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MeganT chapter 40 . 5/16/2007
Well, yes, Greg is all kinds of awesome. We feel for Fawn because she was duped by a murderer that she loved, and that kind of betrayal strikes us to the core.
icklebitodd chapter 40 . 5/16/2007
i personally don't think greg would have ever been blamed so think that he and sofia have already had their no existent guilt abolished. and i agre with you that he is the best background character

thing that has me thinking at the moment is - and i'll admit it is a bit random - why hasn't trent culver called?

amazing isn't how you can 'forget' ethics and procedure when the situation suits or disgusts you. betrayal is the main factor in this temporay amensia as your story points out and is for the most part based on. betrayal of the heart though will never be fixed as the scar never quite heals winnie the pooh plaster or not.

the system maybe corrupt and have its faults but ulitmaltely i personally believe that it is best left alone to complete its purpose as without it the idea of pursuing reform and punishment would be futile

none of them should return i think they should go back to where they where - just because the other types of endings annoy me

i hope that wasn't quite as 'blah' as i fear it is, this was rewrite 5 and well at the moment i just can't kept a patronising or bemused tone out of my words whether they be spoken or written (been getting my butt in all sorts of trouble)
tvaddict42 chapter 40 . 5/15/2007
Awesome chapter.

Loved the name of the Cafe!
El Gringo Loco chapter 40 . 5/14/2007
Another excellent chapter. Loved Ecklie's take down, though I was kind of hoping he'd resist arrest. As no doubt were some of the officers waiting for him.

Great scene with Fawn and Gillian. Let's see, Gillian killed three cops, and framed another sending her to death row. Lethal injection is just too good for her. How about boiling her in a vat of rancid cooking oil? You could always throw Ecklie in with her for seasoning.
Immi chapter 40 . 5/14/2007
*whimpers* Please tell me that Lexi is going to keep Sara away from Rhett. People were trying to kill her in prison when she was on death row- now that her release is in process, she might as well have a target on her chest. Favors are powerful things... wow. I guess now Immi's worried. Congrats. ...Stupid legal system. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. Five years is nothing short of a miracle/curse. Even if Sara only spends a few nights locked up... Well, if she does have to go back, Rhett might try to be careful with her. Everyone involved in the case has enough grief to work through already without Sara getting more bruises, Immi thinks. I think that I hope that if Sara has to be locked up again, she stays in LVPD's custody. That's much simpler than trying to think of ways she'll stay safe around Rhett.

Yay! Fawn went to see She-Who-Has-Besmirched-Nicknames! Of course peoples paid attention to Fawn. She and Gillian had CathSara Dynamic Syndrome! Really too bad that Junior turned out to be a twisted little murderess... Go Fawn for elbowing injured hand. Slight happiness for that. Gillian might as well get a few on-screen injuries. I doubt Immi would be happy if she just showed up at court with bruises and no story of gore. ...I think I want Junior tortured. That would be fun. Well, not fun, I guess... satisfying. Very satisfying.

Though I think I want to witness torture of old CSI crew more than I want to see Junior in pain. Junior manipulated everything so that Sara ended up on death row, but she didn't really betray anyone. The guys... I want to slap each of them silly. Or take them on a tour of the hellhole Sara spent five years locked up in. Catherine I'm not completely furious at because her POV popped up so much, and because she saw the conditions Sara survived. I don't know. And my CathSara side can't stand to completely hate one of the two, I suppose.

The guys... I think I'll be wondering what they deserve for a long time. I can't really think of anything fitting. Most of the things Immi thinks would be fitting end up a bit too cruel. Ho hum. Greg's question is interesting. After five years of torture, it's kind of hard to say how Sara will act towards them once she's out. So many things to wonder about...

Ecklie's going to jail! It's a miracle that he hasn't gotten himself charged with something before now... I guess just being a horrible person doesn't automatically get you thrown in jail. He's only escaped since now he's taken care to rid his hands of dirt... or something.

