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lamcsi chapter 42 . 5/28/2007
Just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed this story, even with all the heartache that it has produced. I usually enjoy a happy ending but I think your ending was just perfect. I look forward to your next writing project.
Jackie O - for you just Jackie chapter 42 . 5/26/2007
Thanks for Reading everyone and stick around because I plan to be rather productive this summer.

- Do I really have to mention how much I love this "part" of the story?

I like the fact that's it's not a typical happy ending, that makes it much more believable.

Well, I think we have a deal, you keep writing and I keep reading and reviewing :)
icklebitodd chapter 42 . 5/23/2007
This is the chapter that surprised me the most.

Maybe its because I in many ways got the ending I craved, maybe its because you steadfast denied me that one moment of supernatural cliche that had Gil rejoicing in Sara's favour.

Spirit's in a mug show's an active brain source, personally I normally have a wine glass of it (Sambucca or Archers as apposed to whiskey, unless of course its 25 year old single malt in which case I sip it and relish in its taste)

This is a well loved a nutured story, shown in the way you've used the Saint (just becasue I don't believe doesn't mean I can't see the reasoning behind organised religion) not only because of the baggage the woman represented mentally but the change in Sara being as much mental as it was physical. Personally I am a fan of tattoo's just have no desire to get one, and prison tat's that are done well i do admire and the ones that are done poorly I sympathise with and know people use them as a way of symbolising a journey or a path - I want a barcode on my wrist with my dad's birthdate and death date on it but my rationality is talking me out of it

Each tramua requires regrowth, each regrowth requires change. Each change requires the mind and bodies natural defence systems to reboot, sometimes though a tramua is too serve and the system never fully recovers. Sometimes we can only see this decay in others as apposed to ourselves, yes Sara may have been 'rotting away' in a literal prison but Sofia as well, in what hell is often believed to be a state of mind.

If you look for abosoultion you'll never find it, if you take the lessons learned and apply them then you have cleansed yourself and your slate clean.
Immi chapter 42 . 5/23/2007
Despite my angst junkie status, I tend to enjoy the fluffy endings a bit more when it comes to stories that have been almost pure angst. Still, I can't bring myself to object. Too darn perfect to complain about. *sigh* You're ruining all that is Immi. I actually started a fic the other day, and sometime during the middle I couldn't help but think that it would work better as a Sassy fic. All your fault. Then there's me not complaining about an angsty ending to an angsty story... oh well. At least I got to yell at Catherine a lot throughout this. And the guys. And Ecklie. And Laura. Many times. That's something.

Sofia's feeling survivor's guilt... dang it. That's never pleasant. Story was angsty and realistic enough already, don't ya think? ...Of course not. At least she's reading the letters... even if alcohol is helping her through them. There has to be at least a few fluffy things in the letters! Then again, given that the fluffiness would have been thought of during a decidedly un-fluffy time, I guess that would kind of spoil the effect.

'I also should have taken advantage of you in your slightly inebriated state and kissed you. Maybe things would be different.'

YES! Yes, Sara, that's what you should have done! For so many reasons! For starters, no jail! And chance at happiness! AGH. It's weird... I read that line and all I could think of was a Justice League Unlimited scene. Batman and Wonder Woman are on a roof in Gotham, and Bats is explaining that if his enemies ever found out that he had someone special, they wouldn't rest until they got to him through her. Too bad Grissom isn't as stubborn as Bats is... In the show and in this fic, Sara has suffered because of her involvement with him. It's a sign! GSR is evil! Turn back to the light, Sara! Darth Vader did it! ...Yeah. Upped medication dosage... that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Sofia's thoughts about Sara's new tattoo... geez. I'm not sure I even want to get into that. Too much mess and sadness. Lots of sadness... Sara giving up and accepting that she was going to die... ugh. Yeah. Way too much mess and sadness. Side-shot of Sara getting that tattoo would be interesting, though. Really, really sad, but... I'll just shut up about the tattoo. Said I didn't want to get into that. I should listen to myself.

More of Sofia's bitterness. This is why I don't like survivor's guilt or anything similar. Yes, the woman she loved went through hell; yes, she never should have had to; yes, she has an easy life compared to prison... Just because someone you love is in an Earthly version of Hell doesn't take away your right to a relatively pleasant life! *sigh* Oh, the annoyance. Even more annoying that in first person, her guilt seems completely rational.

There is a little bit of hope near the end. Acknowledgement that damage has been done and maybe it will fade eventually and that one day moving on could be possible. About as fluffy as it gets, I suppose.

