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Milleannis Clepta chapter 9 . 3/8/2011
NOOOO! He's uke again! *sobs*
Milleannis Clepta chapter 2 . 3/7/2011
Oh my fucking god only two chapters in and I already love it. You've converted me to Spazzshipping/Wrapshipping because of SoS, by the way.

Good news! I love Malik & Marik again! I already fucking love Kura even though he's a druggie! And I love Ryou! And I love Joey! As for the rest of you, go sit in the corner and anxiously await the chance to prove yourselves, *glares at everyone, casually hitting her palm with a baseball bat*

I have a sneaking suspicion I will be needing my baseball bat for a certain Charles Bakura...although that may be for Minkah's sake.

I also feel I may have to use it on my Malik, although I certainly hope not!

Am I correct in assuming there will be something involving the shipping of psychos?

Speaking of shippings, I love the name for this pairing! Heheh, Spazzshipping...

Well, keep updating all the incomplete stories I review! I love you so much, even if your cliffies, plot twists, and evilness make me want to use my bat on you! w
looptheloopy chapter 29 . 2/22/2011

C1: Ah, I'm guessing this is the ultimate angst fic? Great. I love angst ;) I'm surprised I didn't see 'abuse' in the warnings 'cause of how Jou's dad is in Season 0. *winces* I can tell this fic is going to strike some nerves... Oh well, you're too good of a writer for me to not read this. :)

Woo, I hope Malik will be in this though, and that we get SOME comic relief :D Oh, and a JouxKura story? I must read it! After their close friendship in some of your other stories... Teehee

C2: Lemme guess. Bakura threw himself in front of that truck right? Yeah. And hurray for Malik! Another sexy person! *kisses Malik* AHAHA! I did it! Hmm, I wonder how 'Kura escaped the hospital? Especially since nurses can be SCARY if you don't sit still D: I hate Ryou's father 'cause if SOA ;)

C3: The poem is amazing!

*shaking in rage* Did Jou just try and kill 'Kura?

Jou: Uh... No?

I'll kill you! *snarling*

Jou: EEP! *hides behind Yugi*

Great chapter though, very good and YAMI CAN'T SWIM! LMAO ;)

C4: OMFG! YES! They sexy time! *cheers* this line made me laugh so much "I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I'm not gay." Mai is a snob in this one D: oh and... Jou is a masochist! o.o

C5: Aww! They are adorable, I love them. When Jou walked in the kitchen to a 'shocking sight' my mind instantly went to...

Naked Bakura in a fluffy pink apron cleaning... With his hair tied back. Yeah. That would be shocking. And Jou is abused... I think I'll go skin his father now. Good day ;)

C6: HA! Mai got owned! *smirk* Yesh. And Jou admitted it! Only to be sent to the Shadow Realm... O_o Yeah, shoulda let 'Kura watch his soap opera :) OMG MALIK SHALL MAKE AN APPEARANCE! YES! *tackles*

C7: I'm currently out with my dad and his posh, stuck up friends. So I am purposely ruffling their feathers at every opportunity. IT'S SO FUN! Apparently me reading is anti-social... So I just snorted and carried on. BAKURA IS MY ROLE MODEL! The best part of this evening was at dinner. *enter scene*

Snob(Alice): You can't get rid of all life's problems! *nasal voice*

Me: You can actually.

(Paul): How exactly? (he had the gal to look down his hairy nose at me too!)

Me: *dead serious* With fire.

-all hell breaks loose-

OH SORRY, on with the review. I loved this chapter... Like all the others. Will Ryou walk in on hot yaoi sex? *is hopeful* Oh and thank Ra about 'Kura's shower... I was starting to smell him all the way from here in England. Eh my train of thought just died. *mourns thought train*

C8: Stupid Jou, you should be the submissive one! How dare you do that to Kura? HISS! Come 'ere Kura and I'll mother you better :3 And Jou cut 'Kura's hair... *GLARE

C9: Ryou is going to freak out! YES! YES! Rabid bunny attack! :D I like 'Kura as a druggy :) It's funny, plus... Watch this.

*holds skag* TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!

Bakura: *takes shirt off* NOW GIMME IT!

:D Muahaha!

