Reviews for Between Guilt and Innocence
El Gringo Loco chapter 16 . 1/23/2007
I'm finding this Gillian gal, her dismissive reactions to the case and any positive mention hof Sara rather interesting. She worked with Ecklie's crew at the time of the murder. And she knew, at least in passing, both Sara and Grissom.

Oh the delicious tension building as the wayward pigeons return to the roost. A far more joyous reunion than the one Catherine had with Sara. But what will happen when they get down to reworking her case? And at this point, can any of them truly be objective?
El Gringo Loco chapter 15 . 1/23/2007
Great chapter, you could almost feel the tension, the waves of pure hatred as Sara and Catherine as they faced off for the first time in five years overdue.

Sara's protectiveness towards the doctor was touching as well. I hope Catherine noticed it. And realizes that Sara once felt that way about her too. Now of course she's the enemy. A cop who's testimony brought her within a hair's breadth of death for a crime she didn't commit.

I'm not sure Catherine's convinced of her innocence. But she does have reason to wonder, and a a minimum she'd have to know something is wrong. Between Sara's refurbushed alibi and bruises from the execution needles on her arms. If Catherine isn't feeling like a real heel right about now, she isn't human.
icklebitodd chapter 16 . 1/22/2007
dam straight.

nothing worse then knowing your dam pride caused others close to you pain. or even worse that your pride caused you to fail and perscute the wrong person acting under the pretense of 'good'

to be failed in death by those who ment the most to you in life is a beyond harsh. - i waddled off to a different page completley following that and began to dig up a story i wrote three years ago about that topic for a different fandom. "Her team of whom she talked about at all the formal gatherings like a proud mother does of her children made her out a fool, mocked in her death as they were unable to save her." it was a surgeon who ran part of a hospitial that i wrote that about but you can see how it relates? right?

anyways i say the new faces clobber the old ones by exposing them for the fakes they really are **nods firmly**
Immi chapter 16 . 1/22/2007
First off, antibiotics that make you fall asleep when you don't want to are evil.

Secondly, loved the chapter. It was nice to see some Gillian and Fawn interaction, and hear a bit about their opinions on the case. Not much, but a bit. Which is nice.

And Warrick's mention of Fawn greeting Greg to spite Gillian was fun. Even if that wasn't her whole reasoning.

Immi's still seeing double, so I'll just leave it at that for now- after I request an update, of course.

Very bad luck to disobey the leprechaun. So you'd better update! *brandishes pitchfork* Or else!
NadezhdaSt chapter 15 . 1/21/2007
I'm sorry for disappearing on you like this,but it's exam time now and I have to study, I mean really study this time,so I don't have as much free time as I'd like. I don't have the time(sadly)to ponder who the real murderer is either,so I won't be guessing ahead of schedule this time. I'll be thoroughly enjoying your story in my study breaks though,so you can pride yourself on providing me with a distraction to keep me from worrying too much about exam results. :)

As for your story-it rocks! It's rocked since the beginning,but I don't think I've made that comment yet,so now's the time. You've gotten me really involved in the story by the way. Mostly due to what you're putting Cath through. I feel really bad for her. I know that she shouldn't have testified against Sara and all,but still...I love Cath as I think I've already mentioned at least once. I can't help,but symphatise with her. And before you accuse me of anything-in my defence I symphatise with Sara and all the others too. You've just written the story so well that I can't help it. It's sad-the pain everyone's going through. I know that they were not behind Sara when they should have been,but humans don't always react the way that they should in situations like these,so I can't blame them. Hell, I don't know how I would react if I was put in a similar situation! It's nice to think that I'd be backing my friend all the way,but I can't vouch for something I haven't really been through. As I said human beings are not perfect,they make mistakes, they pay for them afterwards. That's why I find it hard to keep a grudge against anyone for too long. But I'm straying from the subject here.

I can't believe that Brass didn't believe that Sara was innocent! I thought that he at least would back her up. So only Sofia it is. On the other hand I think that everyone had their reasons to behave the way they did. As said above-humans make mistakes. Their reasons,personal and consequently subjective most of the time,are not always right,but they ALWAYS seem right to them at the time. So I'm not blaming anyone and symphatising with everyone. God! This story will wear my emphaty capability out! But I love it anyway. Perhaps I'm a masochist and unaware of it? Who knows. :)
Immi chapter 15 . 1/20/2007
Cute chapter title.