Sassy moment... got distracted because it brought up the issue of Sara possibly heading back to prison. Which is still bugging Immi. Another thing to ignore for a bit, I suppose. I'm not going off on one of my 'innocents do not belong in prison' tangents. As much fun as I have thinking up new words for those rants, I think right now ranting would annoy my head. Sassy moment was happy. Nice, warm feelings for the most part. There really are times I wish these people weren't law enforcement types.

*ponders fate of old CSI crew* Eh. I'll just leave that to you, I think, since I'm desperately wishing I could inject myself with pain medication. Whole thing gets morals all riled up, which causes headaches. Poor Immi.

Hey! Killing Sara off was my hobby before the show started messing with her! I hope her dying won't become canonized. That would take a lot of the fun out of my hobby. And then Sara wouldn't be on the show anymore, and that would just be oh so sad.

I'll have you know that ruining the goodness of nicknames is a serious offense. ...Well, it is in Immiland, at least.

Update soon or else the planes that didn't crash on May Day will attack. *trots off to take Advil*
livaklaurana chapter 40 . 5/14/2007
*Bounce Bounce*

KISS Very Happy

Just Made My Day Baby!
tvaddict42 chapter 39 . 5/13/2007
Hugh sigh of relief that Sara didn't kill her! Phew!
Kess chapter 39 . 5/12/2007
Ok, I'll admit it...i was worried...

So Sara survived, battered, bruised and almost has a long road ahead of her. In many respects this is not the end of her journey but the beginning of a new one. Its one thing to survive, its quite another to prosper having done so...cue the fluffy pink bunny rabbitts, this girl deserves a little pampering don't you think? I knew you'd agree with me...
El Gringo Loco chapter 39 . 5/12/2007
They, Sophia and Catherine, may know Sara is innocent, but the state of Nevada still shows her as a condemned prisoner. She will need a new day in court. And she will no doubt need some serious help putting a life back together. I hope there is some detail to come as she goes through that process.

Gillian deserves whatever she gets. And considering what she's already confessed to, I doubt there'll be any mercy in it. I'd kind of bet on a one way trip to Hell via Death Row? But, what of Ecklie and his role in this mess? And how will Sara react as the sword of justice falls on her oppressors?
livaklaurana chapter 39 . 5/12/2007
I Fucking Love it Baby!

Gillians screwed, hands shot, in chains and off to jail. why does that make me smile!

And sara's chains are gone and she's gonna be free. Sofia holding her close *Happy Dance* Kisses required now!

'This isn't mercy, you bitch, it's exactly what you fucking deserve.'
Immi chapter 39 . 5/12/2007
*waves purple lightsaber around in happy dance* YES! Good for you, Sara! Death is too good for one such as Junior- the one who has taken away the automatic goodness of nicknames! Oh yeah, and she ruined Sara's life. That's bad too. Really, really bad. Horrible. And unfortunately, Junior will never have it quite as bad as Sara did. Sara's innocent, she's guilty. Being innocent and having all of that crud happen is devastating. Being guilty and going through that... none of is it pleasant. At all. But Junior's still going to have an easier time than Sara. Even though she'll probably obsess a bit over how her plan failed. No second family betraying her, no thinking of how people honestly believed that she murdered someone she was in love with... I'm just slightly annoyed that true 'eye for an eye' isn't really possible. Gillian is never going to really feel empathy for Sara... she'll go through all of the same physical stuff, but... *sigh*

I'm overjoyed that Sara didn't kill Gillian. Partly because Sara isn't a murderer. She just isn't. And partly because death really is too good for Junior. The whole scene where Sara releases Gillian... that was all great. I especially loved when Junior started to think that she was about to die and Sara stopped strangling her. Manic glee, right there. Sadistic glee quickly followed as Sara described the Hell Junior would go through.