C10: Ha! Ryou is awesome, my respect has shot up for him dramatically now :) Oh and... MalikxMarik smex... *stares while drooling* Malik... Bare chest... Rod... Hot... *passes out*

Oh at least Yugi annoyed Mai :D I luff him :3 *pondering* If zi dress up as a puppy, will 'Kura think I'm Jou? :D

C11: Ha! It's not Jou's summer is it? XD *cackles madly* CALL THE RSPCA, THE DOG IS HURT! Hahaha! But seriously, poor Jou. The drama is gonna kill him :3 Poor cab driver though, I feel bad for him. *pokes* CLIFFIE!

C12: Malik is cute! And sexy, can't forget that. *kisses Malik all over his face excitedly* Mwa! I luff chu... *gives him a dagger* For your dog problem ;) TEEHEE! And Honda is a homophobe... *glare* Stupid Honda...

Honda: But he's a fa-

*pounces on and attacks with a spork* DIE !

Oh and what's with Yugi's weird reaction- unless... OMG. HE IS IN LOVE WITH JOU!

C13: The flashbacks... I love them. BAKURA AND YAMI? YES YES YES :D I hope they end up becoming friends at least then! TO THE NEXT CHAPTER! At least this explains Yami's strange reaction. It's not like he can get annoyed. 'cause he's already done it. So yeah. Oh and how did they realise they could TOUCH? (innuendo ftw)

C14: "Can you imagine it? The Shadow Realm on skag!" LMFAOOOO! LOL! I... Laughing... Hahaha!

C15: Yesh, they were left alone :D Malik was being mean, but his good looks stop me from hating him... Great chapter Ferris!

C16: Aww! Baku and Yami still luff each other, they just don't know it. It'd be awesome if this becomes Darkshipping :) And is Bakura schizophrenic? :F

Mai sucks! She should go f ck Honda and be done with it. Seriously! Why can't they hook up and go live in a remote island? Then we'll blow it up :) Oh and Marik is being ignored D: *glomps Marik* Poor baby!

C17: "Hey Ryou, the dog's sulking! Maybe you should take him for a walk!" Marik yells as he enters the room." LMFAO

LOL at Mai vs 'Kura.

C18: I love Bakura's deck. Seriously, when I was younger I went and BROUGHT it :D So Jou is lucky D: Hey is Mai going to give Kura heroin? *glare* If she does, I'll strangle her with her own extensions!

Yugi: Cat fight!

HISS! ( Awesome chapter, I luff flashbacks :3 )

C19: The beginning of this chapter is amazing. I adore it! It was so sweet and young 'Kura and Atem are ADORABLE! Please let this become Darkshipping!

I wanted Bakura to murder Mai... I would've put it on YouTube, using Malik's sex appeal to get views... :D Friggin' amazing chapter Ferris, bravo!

Just quickly... Malik and Marik are epic when they scare people... *hugs them both* I LOVE YOU NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHS :D

C20: If Kaiba's ego gets any bigger... I think the Earth will fall out of orbit (not possible, but shhh). Bakura ran for the hills! X3 Sorry, kinda an ongoing joke between my friends and I. You know, if 'Kura is a monster... He's still hot. Though I feel REALLY bad for him in this story. You have made the poor Tomb Robber a demon, an uke, an addict, suicidal, possibly schizophrenic, clingy, weak and in love with Jounouchi. So yeah. Poor 'Kura. O_o LOL!

C21: LMFAO! Jou beat Kaiba! Yes! And then he got laid! Muahaha. Poor Ryou... The end to that chapter was written perfectly! I luffs it. *falls asleep as it is 3:30am and I have to get up in a few hours...*

C22: *falls off bus seat laughing* Kaiba is acting pathetic! Hahaha! I just find it so funny. Oh and I like the flashbacks, you're starting to show some of the 'control' Bakura gets annoyed about. Poor kitty. If Kaiba so much as looks at Bakura wrong, I shall murder him twice, then drown his soul. *glare* On a lighter note, I like the involvement if the Gods in the flashbacks, it's nice ;) Poor Otogi though, I luff him. *tackles unsuspecting Dice Master* bravo!

C23: Woah... O.o Yami is J-E-A-L-O-U-S! *cackles* I'd like to write more but... I need to read the next chapter!

