provides limitless proof that there are coincidences.

15. Again Izzy, quit trying to use logic when it comes to the digital world. It's the reason I gave up sanity years ago.

16. Ironic, Joe is the only kid whose digimon can swim and he's seasick. Then again Ikkakumon and Zudomon are probably smoother rides

17. I'm with the Octomon (I speak sailor fluently, I crewed on my dad's racing boat for a couple years). But seriously what in the name of Neptune did Davis find so funny?

18. The majority of my school's teachers were always mad at me. Course considering they were liberal nuns (yes nuns) their opinion mattered about as much to me as our dear president's would.

19. Thank you for that mental image Yolei. Couldn't you have just kept that thought to yourself. Or better yet wait till you get, call Davis, and tell him.

20. And for once Davis has a good point. Cody never shuts up about Ken so why did he just stop about the Octomon.

21. Gomamon, just... Gomamon.

22. Davis' obsession over Kari is starting to move beyond funny and into the realm of strange. Not to mention desperate.

23. Live by the sail, die by the whale. Or in this case the farking huge turtle-walrus. Why does that sound like an animal from Avatar (the cartoon). There's a reason I consider Zudomon one of the strongest ultimates.

24. Nice Veemon. Next time just defect t their side.

25. Are Davis and Veemon undercover villains or just incredibly stupid?

26. Another thing I love about this story is that with good tactics and determination, even champions and armors can beat ultimate spire-born.

27. So Cody goes from believing Joe is a font of wisdom to being Ken's puppet. That boy has some issues.

28. And so ends the non-BWG part of this arc. Prepare for a lot of booms. And swearing.
JediMasterDraco chapter 30 . 9/1/2014
I'm back and can't wait for the update (which if I've calculated correctly; should be up between now and the 16th).

1. I love how real you make the battles by describing the injuries. At most in cartoon series the characters will get a couple scratches to represent injuries (pokemon being a prime example) unless there are plot related issues. But you actually have them be in pain, you have them bleed and its add a superior dimension to the story. Comparing this to the original series is on the same order as comparing avatar to virtually every other American cartoon out there.

2. Cody is definitely in the running for most retarded digimon character ever (I've actually read a fanfic where the characters of anime all form a sort of toon town world and apparently a drunk Cody gave us the Myotismon ending, in that universe, but I digress). First he has the observational skills of a gnat being unable to realize the flute is controlling bugs and then for not realizing Digmon is a bug. The he's tries to foist blame for their predicament onto Ken. And finally he doesn't notice HIS HANDS ARE FREE. HOW DID THIS KID GET PAST 1ST GRADE? (I'm done)

3. That calculus problem nearly made me go on a killing spree.

4. So the original kids get to come in as reinforcements. One problem, none of them have D3s. If I'd been one of the younger kids I would have recommended that they come into the Digital World with them and then stayed a couple miles away to act as a trump card.

5. I this really the time Davis?

6. Since Yolei's plan worked does that mean I have the ability to circle-leg-run like shaggy and Scooby. After I saw that on TV too?

7. Hope that thing doesn't give Izzy a virus.

8. Arukenimon has anger-management issues.

9. If you ask me Arukenimon getting curbstomped is one of the best moments in 02 because it involves everyone getting in on the fun, even the kids.

10. Uh, Cody that's exactly why you NEED to kill her with one exception (Ogremon, who was never really all that evil to begin with) every evil digimon has remained unrepentant and many of them ENJOY killing. And considering that you need to stop the Spire-born... Cut off the head and the body will follow.

11. Opportunity wasted.

12. Okay so the new kids are a little late. But in this case better late than never still applies because it shows that they will be involved.

13. In-training digimon maybe pigs, but rookies are complete clowns.

14. These after-action scenes always seem a great way to end the chapter, often with proof that the kids are growing or of the next evil plan.

Well see you, and Matt and Joe and Cody, soon.
JediMasterDraco chapter 29 . 8/31/2014
1. The "Destroy Control Spires" sequence was great because of the interactions between the group while being in the Digital World without being in combat.

2. The idea of shifting the ambush point from a quickie into the Digital World at a giant into an over night stay at a hotel was truly inspired. It gave new opportunities for the characters to interact.