Aww, Cath remembered Adam from- seven? That sounds right- years ago. She does care! How wonderful! ... Yes, I'm looking for any signs of shippiness between them. Guess that means I'm over being mad at Cath.

Yay, I just reminded myself that Sofia and Catherine are both working the case, and there should be lots of fun-ness coming from that. As much as I love to see Cath and Sara arguing, Cath and Sofia are just as wonderful.

A bit insulting, to think that Sara wouldn't remember her alibi. I mean, c'mon! Five years in prison- you aren't going to forget what should have kept you out.

Sara sure got out of there efficiently- I guess she just wasn't in the mood to have a conversation with the woman who condemned her. She did just get stabbed. But I still get to be upset with the guard for interrupting. Even though he was basically just a pawn.

O! Lexi gets to talk to Cath! Pwetty pwease? Wasn't just an odd remark Sara threw out, right? *puppy-dog eyes*

Not a brawl, true. It still rocked! Much happiness. I'd give a cookie, but I don't think that works for this. So here be some shiny.

Well, at least next episode's name finally made sense. Redrum. And here I was, having visions of a little drummer elf.

The whole team vs. Cath and Kepp. Nick and Warrick were put in odd positions, but it should still be really interesting.

I thought the writers already lost their mind at the end of last season?

Third is a must have- true. Great collection of episodes. The sixth season still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but has great Sassy moments.

I'd say more, but I need to go pass out on my bed now.

Update really, really soon, please! The leprechaun commands it!
lamcsi chapter 14 . 1/19/2007
Your story is so full of pain and heartache for Sara that it makes me want to cry. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.
icklebitodd chapter 14 . 1/19/2007
the connections made between two people can never be underestimated. no matter the conditions faith be it in a person or higher being will keep you strong.

scars. i think there should be an entire fic devouted to that word alone. one day someone somewhere will write it although uriel's falcon's writing tends to explore that side of the equation.

anyway back to your writing. what an arsewipe - yes i'm refering to 'everybodies favourtie texan' - yawn - i am convinced he wouldn't have come if his wife hadn't said it was cool. - go greg i just love the boy, remidns me of to many people i know...especially the humour and energy

so cath is kinda being big mumma (i know you think it looks weird but momma looks odder to me) but freely admitting she deseves the hate. by the way have you ever seen 'bad girls'? its an english prison drama shown i think on bbc america. cos this kinda reminds me of nikki wade and fenner - the sara prison gurad relationship. and o why i'm on it- doc and prisoner friendships 'prison break' i' gonna stop now before i get into the marvellous world of 'porridge'.

loved sofia's speech as well. pictured it in my head as her standing and speaking like an angry scotsman but without the beard or accent.

i'm looking forward to catherines utter soul destruction as you play it so she shows who sara has 'become' in contrast to who she was.
Immi chapter 14 . 1/19/2007
*cackles* Oh yes, fun indeed. I have been praying for this since the day the leprechaun got Immi to read the story, and now it be here.

At least, it had better be here! If next chapter doesn't cover any of their encounter, odds are that I'll throw something at my computer, and that would kind of be difficult to explain.

That was a really terrible threat. I think I'll stick with teh lynch mob. That was better. And it sounded cooler.

Point is, I am begging you to have the next chapter continue the Catherine-Sara encounter. With last night's episode teaser, Immi really wants an argufix. Argufix. That isn't an actual word, right?

34 stitches. Wow. I can only imagine how much fun that is. Never actually needed them- lucky, luky, lucky.

I grinned at the coroner line. Flashback of Nick's hallucination in his grave. When Doc and David were being oh so careful with his innards. So much fun...

Good to see that at least one of the staff dislikes the warden. That's always a good sign.

I can just imagine the look on Catherine's face when Talia asked what she was doing in the infirmary. Ah, bliss.

The bleeding line was perfect too. Doctors with attitude! Right.

The beginnings of a really creepy high started to show up the second I read the last line. It was just so perfect! Happy happy!

I liked the episode a lot. Thankfully, no dentist-phobias have popped up overnight. That would be somewhat problematic.

Keppler seems odd. Yes, odd works. Interesting also works, I guess. Hm. My physical therapist said that she couldn't really get a grip on his character, and I guess that also works. Which brings me back to odd.