C24: Kaiba... Lusting after Otogi?

...LMFAO! Can't...Breath...Lauding...Hehehe! Oh how cool :) I love Otogi the more I read of him, his humour is similar to mine in a sense (the being sarcastic)... And I make lewd comments ;'3 Yami is such a bastard though -_- He should just snog Bakura and be done with it. Then Jou can kill him :D Or all three become a sexy yaoi trio *squee* I actually wonder if you have put a one-sided KaibaX? In this? Teehee! Pssst, vengeful Bakura is H.O.T!

C25: Damnit Malik! You've abandoned 'Kura! D:

Malik: *takes top off*

*drool* you're forgiven o.o *faints* Jou is oblivious to Yami's feelings D: Must... Read... More

C26: The ancient Egyptian cliffie! I luff it! *squee* And I feel bad for Otogi! (even though I was laughing like a hyena) 'cause his crush thinks he's gay :D Awesomesauce :) Really good Ferris, I love your descriptions ;)

C27: Bakura is officially the woman of their relationship. *giggling* 'cause he is using sex to win arguments :D LMAO :) And I bet Malik is the reason Yami and 'Kura hate each other O_o teehee, I love creepy-ninja-Malik!

C28: HAHAHA! Otogi is definately Kaiba's ! *falls off chair* HAHAHAHA!

Otogi: *livid* Shut up damnit!

Kaiba: No I find it quite amusing. Go get me a drink Dice Boy.

Otogi: *grinding teeth* Fine.

You know, Yami is annoying me right now. -_- Bakura wasn't a parasite in the past, if anything it was Yami that clung to 'Kura! Stupid pretentious Pharaoh :/ I love the healer though :D

C29: Bakura was hiding the letters... *bangs head against wall* If he needs someone to mother him I'll do it! Then Ryou can do what he wants :) Teehee, this story has been amazing so far! It's a shame there're no more chapters D; I'm not gonna scream at you to update 'cause I get that these things take time ;) especially when the chapters are as awesome as yours! :) Ah I really adore this fic, I hope you carry it on :3 Uh... It's 1am and I'm finding it hard to think of praise... D:

[I hope this whole thing posted O_o]
LYNN 08 chapter 29 . 2/12/2011
This story keeps making me cry. Why do bad things keep happening to semi good- and nice peoples! :(

But i loves it so i can't stop reading :) (What has your awsome writing done to me?)
MarshmallowPeepGod chapter 29 . 2/9/2011
GAH! Bakurrrraaaaa don't do that with acceptance letters it isn't niiiiiiiiiiice.

I just got my first acceptance letter~ soooo happy. I would be pissed if someone hid them from me.

But... he just didn't want Ryou to leave him... and we all know he ain't good with talking...


Now that I'm a college student, does that mean I have to act mature?

I hope not...

Okay so new home, Honda should die, Otogi is weird, Kaiba's up to something, Baku's getting better, and we STILL can't find our blond Egyptians.

Well... Egypt was missing their internet for a few days sooo... /currentevents

Can't wait for next chappie~
Cinzer chapter 29 . 2/8/2011



You're making me insane with all these twists and turns of the story! I don't know what to believe anymore! WASTED OTOGI KICKS ASS!1 D:


Okay, I'm done with my small rant.:) I'm finding myself to agree completely with Yugi in this chapter. He's voicing exactly what I've been think for like a dosen chapters now.

Update soon~
dragonlady222 chapter 29 . 2/7/2011
Poor Jou has been hurt enough by his so-called friend. I'm glad Yugi said what he did he sees Honda for what he is, a hypocrite. He not only hurt Jou but all of his friends. I wonder what Otogi and Kaiba are up to now. Ryou is going to murder his yami for hiding his mail. Now he can't even get to it. Bakura must want Ryou around. He doesn't want him to leave to go to college.
Starlight Lion chapter 29 . 2/7/2011
O.O That is one crazy-assed plot-twist!

((YAYZAH! I gots a dedication! -celebration at Seto's house-))

-smirks- Victory shall be mine! -flips- Ha! Now /I/ am in control of this tackleglomp! ((Dear Ra, that's not as dodgy as it sounds. -.-))

Kiadre: So... Bakura's been talking to some random-assed mail guy. What's so twisty about that shit?