3. Subtle Davis. Now you only have to convince Kari your... self-esteem is an effective reason for choosing you.

4. That fits perfectly both the canon and fanfic characters of Yolei.

5. TAKARI! Really awkward Takari but I'll take what I can get.

6. Apparently someone in the Digital World needs to look up what a heart is and it ain't BWG.

7. And that scene in canon is the reason I detest Cody, if he's honorable than so is that bastard Ieysu Tokugawa.

8. And Cody is reveal to have the memory of a goldfish except when it comes to Ken's "villainy".

9. Somehow I think Davis' final words were same thoughts of a number of fans as you left them at that cliffhanger. I expect to see you in about two weeks with Matt, Joe, and Cody's chapter. I've actually started a bidding pool on how many times Matt will swear, I've got 20 bucks on at least a dozen.
DarkLord98 chapter 55 . 8/31/2014
hmm... I have a theory about the Digivice cracking and the new kids digivolving to ultimate without DNA Digivolution.
JediMasterDraco chapter 28 . 8/24/2014
I forgot to mention it last review so here I go. We've reached the third year of your rewrite and now chapters have started to slow down. But if that is the price that must be paid to have a decent version of Digimon Adventure 02, so be it. By the way I'm assuming from this story that you're a writing/something similar major. If so how's that going for you? I can't wait for the next chapter which if my calculations are correct is a little over a fortnight away. I look forward with great eagerness to Matt's trial (insert Myotismon style evil laugh). I'm also wondering how the gang will reunite. I picture a very weird game of tag. And that will probably end the world tour. Unless you do one of your classic and entertaining "not so fast digdestined"s.

1. The opening scene is a great little demonstration of how you actually utilize chapter-to-chapter continuity. In the original show that end would have had no effect next episode. But here it is utilized to show how much pressure the kids are under. And with BWG just around the corner things are about to get a whole lot worse.

2. Ken's starting to lose it. Not that he was really all there to begin with in the first place but wht the heck.

3. Izzy's scene was gold. It shows that the older kids are still in this and still growing.

4. There's another peculiarity, the new digimon always seem to know exactly where they are. I'm wondering if they're somehow connected to the original Digidestined and that's how they know all of this.

5. Giving Mummymmon abilities of his own instead of just acting as Arukenimon's bodyguard was truly inspired.

6. It's kind of a good thing that Toei didn't have a version of this chapter because the chase would be just comedic and nonsensical without any real need.

7. Hurricane Hippogriff is about to hit. Some where up there Sirius Black is laughing his ass off.

8. Did Ken have a run in with the aforementioned hurricane?

9. Wrong again Cody, the Inca were from South America, specifically Peru and northern Chile.

10. Sometimes it's best to just ignore the weirdness. Especially if your eyes are still moderately innocent.

11. Ken are you feeling okay?

12. Don't bet on it Yolei.
JediMasterDraco chapter 27 . 8/23/2014
1. Davis seems to be forgetting about certain kitty. I sure as heck wouldn't try to abduct a girl protected by an electric cat that can becoming a Flying Tiger.

2. The Holy Ring kind of confuses me because Gatomon had it as Myotismon's servant and yet it's explained here that the order had something to do with it. Oh well to paraphrase Azulongmon "All will become clear in time".

3. I love that holiday, it's fun to see how long it takes Davis' head to explode.

4. If there was any doubt he'd play a part it's gone now. And it substantiates TK terror that Patamon may be killed.

5. The only question I have involving Arukenimon and this chapter is why she wants Kari, is she payment to Dagomon or does Oikawa(Myotismon?:() have plans for her.

6. Uh Cody, that kind of Labyrinth was simply a geometric pattern on the floor of cathedrals and other grand buildings. This kind of labyrinth was made to contain a bull-headed half-man called the minotaur.

7. One of the things I loved about this chapter was the kids thinking and using the environment to overcome the Knightmon.

8. Good one Digmon.

9. Even discounting his evolution to Neodevimon, There's something very dangerous about Devimon. I just can't think what that is.

10. Devimon is the only digimon who has withdrawn without being truly beaten. I take that back, Daemon's cut from a similar cloth.

11. That's where you're wrong Devimon, as you'll find out in a few months.

12. Quick nitpick you called Kari a "he" near the end.
JediMasterDraco chapter 26 . 8/23/2014
1. Cody, the weekend DOES start on Saturday. I don't know what universe you live in.