At the beginning of this story I said that I would probably only read it when it had a COMPLETE attached to it. Actually, I'm pretty sure I was almost certain that I wouldn't be able read this until all was said and done. I really thought that this would give me a headache if I read it while it was still being written. Well, I was right. It did give me a headache. And despite the mass amounts of Advil consumed while reading this, I am extremely happy that I decided to go ahead and risk my almost non-existent sanity. This is an amazing fic and I enjoyed it immensely. Much shiny and sparkles for you and this masterpiece. ...Even though your ending author's note was probably fluffier than the entire story combined :)

CS fic next, right? *puppy eyes* Please? Pretty please with sugar on sprinkles on top? ...Fine time to realize that whatever you write, I'll probably be too thrilled to complain if it isn't CathSara. Good grief.

Righto, hope to see more from you soon! *salutes with purple lightsaber*
Kess chapter 42 . 5/23/2007
And so it ends, and like all good stories it leaves you wanting just a little bit more. Its not been an easy journey to take with you, at times the scenery has been bleak, the roads harsh, the suspension shot and the air conditioning, intermittent.

I am not usually an angst junkie, a smidgen is fine in my world so long as there are fluffy white clouds and pink bunny rabbitts at the end (You may have noticed that from my previous reviews)and despite my desperate pleas you leave both Sara and Sophia trapped in some twilight where they find themselves neither in Kansas or Oz anymore.

And then, you go and add an authors note that was was so cute and pretty much ended with a whole herd of rabbitts and fluffy clouds that all angst was forgotten.

Great idea, great plot, well written, engaing, challenging, unpredictable, honest, real and well...really good! I look forward to reading your work in the future and I hope your personal contentment continues 'ad infinitum'
SoFrost chapter 42 . 5/23/2007
I think this is a perfect epilogue to this story...

Thank you for sharing it with us :)
livaklaurana chapter 42 . 5/23/2007
First a very bittersweet ending to a brilliant story. Hopefully one day sara will come back and they will get there happy ever after.

(I didn't ask to fall in love with Sara Sidle. Love is blind, deaf, dumb and impartial to logic. It's also all consuming, a fire that I can't, don't even want, to put out.) Very True.

I'm the Lucky one. Cause it seems your the love of my life too. I am honoured to be your anything. Your my everything. You compleate me and I Love You.

Your Cathy.

Whatever good times and bad our future holds i will always love you baby.
Kess chapter 41 . 5/22/2007
You know I should be anoyed with that chapter, unresolved and strangely unsettling (not to mention the absence of ANY fluffy white clouds or bunny rabbitts) but I am not. There is a simple honesty and truth to it that resonates and I find myself strangely contented with it.

Good stuff...thanks
icklebitodd chapter 41 . 5/22/2007
i adore bittersweet endings (particuallry if a little revenge is involved) - far more realistic and normally less naseious

destiny will guide you no matter what, but often take you on what seems to be a wild goose chase, a chase that in fact enriches you and allows whatever ending you achieve to be appreciated more - though few realise it. destiny though needs one thing, a vessel, something it can drive and karma is what decides the dirt tracks from the freshly laid tarmac and the power to continue along it.

refind yourself and you'll find that everything you need and ever wanted is just in front of you, you've just never had the time or insight to appreciate it before.
SoFrost chapter 41 . 5/22/2007
that was and excellent chapter, but then again it's not like all the previous weren't as good :)

Freedom at last! Oh and thanks for the 'not so happy ending' it was more intense i think and way more logical seeing the emotional roller coaster you've put us through...

And thanks for finally making Rhett pay i think that after plotting against you i was plotting against

so we're coming to an end uh? not the most ecstatic new i've her and i'm tempted to beg for much more but somehow i feel like it won't work so i'll just pout and wait patiently.

thanks for this great update, i don't know if i've said it before but you've done an awesome job! ;)
scubysnak chapter 41 . 5/21/2007
I literally sat here and wiped tears away at the end of this chapter. I hate to see it end, but in all honesty, I can't wait to sit down and read it again from start to finish.
Immi chapter 41 . 5/21/2007
Not a traditional happy ending, but just as satisfying. Really, I don't think Immi'd be all that happy with a purely happy ending. Five years of wrongful imprisonment doesn't go away in a heartbeat- it sticks around. Having a happy ending just wouldn't be all that realistic, unfortunately. Sara handing over the letters and having an amiable parting with Sofia was better than I hoped, honestly. I think I said this earlier- this story isn't exactly high on the fluff meter.

Rhett staying away from Sara made me sigh in relief. I really was worried about how Sara would cope in prison, if even for a few more days. Go Lexi and Catherine. Wow. I actually said go Catherine. I must have finally snapped. ...Nah, I think she might actually deserve it. The others... Still not sure what to do about them.