I am so glad that no one mentioned Grissom. Hallelujah. The second I saw Sara, I actually panicked for a few moments- I was a bit worried that the writers might make her depressed or something. But they didn't, so that was nice.

Immi's going to ignore the fact that I saw the Four Musketeers clip two weeks ago, and start ranting.

It is absolutely perfect for another CathSara brawl. I mean, when in times of trouble, those two seem to lash out at each other. And it has been way too long since that's happened.

*sigh* I'm now hearing the typical 'LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!' soundtrack in my head. As wonderful as that would be, I'm thinking no.

It's still odd to think that Nick's the one deciding that Cath and Kreepy Keppler (catchy) can't be trusted. I mean, he's Nick! He's supposed to be the reliable guy person! Which means that the odds of a CathSara brawl go up. I hope.

Okay, head hurting a bit too much for ranting more.

For the love of all things bright and shiny in this world, update!

By the way... would you mind telling me your favorite three seasons of CSI? I just realized that I have Christmas money, and... yeah.

Immi off.
El Gringo Loco chapter 13 . 1/19/2007
Greg's stats - the very finest, most up to date, lovingly prepared in the public interest (as well as their own) by researchers from the Bureau of Bogus Statistics. Specialists in turning horns into halos. Home of the finest witnesses money can buy. How could you possibly not take their word for gospel?

The reunion between Sara and Catherine should be interesting. Not long ago they were cursing each others name. And since Catherine is still a cop. Sara the convict, doesn't even have to talk to her without a lawyer present. But even so, I suspect that she'll have something to say to Catherine. And I kind of doubt the sentiments will be anything she learned in either college or the church.

On the other hand Sara knows that she has nothing to lose by hearing Catherine out. Having already been the star of a one woman show in the bunker. I doubt she's looking forward to making an encore appearance.
Immi chapter 13 . 1/18/2007
I couldn't help it. I laughed when I read Cath's POV. I don't really know why, but I did. I think it might have had something to do with her thoughts of Gillian and Fawn. I mean, reading her thoughts on that... it was wonderful.

And I also found her instant reaction of concern amusing. It shouldn't have been, I don't think, but it was. Your description of there being 'weird CS undertones' was pretty accurate. I wonder how Cath will react to seeing Sara again. Now there's an encounter that nearly matches the 'Sara issues' bit in anticipation.

*sigh* Poor Greggo. I think I'm going to end up thinking that every time he pops up in a chapter. His crush on Sara always had that doomed feel, and I'm not surprised that it progressed to love. It really must hurt to feel left out by a friend, but did he really have to sit behind the Prosecutor's side? Makes me ickle heart weep.

Go Sofia! Nice to see her chewing out the crew! Way to go! I loved her bit on Warrick. The second Sara said that on the show, I really wanted someone besides Grissom to hear it. Sara being the bad guy in that saga made me sad.

And here's another 'poor Greggo'. Sofia probably felt a little betrayed when he crossed over to the dark side.

Her bit with Catherine... something tells me that I'll soon be begging for more scenes with them together. I loved how you had Sofia mention Eddie's case. I keep on hoping that the case will get solved on the show, but... :(

I think that one of the reasons this story freaked me out so much was because I could see it happening. Sara really would fall back into her position of the 'New Girl' if it came down between her and Grissom. It's sad.

At least Nick and Greg realize how royally they screwed up. You get a cookie for that. Dang I miss my shiny.

Argh. I'm having trouble thinking of someone who could have warned Sara. Not knowing is bad enough... not being able to come up with a decent guess just irks me.

Sara's past is always an interesting topic. Very big flashback? Oh, that should be much fun. Or make me want to go out and form a lynch mob, but really, much fun.

Numbers make everything sound so smart. And fancy equations make everything look smart. So in theory, if you memorized what a few complicated equations looked like, you could make yourself look really, really smart! Wasn't that a pointless note!

Well, I'm going to stay here and read this chapter a few dozen more times. I really, really like it.

Update soon soon soon please please please! See? Bouncing up and down and repeating things because of excitement. Update please!

*Skips off to set timer for new CSI which had darn well better be new*
Immi chapter 12 . 1/17/2007
*Gives cookie* The second I saw Wendy and David's names mixed in with Greggo's and Sofia's, I did a little victory dance. Immi has always sort of felt that Sara's relationships with the techs (and David and Doc Robbins) are warmer than her relationships with the other CSIs. She just seems to click with them more. So it's nice that Wendy and David were on her side.