2. Matt is definitely not the life of a party.

3. Yolei's sisters are high on something. I just need to figure out what.

4. Cody why couldn't you have followed Yolei, then again if you didn't follow TK the older kids would probably all be pancakes.

5. My fading Digital World theory has merit with these old look-backs.

6. So he's not exactly Obi-Young Kenobi in this version I see. Wonder what caused TK to originally write that.

7. Davis really does take his "rivalry" a bit too far.

8. It wouldn't surprise me Cody. Also I don't even WANT to know what Jun was dreaming about considering her pervert of a brother.

9. You ever realize that when some says they'll explain everything they'll usually explain zippo zappo.

10. Yolei and Davis are the reason this thing is rated M.

11. Mummymon, so much better than he was in the original.

12. I personally wonder if Ken's inner diatribe is one of personal experience. I wouldn't be surprise if you had that exact same conversation with yourself sometime in 2006.

13. Gennai's house sounds like a nice version of Puppetmon's mansion.

14. Gennai Ex Machina.

15. One of the great things about this fanfic is that you create a work of terror and awe while still including corny puns that would reduce Washington himself to giggles.

16. Tai I think you should instead make a list of people who DO like you. It will probably be a lot easier.

17. Foreshadowing, although currently I don't think Gennai's word had any effect on old icicle heart.

18. Gennai's slicker than a greased frog in an August hurricane.

19. Well there you go the point in the story where things become infinitely better than canon. But I beg you to answer the multiple, multiple mysteries, IN SMALL BATCHES.
JediMasterDraco chapter 25 . 8/23/2014
1. I find it highly amusing how whenever one of their digimon digivolves for the first time all the kids do is stand around and gawk.

2. The Dark WorldCreepy as hell and twice as dark. You gotta love this rewrite for that exact reason.

3. And thus the "And I Must Scream" Trope is activated. Zombie digimon is never something really explored.

4. Someone at Toei should be reading this. This is how you write a damn brilliant episode.

5. This. This. The idea of bringing back the Crests instead of going with the Destiny Stones. It is without a doubt the most original idea on this entire site and anyone who says otherwise is either drunk, high, or both. My only question is what the hell was going on with the mist and the Crest.

6. I'd call Davis an idiot but I'm not sure I want to know what would have happened if Paildramon hadn't blasted it.

7. I think Izzy's brain was just broken. Also thank GOD, that you didn't use the "release the powers that protect the Digital World". That was about as effective as a wet paper towel.

8. Izzy there is a time for such news. Three in the freaking morning is not one of those times. Next time take a couple hours' rest and then wake everyone up with phone calls.
JediMasterDraco chapter 24 . 8/22/2014
On the roll again, I am another reviewing roll again.

1. Gross, but great detail, you don't see ordinary things like that in a typical fanfic. God bless the muse that inspires you.

2. And so begins Cody's descent into Asshood. He's one of those characters that I love to hate. In case you haven't noticed by know, I heartily dislike hypocritical moralists even worse than I do moralists.

3. Using the environment is a great way of evening the odds. Kind of reminds of some of Ash Ketchumm's older battles where he used his head. Sadly I doubt the current imposter is going to let Ash out of his storage locker anytime soon.

4. This chapter has beautiful foreshadowing if you pay attention. Both Yolei and Cody's problems really begin here and they reach their climaxes and resolutions at about the same time too. Kinda cool how they mirror each other.

5. And here's where the Cluster F-bombs get dropped.

6. I love how almost everyone is like "what the (insert mild to major single-word curse)" while potty mouth Davis, the lovable senseless twit that he is is simply going "Jackpot".
JediMasterDraco chapter 23 . 8/22/2014
Mimi being a bitch leads to some hilarious situations. Also one of the things that ticks me off about 02 is how TK doesn't support Davis during the fight with Golemon when it comes to using force when he's technically the first Digidestined to have gotten a kill by himself (Sora and Joe tag teamed Lord Bakemon). Under certain circumstances (like scrutiny by a kookucloudlander) results in him being a major jerk (especially when he seems to mindscrew Cody). Here though you make him a realistic character. Kudos. As for Yolei's little after show TMI. Very TMI.
JediMasterDraco chapter 22 . 8/16/2014
Here we go again.

1. I didn't mention this last time but Ken's weapons are a great idea. And considering he created Kimeramon I doubt anyone is really going to take issue.

