Reviews for Bella's Cross
The Syren chapter 7 . 7/21/2009
I normally dont review stories because I normally don't have the time, but I have got to say Chapter 7 of Bella's Cross was AWESOME! I absolutely love it. I KNOW im gonna follow you and read every story you write about twilight because this one chapter moved me. it was amazing the rogue-like power you gave bella and the fact that it amplifies itself. i just think its amazing. Thanks for writing and make sure you comtimue to do so. 3 u
TheLadyKT chapter 14 . 6/3/2009
interesting start. gonna go start the sequeel now
PhoebRose chapter 14 . 3/16/2009
hey! i really adore this story, its so good!

i would say good luck with your next two but you have already writen them, so good luck with the forth, if you do end up writing one, which would be great. if this doesnt make sense, i have already read you other stories, bella's crown, and bella's war! and they make an outragously wicked saga!

love phoebe!
ziksupanaturalminx chapter 14 . 2/27/2009
this was uber cool!
miktokki chapter 1 . 11/26/2008
awesome story!
Lalaith Quetzalli chapter 13 . 9/18/2008
I had a thought that this was what should have happened in the end, except that Carlisle was never the kind to want power...guess they don't have much of a choice now, eh?

Je! I liked the idea of this fic, though I believe the sequels should have been added right here. Still, I'm going over there right now.
eclipseX chapter 13 . 8/4/2008
i like every chapter
DazzleMeIntoOblivion chapter 14 . 6/25/2008
Absolutley love your stories. They are amazing! Don't ever stop writing, it would be a terrible sin. I am rather curious though, about how edward reacted when bella left for Italy. Couldn't you perhaps write something from Edwards perspective during those two years she spent in Italy?

Keep up the good work!
Taeniaea chapter 14 . 6/12/2008
great story
XLuluX chapter 3 . 6/11/2008
This story is seriously good very inventive really nice writing style especially for Bella! It's very good fan fic, her power is like Peter Petrelli's of Heroes but hey very good!
Stella J'adore Edwardpenname chapter 14 . 5/28/2008
I really liked your story it was well written and interesting I think you could have had more lead up to the climax though it seemed a bit random (but you might have been intending that) I love your story though and will definitely read the rest.
Sakiru Yume chapter 13 . 5/27/2008
I liked it except for the last chapter (this chapter). It seemed unnecessary.
MoonlightShadowOfADarkDream chapter 13 . 5/27/2008
It was a very great story! I loved it!

And I loved the "boogeymanBella"! "Aro, the Boogieman has come to play."

So the Culen and the Denali clan both came to Volterra? Or were dragued there to put Bella under pressure?

But the Cullens didn't kill the Volturi. They only killed the guard! The three brothers are still alive! So they continue ruling, don't they?
sexybitch66 chapter 14 . 5/25/2008
all i can say is i loved ur story...i was soo into it

i cant wait to read bella's crown. u are indeed a fantastic writer.

keep writing]
an awesome penguin chapter 14 . 5/24/2008
exellant story besides the abscense of jake (why did u do that?) and that her power is way to strong (even though it is awsome) its a pretty good story cant wait to read the next one

i look forward to reviewing you soon

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