Reviews for Cry of the Youko
L chapter 13 . 9/28
Lieing piece of shit
fated slayer chapter 13 . 9/27
Can you please come back to this fic and finish please?
Mernom chapter 12 . 9/10
That one almost made me laugh my ass off, great idea there!
Mernom chapter 11 . 9/10
Ok, that went differently. Good idea, I like it.
Mernom chapter 10 . 9/10
So first Naruto bumps Ino's flag, and then he sets out to capture Hinata? I guess that's the Fox habits kicking in, or maybe he wanted a back door into Ino's mind...
Mernom chapter 9 . 9/10
So you changed the matchup?
It does takes away Naruto's motivating to beat the shit out of Neji, but I guess Naruto doesn't need a reason to win
Mernom chapter 8 . 9/10
Hmm, I guess That had to happend, to keep the plot on track...
Mernom chapter 7 . 9/10
Nice twist, although it's not completely impossible, since he IS related to him apparently
Mernom chapter 6 . 9/10
Those previews, sound like the anime version lol
Mernom chapter 5 . 9/10
I see, so Naruto is no longer on a team... That promises for an original plot
Mernom chapter 4 . 9/10
Nice graduation prank, I like it
Mernom chapter 2 . 9/9
So the Uchiha incident didn't happend yet? Makes sense now that I think about it.
Mernom chapter 1 . 9/9
An interesting view, this scenario could really happend if Kurama was an actual animal
KingLoitl chapter 13 . 8/31
update soon please! i havent laughed that hard in a long time cuz of the last chapter! :D plz keep being funny!
Sarah132cs chapter 13 . 7/31
YOU just killed me! *Glares daggers of ice and fire* LOOK! *Points to a lifeless cold body* SEE! you better update soon so I can get back to my body! *Glares icey-fire daggers of doom*
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