2. Nice shot TK. I'm very anti-Daikari, mainly because it seems stupid, so anytime TK is able to one-up Davis, and it's always unintentional, it a signal for giggles.

3. We might as well cut off Cody's ears for all that he listens.

4. All the scenes with the kids and their partners were great, giving pleasant little insights into their lives.

5. It seems that Joe talking to Mimie resembles a dozen Zeros versus a Corsair. Lot's of shooting down.

6. Davis define early.

7. Davis the best word to describe you is pervert.

8. And so; the first hint of the Crests returning.

9. I'd be more curious than terrified if I was in their shoes.

10. And just when Davis thinks he's gotten a couple points, TK beats him.

11. Cody's later resistance to his grandfather is intriguing in light of him being slightly intrigued by the idea of talking.
JediMasterDraco chapter 21 . 8/16/2014
The Ken chapter was just whoa. There are really no comments I can make upon it in light of Judgement but there are new questions. First is the Digivice. It came as is, no corrupting by the Dark World. It raises eyebrows about the new kids Digivices especially with the reverting of TK and Kari's. Also there is Ken himself. What caused him to become the Emperor. In the original it was Sam's involvement in conjecture with the Dark Spore, but here he became evil almost by default. But as you are no doubt thinking as you read this: You'll find out now quit bugging me.
JediMasterDraco chapter 19 . 8/16/2014
Okay here's the statistical data on TSWNT. It is currently the fifth longest story on fanfiction and of those two are complete and within about 200,000 words, one hasn't updated in half a decade and the other posts more frequent (but shorter) chapters and has a two year head start. In reviews you're about 37th which frankly I don't get because you'd think people would be flocking to this story considering it is such a magnificent story. In favorites it recently surpassed a similar rewrite known as Digimon 02: A Revision and gaining 19th place. and finally in favorites it is a hairsbreathed away from the Top Ten at 12th place. Well on to the main review.

1. As always I enjoy the future scenes because they foreshadow what happens next. And also it appears that TK may be spending sometime on the couch.

2. The parts from Ken's POV seem to indicate that the book belongs to Ken but I wonder if it's actually Oikawa's. It would explain why he only read it once and why the word friend triggered his memory of it.

3. And with that Cody is already trying to get everyone angry. Or at least Davis.

4. All these chapters where Izzy and others are left with more questions than answers. Exhibition chapters tend to make me a little nervous because the second season really fudged them. Of course your limited expo chapters are pretty good.

5. Seeing the grand reunion scenes was awesome.

6. The three different Digidestined teams are a great way of showing the aftereffects of Ken's rampage. There are spires everywhere, digimon need help all over, and the Resistance is going from freedom fighters to deadly gang.

7. I don't even want to know Demiveemon, I really don't.
JediMasterDraco chapter 18 . 8/16/2014
And here it is: The Downfall of the Emperor and the part of the story where you take the football and start running a completely new direction. And for that great risk we honor you above all other fanfic writers. Also I'm not sure if I mentioned this on my chapter 55 review but this is officially the longest single story I've ever read. The story this supplanted is only technically longer because of "deleted scenes" and author's notes. Anyway keep up the good work while I check and see what rank this story is now in terms of length, reviews, favorites, and follows.

1. Ken's arrogance gives me the giggles in the beginning for some reason. I think it's a case of a pot recognizing the kettle as black.

2. Ken's reaction is definite nightmare-fuel material.

3. I wonder which is more traumatizing for Matt: The realization that the new group was successful, or the revelation that the only way he'd be able to get rid of Jun is if she drops dead (if he died she'd just Juliet herself).

4. It's never occurred to me just how short this chapter is. In fact it's less than six thousand words. Of course the episode itself always seemed fairly short too. But it is a testament to your personal chapters, that even with shorter earlier chapters, it still averages out to more than fifteen hundred words a chapter.

See you in a bit when I come back with TSWNT standings.
Adv01 chapter 55 . 8/15/2014
Yay! Kari's over her pity party, Devimon's digivolved into NeoDevimon and split from Dagomon, creating a fourth faction next to The Digidestined, Dagomon and Oikawa, MagnaAngemon and Angewomon are back and the D3s have returned to the regular Digivices. Awesome chapter.

One thing, you described MagnaAngemon as twelve winged, but he only has 8.
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