So Junior isn't going to have fun any time soon. Great. Now I can start thinking about how badly every single CSI of the old crowd screwed up. Mostly on a moral level, but on a professional level as well. None of them should have been anywhere near the crime scene. Being upset with Catherine has sort of gotten old for Immi. Still upset and mildly disgusted with her, as her POV is one seen fairly often, but the others have now come to mind. I really don't know what they deserve. I've made a mental list. Forgiveness isn't too close to the top. I can't really understand how anyone can believe that someone they spent 7 years working with is capable of murdering a colleague. A colleague that said person _loved_ (shudder). No matter what the evidence said... good grief, what did the evidence say, anyways? In my highly biased opinion, the CSIs dropped Sara the second they saw the crime scene. The crime scene they shouldn't have been anywhere near.

So I can't decide what those jerks deserve. Are we going to see more of their POVs soon? That could help with figuring out a fit punishment. I don't know... It's just that, at the moment, I think that if I saw their POVs, guilt wouldn't be one of their main thoughts. Relief that Sara's in the clear and that they caught the perp, I think. Not much guilt until a bit later. Guilt never should have left their thoughts. Not for a single second. Dang it, I really am mad at them. I was hoping I was done raging at characters for some time.

Sofia holding on to Sara made me happy. As well as Lieutenant Curtis unlocking Sara's cuffs. Felt like there should be some great flash of light at that point. Just so perfect. That along with Catherine shooting Junior's hand... This was an excellent chapter that made Immi quite perky. Not perky enough to beat off the crash from the new drugs, but still pretty darn energetic. You get lots of shiny and thanks for that.

'Twas not worried for a moment. I spent the moment in which I might have been worried daydreaming about a Sara who wouldn't feel immense guilt after slaying the woman who had destroyed her life. I decided that the aftermath would still be pretty brutal, so I stopped thinking that way and started waiting for the chapter explaining why Sara wouldn't kill Junior. See? Not worried for a moment. Ha.

I wonder how many things one could charge Junior for? I wish Jack McCoy worked in Las Vegas... then we'd find out pretty quickly, Immi thinks. Junior's wearing Sara's cuffs... oh the sweetness of that. Oh yeah- whoever ends up trying Junior's case... they're going to decide that charging Sara with assault is stupid, right? I mean, really, Sara could sue the state for a whole lot of money. I'm just semi-worrying that Sara might get caught up in a whole new thing. Geez, sometimes I really wish these folks didn't have to deal with the law...

Yes, the recent Batwoman rocks :) And I like my new lightsaber lots and lots... but I'm thinking that I might need one like Darth Maul has. Not red, of course... Immi shalt never wander into the true darkside territory. Oh, right- being terrorized didn't bother me in the slightest. It's fine.

'I Already Knew' is causing Immi's poor head a lot of grief. But I am doing my best to update it.

Please update as soon as humanly possible, or else Immi shall watch as many musicals as possible until I find one that I can mutilate into an 'update pretty please' ditty. Whee!

'Twas not worried!
scubysnak chapter 39 . 5/12/2007
Okay, you actually had me worried there for a bit! Damn, I can't wait for more. Update soon!
Chibi Pyros chapter 1 . 5/6/2007
Rawr! Lol i told you i was gonna come find yous! Still canna believe that bitch from the coffee shop! Lol Me you and jenn gotta get together again soon. Peace out J
Jackie O - for you just Jackie chapter 37 . 5/4/2007
You were in a hiking accident? Damn, I thought I was the only one. Rocks are bad, very bad...

I'm impressed by the way you reference all those CSI episodes, and you already know that I adore your stories. Seems like I'm running out of compliments and praises dammit!
livaklaurana chapter 38 . 5/3/2007
OMG! Sara! OMG!

I Would Say More But How Better To Say What I'm Thinking

Please Get a Move On Updating & Finishing This Soon Baby!

Your No1 Fan, Always & Forever.

(ps. You Know I Need A Sassy Fix!)
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