Especially nice since Wendy would have run the DNA, and she still believed in Sara's innocence.

Ecklie a pompous, arrogant little jack- jerk. Grissom's probably turning in his grave knowing that the Jerk's pretending to be his friend. ...Even though that line in 'Iced' kind of got my head thinking. 'I love it when you wear your gloves.' I mean, it might be a tad messed up, but... Yeah, more than a tad messed up. Shut up, Immi.

Sick and ambitious. As sad as it seems, my head immediately went to Catherine when I saw 'ambitious', even though that in no way, shape, or form fits. My guess would be that Ecklie was there. Just so that he could make some big announcement or something about, 'Oh, now Gil has finally gotten justice, and bla bla bla'

Ugh. I sort of wish that he were like the adults in Charlie Brown.

But as bad as Ecklie is, he really is just a jerk. So it isn't too surprising that Sara would prefer the Jerk over Warden Rhett. Ecklie's too much of a suck up to get his hands that dirty. Abuse his postion- yes. Abuse the people under him beyond what his position would allow- not so much.

I feel bad for Sara right now- it kind of sucks to lose your will and spirit along with your freedom. Though I'm not too sure any sane person could still keep those things after five years in prison.

Lexi's opening made me like her even more than I already did. Better than Law & Order's work.

And darn it, Sara! Of course someone's going to attack you! Your execution just got stayed! Now that the state's not going to kill you at any noted time, someone else will probably take it into their own hands! Pay more attention!

Who warned her? Just wondering...

Also, did the whole gang find out about Sara's past during the trial? It seems like a pretty fun piece of evidence for the prosecution. Mother stabbed her father to death, and Grissom was stabbed to death. And if the team found out about Sara's past, will there be a flashback showing their reactions?

Well, I'm reasonably certain that Sara has not received any lasting damage. Sort of anti-climactic for her to die in some way not pertaining to her case. At least, I'm assuming that this person has nothing to do with her case.

It would seem that our mothers agree on alcohol being on hand. Though, with all of the 'other concerned people' that come along, it might be difficult to find enough. Hm... I suppose it depends... what qualifies as 'concerned'?

And why are all of the ads on my e-mail turning into 'Self Help' ads?

St. Patrick's Day! Day of the Leprechaun! I sure wish it were my birthday... but my brother might complain about me stealing his month then, and that could cause issues.

I don't think I can last that long :( I'll just get more on Groundhog's Day, I guess. That's a holiday and a full moon. Has to mean something good.

Pretty please with mass-amounts-of-sugar-on-top update quickly!

Once more, I have re-discovered that Immi is not to be handling the mutilation of favorite songs, so I'm going to stick with the classic annoying stuff. For a while.
icklebitodd chapter 12 . 1/17/2007
o - i don't call them carrier pigeons, i think the names weird i always refer to them as homing pigeons but hey.

six degrees is all it takes to separate each and everyone.

loyality and trust can never be underestimated. neither can the pull of a second chance.

picture if gil on display - probably why she was convicted in the firts place, as my old RS teacher used to say 'you would seduce the devil in front of God'

i was once told - after suggesting to someone that the system is sometimes wrong - that conformity is the disease and rebellion is the cure however rebellions only successful when you know the opposition inside out. compliance in any situation only armours you for when you are needed to make your change. its not always about the size of the splash but the ripples it produces.

old habits die hard because they are what keeps us true to ourselves

so you didn't kill her then cos you wanted her to take shit now? well okay i buy that, i can see the bigger picture. its like playing catcphrase i only need a few more bxes to clear before i'll know the answer
El Gringo Loco chapter 12 . 1/17/2007
Sounds like Sara's having a bit of an emotional hangover. First she was preparing herself to die. Now, though still under a death sentence she has to face living again, at least for a while. I can't imagine the type of emotional roller coaster she must be on right now.

The warden sounds like really bad news. And I'd place a sizeable wager that Sara would take great pleasure in bringing him and his little empire down. But to do that she has to get herself out of prison alive. And considering her present circumstances, well, that hardly seems like a done deal.
El Gringo Loco chapter 11 . 1/17/2007
An interesting segment catching us up on a couple of the old characters. As well as on how Grissom's murder and Sara's trial effected them. I'm not surprised that both are headed out to Vegas.
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