I liked Sara's scenes with Ellie, Tina, and Melissa. They were sort of sweet. A little awkward with Tina, though. Can hardly blame Sara. I'd probably be a little uncomfortable around the woman who had been the girlfriend of the man who got his twin to roll the snowball down the hill. I think I liked her few moments with Ellie best, even though Melissa telling her to get her life back was awesome. It's just interesting. Jim tends to act more like a father towards Sara than he probably does towards Ellie. I always kind of wanted to see Ellie and Sara interact on the show because of that. I don't know.

Sara had darn well better get a lot of money. Five years on death row, and probably more injuries in that time than most people get in a lifetime. The city of Las Vegas shouldn't get to forget that for a long, long time.

Ah, yes... Rhett. Who knows just how many crimes he has committed over the years. Besides Julia Eastman and Kate Armstrong... oh, the possibilities. Not sure how much of him I could take, but finding out how many years he'll be getting would be sort of nice.

I don't like GSR. At all. I have made that clear many, many times. I still found Sara visiting Gil's grave sweet. Very painful, but still sweet. The miscarriage... oh geez. That was almost too much. Not altogether surprising... still, it almost made me cry.

For some reason, the thought of Catherine working out what to put on Grissom's tombstone bothered me. Actually, I probably know why it bothered me. Sara should have been the one to pick it out. As painful as it is to say, she was his lover. Catherine was only his best friend. *sigh* Whole thing is a big mess.

The letters- oh, the letters. I've been waiting for Sofia to get those since I learned of their existence. 260 letters, right? That's a whole lot... at least Sofia will have some comfort when Sara won't be around. That's something.

I loved the ending. Not all happy, but it was some sort of happy. Warm but not fuzzy sort of happy. I don't know. It's nice, in a way. Sara really does need to be by herself for a bit before being with someone else.

I really can't believe this is practically over. Ah, well. Please update with the epilogue soon!
livaklaurana chapter 41 . 5/21/2007
wow you had a little of everything in this chap Baby.

ellie being nice about her dad for once. i'm glad that git of a warden or whatever got what was coming to him the bastard!

SARA'S FREE YEAY! Want her a sofie to work out. *Pout* happy ever after. *please*

Damn *cry**sniffle**cry* Sara had a Miscarriage...(Thankyou for dealing with it delicately Baby).. that will stay with her forever. she'll never forget her baby or the feeling of loss! She may not have had it at the time... but hopefully now she'll have the support of sofie on her bad days!

Brill Chapter Babe can't wait for the epi! Come-On Baby You Know We All Want The Epi. Me Especially! Please Baby! OK I Am Actually Begging Now! Epi Please *Puppy dog eyes* Baby!
scubysnak chapter 40 . 5/18/2007
Thank god for Sofia. But I have questions (and I don't think they've been answered thus far). Was there something going on between Sara and Sofia prior to Grissom's untimely demise? Or did this affection that Sofia feels for Sara only come about after Gil's death? I don't know about everyone else, but I'd like some 'backstory' here.

Seriously, I *love* this story. Your plot is complex without being convuluted. Your characters are intricate and dynamic. Kudos!
SoFrost chapter 40 . 5/17/2007 on for that review...

At first I thought myself as a dumbass for finding that story on the late. But when I see all the cliffies I've been spared with, I think my ass is a bit smart after all... I mean since I started to plot against you ever since chapter 5, that should say how excellent this fic is...and here I thought I could be evil...After reading this I know I still have a lot to learn :)

Wow...this fic is just perfect - for lack of better word because I honestly think that perfect doesn't do justice to this fic. It's brilliant, fun, suspensefull, awesome, excellent, fantastic...well perfect.

I mean let's start with the beginning. The plot os absolutely evil and I absolutely loved that.

Then all the characters. Absolutely all the characters, the original ones, the ones we already know...what you made of them is freaking brilliant. Even the character we see just once have an attitude, it's just amazing! I mean every character is a picture on its own.

The past and lives you've given to tthe graveyard shift (or what was left of it) was so deep, so intense so...well reallistic, it just got me totally addicted to this story.

Then the way you describe things, I know I've been in a roller coaster ever since the prologue and it was bloody fantastic!

Oh and let's not forget about the reference to the episode that was excellent as well. Oh and the flashbacks, and the killer lines you put in there, sharp, witty, fun and more...

Well like I said I feel stupid for not having found this story sooned but hell I'm glad I did find it (well scubysnak thanks for the tips ;) )

Anyway what I tried to say through my rambling is that this foc is absolutely freaking fantastic-awesome-excellent-brillian-perfect

And thank you for providing us such a thrill ;)

Now the last thing I need to do is beg for the next chapter :)

ps:I'm so glad about Ecklie's fate...(just needed to mention it)
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