Key... I'm going to kill you. You're an idiot! That's VERY twisty!

Quetzie: Actually, I don't get it either.


Kiadre & Quetzie: -hide under Axl's staircase-

Right, now that's done, let's do a cheaty response to your response, shall we? -grin- I'm not a Puppyshipper myself (Axl would DECIMATE me x.x) but I used to think it was the best Joey x pairing. -.- So much for that.

Joey: -stolen- What the hell am I doing in this Review?

Being stolen.

Joey: -.-

-27 wins- Bwahahahaha! lol

This is epic! I love the scene with the Ka-arena. That was AWESOME. Then again, I just love random things like that.

As always: Cards Down to You. :mol:
xforeverforgottenx chapter 29 . 2/7/2011
O jeez

I'm just waiting in anticipation

For bakura and ryou to get into a fight. Same for yami and bakura.

Haha and I don't know why.

Bakura really needs more dailogue : I think its completely messed

Up for them to get a new house.

You don't just leave your whole life behind you like that. : Bakura should just go die somewhere xD Not really but...he seems so vastly different from the past flashbacks. He makes me mad.

Suck it up! Be a man! Jeez :/

pride1289 chapter 28 . 2/5/2011

I have not been to your fics in SO LONG! D8

I feel slightly bad because your fics are the greatest! 3

I shall not be going back to later chapters, but I will read this one :)

I'll just assume to know everything that's happening, because I am really good at inferring and such things.


(p.s. hope you have fun with that job! Or at least happy that you get paid 3 )
pennedgalaxy chapter 28 . 1/10/2011
Wuh! Now we're getting somewhere! I can't wait to find out what happens next! :)
Starlight Lion chapter 28 . 1/9/2011
-dodges customary new reviewer tackleglomp- Haha! I win! -tackleglomps-

You're evil, you know that? You're converting me from Puppyshipping whether I want you to or not! And the worst thing? I'm not even going to DO anything about it!

Ah, and so harks the coming of Diabound...

Quetzie: -shudder- I hate that thing...

Kiadre: -roll eyes- I like him. He's kick ASS.

Get out of my Reviews! How many times do I have to tell you!

Yugi: ...She... has scary illogic powers - I wouldn't piss her off. Especially since she's worse than Season 0 Mokuba. O.o

Yes! Yugi, did I mention I love you?

Yugi: -blush-

You shall think of me as you face off with Season 0 Mokuba and you shall be glad it's him.

Yami: So... Is it BAD that I actually WANT to cheer for Zorc?

((-Autumn vs Zorc-)) XP

Anyways, now for an actualy Review: -.-

What can I say other than: HOLY CRAP KEEP WRITING. It took me so long to read this - way longer than usual - and yet I didn't even care! It's so good!

Cards Down to You, my friend; Cards Down.
pennedgalaxy chapter 19 . 1/6/2011
I just noticed I haven't reviewed at all! You don't see very much of this pairing and when you do they are not very realistic. But this is well written and more importantly believable, I must admit I don't usually read about drug addictions/suicide attempts and the like, but I've enjoyed reading it the sheer length of the story impresses me! Carrying on being brilliantly believable! :)
BumblingLobster chapter 28 . 1/3/2011
HO SHIT! Did not see that MASSIVE DISASTER coming! What is this? WHAT IS THIS? And man, Bakura's not going to be happy at all when he wakes up... and I"m honestly not sure if I'd rather he be asleep for a while longer, or just wake up so Jonouchi could feel a bit better. Damn you Honda! He made things get so much harder for everyone! Where will Jonouchi and Bakura go now? I can't imagine them taying at the game shop much longer, but I also can't imagine them going anywhere... unless they crash at Ryuuji's place? (But if they do that, Afika will attack! ... ok, wrong story. )

Now I'm really nervous about what's going to happen. I hope it doesn't all end up being too much for Bakura...

Also, Yami made me really mad there. I can see where he's right, but at the same time, he's seems so heartless! Jeez, Pharaoh, get some flexibility, will you?
pennypigeon chapter 28 . 12/30/2010
love it! i do worry about yami and bakura being in the same house.
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